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ROM Memory Map

Start End Type Description
000000 000040 header ROM header
000040 001000 asm boot assembly
001000 0E6258 asm ASM copied to 80246000-8032B258
0E8FA8 0E8FF0 ptr TableCameraTransitions
0E9098 0E90E0 ptr TableCameraSL
0E90E0 0E9128 ptr TableCameraTHI
0E9128 0E91D0 ptr TableCameraHMC
0E91D0 0E9248 ptr TableCameraSSL
0E9248 0E9338 ptr TableCameraRR
0E9338 0E9368 ptr TableCameraMetal
0E9368 0E93B0 ptr TableCameraCCM
0E93B0 0E96F8 ptr TableCameraInside
0E96F8 0E9CB0 ptr TableCameraBBH
0E9CB0 0E9D50 ptr TableLevelCinematicCamera
0EA4D4 0EA534 ptr TableCutScenePeachEnd
0EA534 0EA544 ptr TableCutSceneGrandStar
0EA544 0EA554 ptr TableCutScene0FTodo
0EA554 0EA564 ptr TableCutSceneDoorWarp
0EA564 0EA56C ptr TableCutSceneEndWaving
0EA56C 0EA574 ptr TableCutSceneEndCredits
0EA574 0EA59C ptr TableCutSceneDoor00
0EA59C 0EA5C4 ptr TableCutSceneDoor01
0EA5C4 0EA5DC ptr TableCutSceneDoor0A
0EA5DC 0EA5F4 ptr TableCutSceneDoor0B
0EA5F4 0EA60C ptr TableCutSceneEnterCannon
0EA60C 0EA624 ptr TableCutSceneStarSpawn
0EA624 0EA634 ptr TableCutSceneSpecialStarSpawn
0EA634 0EA63C ptr TableCutSceneEnterPainting
0EA63C 0EA64C ptr TableCutSceneExitPaintingDeath
0EA64C 0EA65C ptr TableCutSceneExitPaintingSuccess
0EA65C 0EA674 ptr TableCutScene11Todo
0EA674 0EA69C ptr TableCutSceneIntroPeach
0EA69C 0EA6AC ptr TableCutScenePrepareCannon
0EA6AC 0EA6BC ptr TableCutSceneExitWaterfall
0EA6BC 0EA6CC ptr TableCutSceneFallToCastleGrounds
0EA6CC 0EA6DC ptr TableCutSceneEnterPyramidTop
0EA6DC 0EA6F4 ptr TableCutScene26Todo
0EA6F4 0EA6FC ptr TableCutSceneDeath1
0EA6FC 0EA70C ptr TableCutSceneEnterPool
0EA70C 0EA714 ptr TableCutSceneDeath2
0EA714 0EA71C ptr TableCutSceneBBHDeath
0EA71C 0EA72C ptr TableCutSceneQuicksandDeath
0EA72C 0EA734 ptr TableCutScene1ATodo
0EA734 0EA74C ptr TableCutSceneEnterBowserPlatform
0EA74C 0EA754 ptr TableCutSceneStarDance1
0EA754 0EA75C ptr TableCutSceneStarDance2
0EA75C 0EA764 ptr TableCutSceneStarDance3
0EA764 0EA76C ptr TableCutSceneKeyDance
0EA76C 0EA774 ptr TableCutSceneCapSwitchPress
0EA774 0EA784 ptr TableCutSceneSlidingDoorOpen
0EA784 0EA794 ptr TableCutSceneUnlockKeyDoor
0EA794 0EA7A4 ptr TableCutSceneExitBowserSuccess
0EA7A4 0EA7B4 ptr TableCutScene1CTodo
0EA7B4 0EA7C4 ptr TableCutSceneBBHExitSuccess
0EA7C4 0EA7D4 ptr TableCutSceneNonPaintingDeath
0EA7D4 0EA7EC ptr TableCutSceneDialog
0EA7EC 0EA804 ptr TableCutSceneReadMessage
0EB06C 0EB074 ptr TableMrIParticleActions
0EB074 0EB084 ptr TableMrIActions
0EB0AC 0EB0BC ptr TableCapSwitchActions
0EB0BC 0EB0E0 ptr TableKingBobombActions
0EB140 0EB15C ptr TableOpenedCannonActions
0EB198 0EB1A8 ptr TableChuckyaActions
0EB224 0EB22C ptr TableCoinInsideBooActions
0EB298 0EB2AC ptr TableGrindelThwompActions
0EB2DC 0EB2EC ptr TableTumblingBridgeActions
0EB318 0EB32C ptr TableElevatorActions
0EB370 0EB380 ptr TableLittleCageActions
0EB3E8 0EB3F8 ptr TableHeaveHoActions
0EB408 0EB410 ptr TableJumpingBoxActions
0EB420 0EB42C ptr TableBetaBooKeyInsideActions
