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Bomberman 64 Hacking

Level Select

You can warp into any stage in the game using the code below, then holding L+A while entering a level.

Version Gameshark Code
USA D1027064 8020
812AC5D6 00XX
D1027064 8020
812AC5Da 00YY

Replace XX with the level ID and YY with the warp ID (starts at 0x10 as the default).
Most of the missing values in the table below are sub-areas of other levels.

Value Level Description
0x14 Test Map 1
0x15 Test Map 2
0x16 Test Map 3
0x17 Test Map 4
0x19 Intro
0x1A Intro
0x1B Intro
0x1C Ending
0x1D Ending
0x1F Adventure Mode Menu
0x20 Warp 0x10 for licensing info, 0x11 for main menu.
0x21 Map (Warp 0x14 for cut scene revealing Rainbow Palace)
0x22 Battle Results Screen
0x23 Battle Menu
0x24 Memory Manager
0x25 Player Customizer
0x26 Options
0x28 1-1 Area 1
0x29 1-1 Area 2
0x2A 1-1 Area 3
0x2B 1-1 Area 4
0x2C 1-1 Area 5
0x2D-0x30 1-3
0x31 1-2
0x32-0x37 Unknown, can't warp in.
0x38 2-1
0x3C 2-3
0x3E 2-2
0x3F-0x47 Unknown, can't warp in.
0x48 3-1
0x50 3-3
0x51 3-3 Area 2 (Contains unused door, couldn't find any unused warps)
0x56 3-2
0x58 4-1
0x5E 4-3
0x62 4-2
0x68 5-1
0x6E 5-3
0x74 5-4
0x78 6-1
0x7B 6-3
0x7E 6-4
0x88 1-4
0x89 2-4
0x8A 3-4
0x8B 4-4
0x8C 5-2
0x8D 6-2
0x90 Multiplayer 1
0x91 Multiplayer 2
0x92 Multiplayer 3
0x93 Multiplayer 4
0x94 Multiplayer 5
0x95 Multiplayer 6
0x96 Multiplayer 7
0x97 Multiplayer 8
0x98 Multiplayer 9
0x99 Multiplayer 10

Unused Content

There are four unused stages in the game, seen below.

Test Map 2 requires an additional code in order to fix the camera angle:

Version Gameshark Code
USA 81090018 428C
8109001C 4234

Miscellaneous Findings

A table of level parameters can be found at 802A0528(U).
The Play Sound routine can be found at 80049700(U).
You can place a break-point at 8023D35C(U) then modify 802AC5EC(U) to change the level intro message.