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Banjo-Tooie ROM Map

Most elements within this ROM map were found by either Skill or CoolboyMan over at

File ID ROM Address Unpacking Address Description
5dc 3b2604 68f8 3D Model: Wood Plank
5dd 3b29ac 68fc 3D Model: Pay here sign
5de 3b2e84 6900 3D Model: Path to nest sign
5df 3b37fc 6904 3D Model: WELL DONE Banjo & Kazooie sign (w/ balloons)
5e0 3b454c 6908 3D Model: Gobi's Water Bowl
5e1 3b4d9c 690c 3D Model: GGM - Lantern
5e2 3b5d0c 6910 3D Model: GGM - Sandbag
5e3 3b6674 6914 3D Model: Wooden Barrel
5e4 3b7c44 6918 3D Model: Gray Barrel
5e5 3b9844 691c 3D Model: Mushroom
5e6 3bb41c 6920 3D Model: Mushroom Podium
5e7 3bcffc 6924 3D Model: 1st floor sign
5e8 3bd6ec 6928 3D Model: 2nd floor sign
5e9 3bddac 692c 3D Model: 3rd floor sign
5ea 3be4c4 6930 3D Model: 4th floor sign
5eb 3beb9c 6934 3D Model: 5th floor sign
5ec 3bf27c 6938 3D Model: Red Poison Barrel facedown
5ed 3bfacc 693c 3D Model: Hanging Light
5ee 3c05fc 6940 3D Model: Sled
5ef 3c12ec 6944 3D Model: Candle
5f0 3c218c 6948 3D Model: “Jolly Roger Lagoon Water” sign
5f1 3c2fcc 694c 3D Model: “Mine entry 1” sign
5f2 3c3dd4 6950 3D Model: “Mine entry 2” sign
5f3 3c4c14 6954 3D Model: “Mine entry 3” sign
5f4 3c5a74 6958 3D Model: “Train Station” sign
5f5 3c6924 695c 3D Model: “Fuel Storage” sign
5f6 3c7784 6960 3D Model: ?
5f7 3c7d54 6964 3D Model: Hanging Light
5f8 3c8b34 6968 3D Model: Cake Slice
5f9 3c8fe4 696c 3D Model: Banjo's Bed
5fa 3cabdc 6970 3D Model: Banjo's house knives, drawers
5fb 3cfffc 6974 3D Model: “Lardy's Pizza” box, closed.
5fc 3d0924 6978 3D Model: Pizza Box Open
5fd 3d14dc 697c 3D Model: Door to Banjo's House
5fe 3d1a74 6980 3D Model: Pizza Slice
5ff 3d1f34 6984 3D Model: Red Chair
600 3d208c 6988 X
601 3d208c 698c X
602 3d208c 6990 X
603 3d208c 6994 X
604 3d208c 6998 X
605 3d208c 699c X
606 3d208c 69a0 X
607 3d208c 69a4 X
608 3d208c 69a8 X
609 3d208c 69ac 3D Model: Baby T-Rex Banjo
60a 3d8c14 69b0 3D Model: Big Backpack
60b 3d9d9c 69b4 3D Model: Snowball Banjo
60c 3dc294 69b8 3D Model: Washing Machine Banjo
60d 3e0fc4 69bc 3D Model: Daddy T-Rex Banjo
60e 3ec51c 69c0 3D Model: Clockwork Kazooie
60f 3ee59c 69c4 3D Model: Small Jiggy
610 3eee3c 69c8 3D Model: Jiggy
611 3ef654 69cc 3D Model: Egg Shard
612 3ef774 69d0 3D Model: Extra Honeycomb Piece
613 3efee4 69d4 3D Model: Banjo Bee
614 3f1e2c 69d8 3D Model: BK Honeycomb
615 3f2994 69dc 3D Model: Bee Hive
616 3f4714 69e0 3D Model: Welly Boots
617 3f4e0c 69e4 3D Model: Running Shoes
618 3f561c 69e8 3D Model: Kazooie Wing
619 3f59f4 69ec 3D Model: Leaf
61a 3f606c 69f0 X
61b 3f606c 69f4 3D Model: Huge Backpack
61c 3f7194 69f8 3D Model: Kazooie
61d 3fc2ac 69fc 3D Model: Stoney Banjo
61e 3fe454 6a00 X
61f 3fe454 6a04 3D Model: BK Banjo
620 4002d4 6a08 X
621 4002d4 6a0c 3D Model: Invisible Banjo, just backpack
622 401004 6a10 3D Model: Small Backack
623 4010c4 6a14 3D Model: Detonator Banjo
624 403adc 6a18 3D Model: Truck Banjo
625 407c54 6a1c 3D Model: Backpack
626 408ffc 6a20 3D Model: Submarine Banjo
627 40c334 6a24 3D Model: Thermometer
628 40c55c 6a28 3D Model: Bottles on deckchair eating corn on the cob!!!
