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SM64 Hacking Tutorials

Kaze's Tutorial Series

Kaze's tutorial series is the most up-to-date set of tutorials. It is listed in its own section because it is so thorough.
Playlist: Super Mario 64 hacking Tutorial

Description Difficulty Language
i.ytimg.com_vi_vsl4_fotpzw_default.jpg 01 - Drawing Levels in Sketchup
Configure Sketchup and plugins and usage of drawing tools
Beginner English
i.ytimg.com_vi_phpsw7i2se8_default.jpg 02 - Textures and UV Mapping
UV texture mapping in Sketchup and Blender
Beginner English
i.ytimg.com_vi_coirslbeuww_default.jpg 03 - Level Importer
Using SM64 Editor (Level Importer)
Beginner English
i.ytimg.com_vi_ms9-51o1sb4_default.jpg 04 - Collision Maps & Toads Tool
Optimizing collision maps and using Toads Tool
Beginner English
i.ytimg.com_vi_bcu8tzg17lq_default.jpg 05 - Behavior Scripts: Part 1
Create custom behavior script for rotating box with collision
Intermediate English
i.ytimg.com_vi_n8uljwwqcm0_default.jpg 06 - Behavior Scripts: Part 2
Interactions with animated toad that electrocutes Mario
Intermediate English
i.ytimg.com_vi_ih9jskasvqa_default.jpg 07 - Level Scripts
Walks through SM64 Level scripts in ROM
Intermediate English
i.ytimg.com_vi_zsiletq5f-o_default.jpg 08 - Fast3D & Geo Layouts
Import custom model and modify vertex colors
Intermediate English
i.ytimg.com_vi_pj1osezlzgy_default.jpg 09 - Animations
Use Kaze's animation tool to import Maya animations to SM64
Intermediate English
i.ytimg.com_vi_hxlnvbd9kso_default.jpg 10 - M64 Music Files
Convert MIDI in Musescore to XML and convert to M64 with XML converter
Intermediate English

Level Tutorials

i.ytimg.com_vi_rter2veylss_default.jpg How to Make Super Mario 64 Custom Levels
Good beginner level tutorial on getting setup with all the tools required and designing and importing a custom level. Uses slightly older version of the tools.
Beginner English
i.ytimg.com_vi_vx0ndhriaiw_default.jpg Toads Tool 64 - Warps
Using Toads Tool 64 to configure warps
Beginner English
i.ytimg.com_vi_xaldhghevww_default.jpg Working with scrolling textures
Using SM64 Editor to add scrolling textures to a level
Intermediate English
i.ytimg.com_vi_rryxkdhew94_default.jpg Super Mario 64 Hacking Tutorial
Newer tutorial on getting setup with Sketchup, SM64 Editor, Toads Tool
Beginner Deutsch
i.ytimg.com_vi_jt5fxob4tvs_default.jpg SM64 Hacking Tutorial - Die ersten Vorbereitungen
Getting setup with Sketchup, SM64 Editor, SM64 EEP Editor
Beginner Deutsch

Audio Tutorials

i.ytimg.com_vi_uzr64j5pia0_default.jpg N64 Sound Tool v1.1
Tutorial for replacing instruments with sounds from other games or new sounds using N64 Sound Tool.
Intermediate English
i.ytimg.com_vi_l_ztc9kgmkw_default.jpg Importing Custom Music
Tutorial to import custom music using SM64 Editor
Intermediate English

Assembly Tutorials

i.ytimg.com_vi_js-w20dbnd8_default.jpg N64 Hacking - How to Enter ASM Code
Older tutorial on using LemASM to modify assembly code.
Advanced English
i.ytimg.com_vi_jqls33tf_-g_default.jpg Use Nemu64 to Make Codes
Use Nemu64 debugger to set breakpoints, modify memory, and create Gameshark codes.
Advanced English