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The Blast Corps vehicles are identified by ID. There can only be one of each vehicle type per level.

List of Vehicles

The function at 0x802A396C is used to lookup the vehicle data files from vehicle ID and is implemented as a switch statement with the following lookup:

ID ROM Range File Description
0x00 491E00 - 4929D0 driver Player
0x01 4929D0 - 494390 sideswipe Sideswipe
0x02 494390 - 496AD0 magoo Thunderfist
0x10 4A1690 - 4A4120 minimagoo Cyclone Suit
0x03 490AC0 - 491E00 buggy Skyfall
0x04 496AD0 - 497AF0 bulldozer Ramdozer
0x05 497AF0 - 4989E0 truck Backlash
0x06 49AD20 - 49B630 crane Crane
0x07 49B630 - 49BCE0 train Train
0x08 49BCE0 - 49C480 hotrod American Dream
0x09 49C480 - 49E8E0 jetpack J-Bomb
0x0A 49E8E0 - 49F7A0 bike Ballista
0x0B 49F7A0 - 49FF70 barge Barge 1
0x11 49F7A0 - 49FF70 barge Barge 2
0x12 49F7A0 - 49FF70 barge Barge 3
0x0D 49FF70 - 4A0720 police Police Car
0x0E 4A0720 - 4A1000 ateam A-Team Van
0x0F 4A1000 - 4A1690 starski Hotrod
0xFE 4989E0 - 499690 chopper BCT Chopper
0xFF 499690 - 49AD20 cmo Missile Carrier
0xFD 4A4120 - 4A5660 shuttle Space Shuttle
0x96 4903C0 - 490AC0 commpoint Communication Point Satellite
0x98 48FE90 - 4903C0 scientist Scientist