629 40f29c 6a2c 3D Model: Bottles mound
62a 41018c 6a30 3D Model: Banjo
62b 416854 6a34 3D Model: Banjo
62c 41bfd4 6a38 3D Model: Cheese Wedge
62d 41fd4c 6a3c 3D Model: Puddle
62e 420844 6a40 3D Model: Dragon Kazooie
62f 422504 6a44 X
630 422504 6a48 X
631 422504 6a4c 3D Model: Nintendo Cube
632 422ea4 6a50 3D Model: Rareware Logo
633 425414 6a54 X
634 425414 6a58 3D Model: Snowball
635 425564 6a5c 3D Model: Leg spring disc
636 428f6c 6a60 3D Model: Fly disc
637 42dc5c 6a64 3D Model: Shadow
638 42e314 6a68 X
639 42e314 6a6c 2D Image: Waster Splash
63a 431274 6a70 3D Model:
63b 4322e4 6a74 3D Model: Ice Key
63c 43465c 6a78 3D Model: Loggo
63d 4399dc 6a7c 3D Model: Plank
63e 439c3c 6a80 3D Model: Loggo
63f 43d6fc 6a84 3D Model: 3 Dots
640 43d754 6a88 3D Model: Game Over Sign
641 443a1c 6a8c 3D Model: Warp Pad
642 44758c 6a90 3D Model: The end sign
643 44c854 6a94 3D Model: White Jinjo
644 44e074 6a98 3D Model: Star Switch
645 44ec4c 6a9c 3D Model: Moon Switch
646 44f8d4 6aa0 3D Model: Sun Switch
647 4504ac 6aa4 3D Model:
648 450d7c 6aa8 3D Model:
649 455d34 6aac 3D Model: Pillar
64a 45a58c 6ab0 3D Model: Pillar
64b 45be14 6ab4 3D Model: Red Pole
64c 45c00c 6ab8 3D Model: Old King Coals Arm
64d 45dee4 6abc 3D Model: Old King Coals Arm
64e 45fdac 6ac0 2D Image: Aim Cursor
64f 45ff3c 6ac4 3D Model: Top half Old King Coal
650 46200c 6ac8 3D Model: Bottom half Old King Coal
651 467bac 6acc 3D Model: Stone Panel
652 46885c 6ad0 3D Model: Stone Piece
653 469104 6ad4 3D Model: Nothing
654 4697f4 6ad8 3D Model: MT - Mumbo Door
655 46ad64 6adc 3D Model: MT - Mumbo Door
656 46c2cc 6ae0 3D Model: Stone Piece
657 46cf3c 6ae4 3D Model: Brown Stone Panel
658 46d814 6ae8 3D Model: Snake Head
659 46ed14 6aec 3D Model: Stone
65a 46f52c 6af0 3D Model: ?
65b 46f72c 6af4 3D Model: ?
65c 46f8dc 6af8 3D Model: ?