0EB43C 0EB450 ptr TableBulletBillActions
0EB450 0EB45C ptr TableBowserTailAnchorActions
0EB4C8 0EB518 ptr TableBowserActions
0EB67C 0EB688 ptr TableFallingBowserPlatformActions
0EB7A0 0EB7C0 ptr TableUkikiOpenCageActions
0EB830 0EB840 ptr TableRotatingCwFireBarsActions
0EB8D8 0EB8F8 ptr TableToxBoxActions
0EB900 0EB924 ptr TablePiranhaPlantActions
0EBB1C 0EBB38 ptr TableBowserPuzzlePieceActions
0EBB38 0EBB44 ptr TableTuxiesMotherActions
0EBB44 0EBB5C ptr TableSmallPenguinActions
0EBB5C 0EBB68 ptr TableFishActions
0EBB68 0EBB74 ptr TableFishGroupActions
0EBB74 0EBB84 ptr TableBirdChirpChirpActions
0EBB84 0EBB90 ptr TableCheepCheepActions
0EBC20 0EBC38 ptr TableExclamationBoxActions
0EBC68 0EBC74 ptr TableTweesterActions
0EBC98 0EBCB0 ptr TableBooActions
0EBCB0 0EBCC4 ptr TableBooGivingStarActions
0EBCC4 0EBCD4 ptr TableBooWithCageActions
0EBCE4 0EBD0C ptr TableWhompActions
0F5580 102D08 asm ASM copied to 80378800-80385F88
108590 108614 ptr GeoLayoutJumpTable
108638 10872C ptr LevelScriptJumpTable
108730 108810 ptr BehaviorJumpTable
108A10 108A40 level main entry
108A40 114750 MIO0 font graphics
114750 1279B0 MIO0 mario
1279B0 12A7E0 Geo Layout water sparkles mario
12A7E0 132850 MIO0 yoshiegg owl thwomp
132850 132C60 Geo Layout owl thwomp bullet heave
132C60 134A70 MIO0 big bully
134A70 134D20 Geo Layout bully blargg
134D20 13B5D0 MIO0 bobombs
13B5D0 13B910 Geo Layout kingbobomb bubble
13B910 145C10 MIO0 sea creatures texture
145C10 145E90 Geo Layout sea creatures
145E90 151B70 MIO0 vulture pokey
151B70 1521D0 Geo Layout klepto eyerock pokey
1521D0 1602E0 MIO0 monkey
1602E0 160670 Geo Layout mole monkey fwoosh
160670 1656E0 MIO0 spindrift penguin snowman
1656E0 165A50 Geo Layout spindrift penguin blizzard
165A50 166BD0 MIO0 checkerboard question
166BD0 166C60 Geo Layout cap switch
166C60 16D5C0 MIO0 piano books
16D5C0 16D870 Geo Layout bookend chair piano boo
16D870 180540 MIO0 peach toadstool
180540 180BB0 Geo Layout birds peach yoshi
180BB0 187FA0 MIO0 enemy
187FA0 188440 Geo Layout bubba wiggler lakitu
188440 1B9070 MIO0 bowser
1B9070 1B9CC0 Geo Layout bowser flames bomb
1B9CC0 1C3DB0 MIO0 treasure chest fish
1C3DB0 1C4230 Geo Layout skeeter fish manta chest
1C4230 1D7C90 MIO0 koopa whomp
1D7C90 1D8310 Geo Layout koopa log piranha whomp chomp
1D8310 1E4BF0 MIO0 lakitu toad
1E4BF0 1E51F0 Geo Layout lakitu toad mips boo
1E51F0 1E7D90 MIO0 chillychief moneybag
1E7D90 1E7EE0 Geo Layout moneybag
1E7EE0 1F1B30 MIO0 mri swoop
1F1B30 1F2200 Geo Layout mri swoop snufit dorrie scuttlebug
1F2200 2008D0 MIO0 chuckya shyguy goomba
2008D0 201410 Geo Layout cannon box switch enemies
201410 218DA0 MIO0 doors trees coins
218DA0 219E00 Geo Layout coins pipe doors maps trees
219E00 21F4C0 behavior behavior data
21F4C0 2577B8 asm ASM copied to 8016F000-801A72F8
269EA0 26A3A0 level game over level
26A3A0 26F420 MIO0 wood trademark
26F420 2708C0 MIO0 debug level select
2708C0 2739A0 MIO0 mario bg
2A6120 2A65B0 level main menu level
2A65B0 2ABCA0 MIO0 main menu segment7
2ABCA0 2AC6B0 level main level scripts
