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F3DEX2 Display List Commands

The Fast3DEX2 display list commands are microcode that are passed to the RSP for rendering. The are all 8 bytes long.

Fast3DEX2 Commands


Microcode Reference Function
D700..nn sssstttt gsSPTexture(scaleS, scaleT, level, tile, on)
.. → 00LL Lddd (binary)
Function Param To Microcode From Microcode Explanation
level level & 0x07 LL L Maximum number of mipmap levels aside from the first
tile tile & 0x07 ddd Tile descriptor number
on on & 0x07 nn Decides whether to turn the given texture on or off
scaleS scaleS ssss Scaling factor for the S-axis (horizontal)
scaleT scaleT tttt Scaling factor for the T-axis (vertical)

This opcode enables or disables various tile descriptors, and sets the maximum number of mipmap levels and scaling factor for the texture.

Tile is the tile descriptor number being modified by the opcode. level is the maximum number of mipmap levels minus one, (so e.g. a level of zero means at most one mipmap). The scaleS and scaleT parameters set scaling factors for the tile descriptor.

If on is set to 0, then the tile descriptor is disabled, and none of the other parameters are actually applied. If on is set to 2, then the tile descriptor is enabled and the previously-mentioned parameters are applied.

Note that scaleS and scaleT are binary fractional values with an implied 0.; for example, a scaleS of 0x8000 means 0b0.1000_0000_0000_0000, or 0d0.5.