65d 46faac 6afc 3D Model: Stone Panel
65e 4703bc 6b00 3D Model: Pterydactyl
65f 4719bc 6b04 3D Model: Sslumber
660 47539c 6b08 3D Model: Bovina
661 4771c4 6b0c 3D Model: Officer Ungonaz
662 47a98c 6b10 3D Model: Fly
663 47b93c 6b14 3D Model: Poison Dart Statues
664 47d284 6b18 3D Model: Poison Dart
665 47ddec 6b1c 3D Model: Mumbo in Skull
666 481db4 6b20 3D Model: Grip Grab enemy holes
667 483f4c 6b24 3D Model: Moggies
668 486c0c 6b28 3D Model: Stone triangle
669 487044 6b2c 3D Model: Muscle Jinjo
66a 4880cc 6b30 3D Model: Kickball baddies
66b 489384 6b34 3D Model: Lost Relic Thingy
66c 48c6f4 6b38 3D Model: Generator Pipes
66d 48f4e4 6b3c 3D Model: Bertilda
66e 491304 6b40 3D Model: Twinkly Muncher
66f 49284c 6b44 3D Model: Shovel
670 493e94 6b48 3D Model: Yellow Ball
671 4942bc 6b4c 3D Model: Green Uggers
672 495c74 6b50 3D Model: Red Ball
673 4960ac 6b54 3D Model: Golden Goliath
674 49ad94 6b58 3D Model: Top of Grunty's Broomstick
675 49cd9c 6b5c 3D Model: Humba
676 4a2eb4 6b60 3D Model: Stone body
677 4a432c 6b64 3D Model: Bomb Ball
678 4a47ec 6b68 3D Model: Triangle Black
679 4a4884 6b6c 3D Model: Triangle Yellow
67a 4a4a2c 6b70 3D Model: Triangle Red
67b 4a4bdc 6b74 3D Model: Canary Mary
67c 4a81cc 6b78 3D Model: Mine Cart
67d 4ac67c 6b7c 3D Model: Toxic Cage
67e 4b017c 6b80 X
67f 4b017c 6b84 X
680 4b017c 6b88 3D Model: Switch
681 4b106c 6b8c 3D Model: Grey Pole
682 4b156c 6b90 3D Model: Brown Boulder
683 4b2a3c 6b94 3D Model: Trash compators
684 4b50e4 6b98 3D Model: Grey Wall
685 4b58bc 6b9c 3D Model: Red Button
686 4b64bc 6ba0 3D Model: Shredder
687 4b90e4 6ba4 3D Model: Jiggy Boulder
688 4bbcc4 6ba8 3D Model: Rock
689 4bc464 6bac X
68a 4bc464 6bb0 X
68b 4bc464 6bb4 3D Model: Broken Minecart
68c 4c02d4 6bb8 3D Model: Skybox?
68d 4c2adc 6bbc X
68e 4c2adc 6bc0 3D Model: Wooden Stake
68f 4c328c 6bc4 3D Model: TNT Box
690 4c4b2c 6bc8 3D Model: UFO
691 4c92dc 6bcc 3D Model: UFO Box
692 4cb9f4 6bd0 3D Model: Boulders
693 4cd464 6bd4 3D Model: Conga
694 4d0e2c 6bd8 3D Model: Target
695 4d1254 6bdc 3D Model: Glow
696 4d1f44 6be0 3D Model: Lantern
697 4d50bc 6be4 3D Model: Mingy Jongo's Head
698 4d715c 6be8 3D Model: Shell
699 4d762c 6bec 3D Model: Yellow Fish
69a 4d7af4 6bf0 3D Model: Red Dish
69b 4d7f84 6bf4 X
69c 4d7f84 6bf8 X
69d 4d7f84 6bfc 3D Model: Purple Light
69e 4d8ca4 6c00 3D Model: Purple Light
69f 4d9014 6c04 X
6a0 4d9014 6c08 3D Model: Brown Stone
