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Bomberman Hero Hacking

Level Table

The levels accessed via the world map can be modified at the array specified below.

Version RAM Offset
USA 80106DA0

I have listed all the noteworthy level ID's missing from the world map, many of which are cutscenes or test maps.

Value Level Description
0x01 Elevator Cutscene
0x07 Robot Area Cutscene
0x14 Tech Elevator Cutscene
0x1A Garden Cutscene
0x20 Prison Cutscene
0x24 Clock Cutscene
0x26 Rocky Cutscene
0x2C Pyramid Entrance Cutscene
0x34 Torture Room Cutscene
0x3A Tech Bridge 1 Cutscene
0x3F Snow Cutscene
0x48 Cryo Tube Cutscene
0x4B Tech Podium Cutscene
0x56 Tech Bridge 2 Cutscene
0x5B Statue Cutscene
0x60 Flying Area (Cutscene?)
0x6D Space Cutscene
0x71-0x7A Copies of Test Map
0x7B Test Map Variation 1
0x7C Test Map Variation 2
0x7D Unused Volcano Level
0x7E Test Map Variation 3

These videos will show you the stages listed above.