2AC6B0 2B8F10 MIO0 water skybox
2B8F10 2C73D0 MIO0 ccm skybox
2C73D0 2D0040 MIO0 clouds skybox
2D0040 2D64F0 MIO0 bifs skybox
2D64F0 2E7880 MIO0 wdw skybox
2E7880 2F14E0 MIO0 cloud floor skybox
2F14E0 2FB1B0 MIO0 ssl skybox
2FB1B0 301CD0 MIO0 bbh skybox
301CD0 30CEC0 MIO0 bidw skybox
30CEC0 31E1D0 MIO0 bits skybox
31E1D0 326E40 MIO0 lll textures
326E40 32D070 MIO0 bbh textures
32D070 334B30 MIO0 bob textures
334B30 33D710 MIO0 jrb textures
33D710 341140 MIO0 rr textures
341140 347A50 MIO0 ccm textures
347A50 34E760 MIO0 hmc textures
34E760 351960 MIO0 ttc textures
351960 357350 MIO0 ttm textures
357350 35ED10 MIO0 wf textures
35ED10 365980 MIO0 castle grounds textures
365980 36F530 MIO0 inside castle textures
36F530 371C40 MIO0 flower textures
371C40 3828C0 MIO0 bbh segment7
3828C0 383950 level bbh level
383950 395C90 MIO0 ccm segment7
395C90 396340 level ccm level
396340 3CF0D0 MIO0 inside castle segment7
3CF0D0 3D0DC0 level inside castle level
3D0DC0 3E6A00 MIO0 hmc segment7
3E6A00 3E76B0 level hmc level
3E76B0 3FB990 MIO0 ssl segment7
3FB990 3FC2B0 level ssl level
3FC2B0 405A60 MIO0 bob segment7
405A60 405FB0 level bob level
405FB0 40E840 MIO0 sl segment7
40E840 40ED70 level sl level
40ED70 419F90 MIO0 wdw segment7
419F90 41A760 level wdw level
41A760 423B20 MIO0 jrb segment7
423B20 4246D0 level jrb level
4246D0 42C6E0 MIO0 thi segment7
42C6E0 42CF20 level thi level
42CF20 437400 MIO0 ttc segment7
437400 437870 level ttc level
437870 44A140 MIO0 rr segment7
44A140 44ABC0 level rr level
44ABC0 4545E0 MIO0 castle grounds segment7
4545E0 454E00 level castle grounds level
454E00 45BF60 MIO0 bidw segment7
45BF60 45C600 level bidw level
45C600 461220 MIO0 vanish cap segment7
461220 4614D0 level vanish cap level
4614D0 46A840 MIO0 bifs segment7
46A840 46B090 level bifs level
46B090 46C1A0 MIO0 secret aquarium segment7
46C1A0 46C3A0 level secret aquarium level
46C3A0 477D00 MIO0 bits segment7
477D00 4784A0 level bits level
4784A0 48C9B0 MIO0 lll segment7
48C9B0 48D930 level lll level
48D930 495A60 MIO0 ddd segment7
495A60 496090 level ddd level
496090 49DA50 MIO0 wf segment7
49DA50 49E710 level wf level
49E710 4AC4B0 MIO0 cake end
4AC4B0 4AC570 level cake end level
4AC570 4AF670 MIO0 castle courtyard segment7
4AF670 4AF930 level castle courtyard level
4AF930 4B7F10 MIO0 secret slide segment7
4B7F10 4B80D0 level secret slide level
4B80D0 4BE9E0 MIO0 metal cap segment7
4BE9E0 4BEC30 level metal cap level
4BEC30 4C2700 MIO0 wing cap segment7
4C2700 4C2920 level wing cap level
4C2920 4C41C0 MIO0 bidw platform segment7
4C41C0 4C4320 level bidw platform level
4C4320 4CD930 MIO0 rainbow bonus segment7
4CD930 4CDBD0 level rainbow bonus level
4CDBD0 4CE9F0 MIO0 bifs platform segment7
4CE9F0 4CEC00 level bifs platform level
4CEC00 4D14F0 MIO0 bits platform segment7
4D14F0 4D1910 level bits platform level
4D1910 4EB1F0 MIO0 ttm segment7
4EB1F0 4EC000 level ttm level
4EC000 579C26 bin mario animation
7B0860 7CC620 m64 Music files
7CC620 7CC6B7 instrset Instrument Set