6a1 4d9824 6c0c 3D Model: Gunpowder barrel wish fuse
6a2 4db4ac 6c10 3D Model: Rareware Box
6a3 4dcd54 6c14 3D Model: Wood Panel
6a4 4dd1b4 6c18 3D Model: Brown
6a5 4dda1c 6c1c 3D Model: Gold
6a6 4ddd9c 6c20 3D Model: Honey Jar
6a7 4df4dc 6c24 3D Model: Light Bulb Switch
6a8 4e062c 6c28 3D Model: TNT Hut
6a9 4e44fc 6c2c 3D Model: Chuffy
6aa 4f0de4 6c30 3D Model: Gun Powder barrel
6ab 4f1cec 6c34 3D Model: Locked Door
6ac 4f2784 6c38 3D Model: Shadow
6ad 4f2814 6c3c 3D Model: Joe
6ae 4f52ec 6c40 3D Model: Big Al
6af 4f7e64 6c44 3D Model: Burger
6b0 4f824c 6c48 3D Model: Fries
6b1 4f8644 6c4c 3D Model: Red Mallet Guy
6b2 4fbb5c 6c50 3D Model: Green Mallet Guy
6b3 4ffc44 6c54 3D Model: Grey Mallet Guy
6b4 504374 6c58 3D Model: Alien Mallet Guy
6b5 50789c 6c5c X
6b6 50789c 6c60 3D Model: Purple Light
6b7 508614 6c64 3D Model: Mrs. Boggy
6b8 50b07c 6c68 3D Model: HP Carpet Baddies
6b9 50d5d4 6c6c 3D Model: Electric Zap
6ba 5111c4 6c70 3D Model: Dodgem with baddie
6bb 5136d4 6c74 3D Model: Glow
6bc 5141e4 6c78 3D Model: ?
6bd 514b3c 6c7c 3D Model: Bouncy Castle
6be 51a1bc 6c80 3D Model: Phantom
6bf 51da14 6c84 3D Model: Banjo Stony
6c0 51ee94 6c88 3D Model: Banjo Detonator
6c1 51fff4 6c8c 3D Model: Banjo Truck
6c2 521d94 6c90 3D Model: White Submarine
6c3 52349c 6c94 3D Model: Pawno
6c4 52635c 6c98 3D Model: Pawno's Cash Register
6c5 5282dc 6c9c 3D Model: Big Fish
6c6 52c6e4 6ca0 3D Model: Tiptup Egg
6c7 52d62c 6ca4 3D Model: Baby Tiptup
6c8 52e7fc 6ca8 3D Model: Tiptup
6c9 530514 6cac 3D Model: Slot Machine Monster
6ca 533acc 6cb0 3D Model: Doubloon
6cb 533ebc 6cb4 3D Model: Fish
6cc 540b14 6cb8 3D Model: Flost Dinosaur
6cd 5474f4 6cbc 3D Model: Alien
6ce 54e814 6cc0 3D Model: Plant
6cf 5506ec 6cc4 3D Model: Plant
6d0 55196c 6cc8 3D Model: Octopus
6d1 555fec 6ccc 3D Model: Chris P Bacon
6d2 55946c 6cd0 3D Model: Tentacle things in Atlantis
6d3 55c7f4 6cd4 3D Model: Spomponadon
6d4 55eb64 6cd8 3D Model: Captain Blackeye
6d5 56801c 6cdc 3D Model: Chompasaurus
6d6 576c64 6ce0 3D Model: Jolly Roger
6d7 579094 6ce4 3D Model: Pterydactyl
6d8 57a7bc 6ce8 3D Model: Merry Maggie
6d9 57d504 6cec 3D Model: See mee
6da 57f2dc 6cf0 3D Model: Terry
6db 585a4c 6cf4 3D Model: Capt Blubber
6dc 588adc 6cf8 3D Model: Mucus Ball
6dd 58914c 6cfc 3D Model: Mucus Monster
6de 589d9c 6d00 3D Model: Atlantis Fish
6df 58b2b4 6d04 3D Model: Mucus Ball
6e0 58b534 6d08 3D Model: Atlantis Fish Tooth
6e1 58b6cc 6d0c 3D Model: ?
