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Pokémon Snap Hacking

Level Select

While playing, the current level ID can be found at 800AF3C0(U). Arrays of the levels script pointers can be found at 800AC03C(U) and 800AC058(U). The routine used for loading a level is at 800E303C(U), where A0 is the level ID to load.

Value Level Description
0x00 Beach
0x01 Tunnel
0x02 Volcano
0x03 River
0x04 Cave
0x05 Valley
0x06 Rainbow Clouds
0x07 Dummy?
0x08 Title
0x09 Rate Pictures
0x0A Dummy?
0x0B Professor Oak
0x0C Pokémon Album
0x0D Professor Oak
0x0E Pokemon Report
0x0F Professor Oak's Check
0x10 Dummy?
0x11 Credits
0x12 Credits
0x13 Credits
0x14 Credits
0x15 Beach Demo
0x16 Gallery
0x17 Gallery
0x18 Unused Japanese Screen

The unused Japanese screen can be seen in the video below.

Level Data

Below is an incomplete list of level data locations in the USA ROM/RAM.

Level RAM Pointer ROM Start ROM End RAM Start RAM End
Beach 800ABE34 0055C110 005DF5D0 802C40A0 802CBE10
Tunnel 800ABE7C 005DF5D0 006401B0 - -
Cave 800ABEC4 006401B0 006C05E0 - -
River 800AFF0C 006C05E0 007272E0 - -
Volcano 800ABF54 007272E0 0079F1B0 - -
Valley 800ABF9C 0079F1B0 00825E30 - -
Rainbow 800ABFE4 00825E30 0082F8E0 803466C0 -

8009AE10(U) loads the level script into memory, 8009B634(U) loads some level-specific information.

Model Data

The polygon data for Beach can be found at 0x5B0F80(U) and the display list at 0x5B23B0(U), other levels are yet to be documented. Below is a table of model data locations discovered for the USA ROM/RAM, this list is currently quite small.

Description ROM Offset RAM Offset
Beach (Level) 0055C110 802C40A0
Rainbow Clouds (Level) 00825E30 803466C0
Butterfree 005B4048 -
Doduo 005B6060 -
Kangaskhan 005C3470 -
Meowth 005D2E80 -
Mew 0082F200 -


A table of music sequences can be found at 0xAEFC10(U)/800604D0(U). The current music ID playing is stored at 803A66C0(U).

Value Level Description
0x00 Beach
0x01 Pokéflute 1
0x02 Pokéflute 2
0x03 Pokéflute 3
0x04 Tunnel (Electrified)
0x05 Volcano
0x06 River
0x07 Valley
0x08 Professor Oak
0x09 Ranking Photos
0x0A Pokemon Album
0x0B Credits
0x0C Scores
0x0D Cave
0x0E Rainbow
0x0F Falling Droplets
0x10 Final Ranking
0x11 Failure?
0x12 Cheery?
0x13 Mystic?
0x14 Birds
0x15 Birds
0x16 Empty
0x17 Title
0x18 Jigglypuff
0x19 Intro
0x1A Level Select
0x1B Options
0x1C Approaching Mew
0x1D Level Complete?
0x1E Mystic?
0x1F Chime
0x20 Fanfare 1
0x21 Fanfare 2
0x22 Jazz
0x23 Fanfare 3
0x24 Mystic?

Player Movement

All player data can be found at 80366BA4(U). 800E3C50(U) stores the player's rotation, 800E3C94/800E3CE0(U) updates X position, 800E3CA4/800E3CE4(U) updates Y position, and 800E3CB4/800E3CEC(U) updated Z position. 800E3DFC(U), 800E3E28(U) and 800E3E94(U) handle the transition into the next chunk of the level, while 800E3D9C(U) determines whether to jump to the next section. The Beach second section object is found at 801FFAD0(U) and the third section at 801FFDF0(U), no further details have been documented.

Miscellaneous Findings

The checksum for this game can be removed by deleting the assembly command at 0x658(U).

Below is an experimental code to enable free-roam in the USA ROM, the checksum must be disabled for this to work.

 SWC1 F22, $0020 (R16)
 0x61400: NOP
 0x61444: NOP
 0x61464: NOP
 0x61474: NOP
 0x61680: NOP
 LUI A3, $8036
 ORI A3, A3, $6BA4
 LWC1 F20, $000C (A3) - Get object X position
 LWC1 F21, $0010 (A3) - Get object Y position
 LWC1 F22, $0014 (A3) - Get object Z position
 LUI A2, $4100 - How fast to move object
 MTC1 A2, F23
 LUI A1, $8005 - Get P2 D-pad state
 LB A1, $89E0 (A1)
 ADDIU A2, R0, $0002
 ADDIU A2, R0, $0001
 ADDIU A2, R0, $0004
 ADDIU A2, R0, $0008
 BEQ R0, R0, END
 NEG.S F23, F23
 ADD.S F20, F20, F23
 SWC1 F20, $000C (A3)
 BEQ R0, R0, END
 NEG.S F23, F23
 ADD.S F22, F22, F23
 SWC1 F22, $0014 (A3)