6e2 58bc0c 6d10 3D Model: ?
6e3 58c19c 6d14 3D Model: ?
6e4 58c6bc 6d18 3D Model: ?
6e5 58cc84 6d1c X
6e6 58cc84 6d20 3D Model: Puff Fish
6e7 58f4a4 6d24 3D Model: Puff Fish Spike
6e8 58f654 6d28 3D Model: ?
6e9 59078c 6d2c 3D Model: Atlantis Statue
6ea 59691c 6d30 3D Model: Egg Nest
6eb 5988bc 6d34 X
6ec 5988bc 6d38 3D Model: Note Nest
6ed 598dcc 6d3c 3D Model: Treble Clef
6ee 599504 6d40 X
6ef 599504 6d44 3D Model: Gold Feathers
6f0 59b2d4 6d48 3D Model: ?
6f1 59ba54 6d4c 3D Model: Wumba's Wigwam
6f2 59e994 6d50 3D Model: Wumba's Wigwam
6f3 5a0bb4 6d54 3D Model: Chris P. Bacon Cage
6f4 5a22ac 6d58 3D Model: Wood 2×4
6f5 5a2ae4 6d5c 3D Model: Wood Panel
6f6 5a3334 6d60 2D Image: Green Glow
6f7 5a3e8c 6d64 2D Image: Blue Glow
6f8 5a4954 6d68 2D Image: Yellow Glow
6f9 5a546c 6d6c 3D Model: Jiggy wall
6fa 5ab944 6d70 3D Model: Goldfish
6fb 5ac034 6d74 3D Model: Green Ball
6fc 5ac4f4 6d78 3D Model: UFO (Atlantis)
6fd 5af5ec 6d7c X
6fe 5af5ec 6d80 3D Model: Beta Rareware Box
6ff 5b0ee4 6d84 3D Model: Fish Door
700 5b1f5c 6d88 3D Model: Rare Box
701 5b374c 6d8c 3D Model: Madame Grunty Curtain
702 5b3d64 6d90 3D Model: Blue Kazooie Hatch Egg
703 5b5934 6d94 3D Model: Hatched Flying Dino
704 5b7ea4 6d98 3D Model: Honeycomb
705 5b8e34 6d9c 3D Model: ? Honeycomb
706 5bd1e4 6da0 3D Model: Stegasaurus
707 5c1c1c 6da4 3D Model: Klungo
708 5c5924 6da8 3D Model: Diamond
709 5c666c 6dac 3D Model: Madame Grunty's Curtain
70a 5c6a1c 6db0 3D Model: Magnet
70b 5c801c 6db4 3D Model: Danger High Voltage Box
70c 5c98e4 6db8 3D Model: No Entry Door
70d 5ca06c 6dbc 3D Model: Outside Window
70e 5ca654 6dc0 3D Model: Outside Window
70f 5cba2c 6dc4 3D Model: Piece of Glass
710 5cbec4 6dc8 3D Model: Piece of Flooring
711 5cc864 6dcc 3D Model: Round Thing
712 5cd224 6dd0 3D Model: ?
713 5cdbfc 6dd4 3D Model: Snowball Shorts
714 5cde1c 6dd8 3D Model: ?
715 5ce6e4 6ddc 3D Model: ?
716 5ceb2c 6de0 3D Model: ?
717 5ced64 6de4 3D Model: ? with eyes
718 5cf9e4 6de8 3D Model: Pipe
719 5cfcbc 6dec 3D Model: Propellor
71a 5cfff4 6df0 3D Model: Triangle
71b 5d019c 6df4 3D Model: Triangle
71c 5d033c 6df8 3D Model: Triangle
71d 5d04ac 6dfc X
71e 5d04ac 6e00 3D Model: Triangle
71f 5d0614 6e04 X
720 5d0614 6e08 X
721 5d0614 6e0c X
722 5d0614 6e10 X
723 5d0614 6e14 X
724 5d0614 6e18 X
725 5d0614 6e1c 3D Model: Dragon Kazooie
726 5d14cc 6e20 3D Model: Banjo and Dragon Kazooie
727 5d3e0c 6e24 3D Model: Nothing
728 5e7a8c 6e28 3D Model: Beta BG
729 5ef1cc 6e2c 3D Model: Beta BG
72a 5f9dfc 6e30 3D Model: BG
72b 60e56c 6e34 3D Model: BG
72c 60fbe4 6e38 3D Model: BG
72d 611f1c 6e3c 3D Model: BG
72e 613c7c 6e40 3D Model: BG
72f 616284 6e44 3D Model: BG
730 619174 6e48 3D Model: BG
731 6230e4 6e4c 3D Model: BG
732 62b84c 6e50 3D Model: BG
733 63118c 6e54 3D Model: BG
734 637f4c 6e58 3D Model:
735 63a12c 6e5c X
736 63a12c 6e60 3D Model: BG
737 63d5bc 6e64 3D Model: ?
738 63e6bc 6e68 3D Model: ?
739 63e7e4 6e6c 3D Model: Big Glow
73a 6408f4 6e70 3D Model: Tooth
73b 640994 6e74 3D Model: Tooth
73c 640a34 6e78 3D Model: Tooth
73d 640acc 6e7c 3D Model: Tooth
73e 640b6c 6e80 3D Model: Tooth
73f 640c0c 6e84 3D Model: Fish
740 6411ac 6e88 3D Model: Fish
741 6418c4 6e8c 3D Model: Fish
742 6420ac 6e90 3D Model: Lightning
743 644574 6e94 3D Model: Light
744 645044 6e98 3D Model: Fan
745 646a9c 6e9c 3D Model: Big Long Pipe
746 647504 6ea0 3D Model: GI Crusher
747 649114 6ea4 3D Model: ?
748 64a2ec 6ea8 3D Model: Elevator Door
749 64bdec 6eac 3D Model: Button
74a 64c4b4 6eb0 3D Model:
74b 64e9dc 6eb4 3D Model:
74c 650ab4 6eb8 3D Model: Blue Ball
74d 650da4 6ebc 3D Model: ?
74e 651174 6ec0 3D Model: ?
74f 651474 6ec4 X
750 651474 6ec8 X
751 651474 6ecc X
752 651474 6ed0 3D Model: Shock Spring Switch
753 652fec 6ed4 3D Model: ?
754 65417c 6ed8 3D Model: ?
755 6556b4 6edc 3D Model: Spotlight
756 656a04 6ee0 3D Model: ? Pad
757 656edc 6ee4 3D Model: Pawno's Glass Cabinet
758 6586cc 6ee8 3D Model: Ice Shard
759 6594ac 6eec 3D Model: Boggy Kid
75a 65b50c 6ef0 3D Model: Boggy Kid
75b 65db24 6ef4 3D Model: Boggy Kid
75c 65ffec 6ef8 3D Model: Wood Triangle
75d 660354 6efc 3D Model: Blue Ball
75e 660754 6f00 3D Model: Blue Thing
75f 660944 6f04 3D Model: Kazooie Door Atlantis
760 6617dc 6f08 3D Model: Burger Switch
761 6623bc 6f0c 3D Model: Kazooie Grate Door
762 663304 6f10 3D Model: Breakable pipe top
763 663db4 6f14 3D Model: JRL Door
764 665b74 6f18 3D Model: Breakable ground points
765 666ecc 6f1c 3D Model: Green Jinjo Box
766 668f1c 6f20 3D Model: Glowbo
767 669fdc 6f24 3D Model: Dodgem 1 Door
768 66b934 6f28 3D Model: Dodgem 2 Door
769 66d2e4 6f2c 3D Model: Dodgem 3 Door
76a 66ec7c 6f30 3D Model: Dodgem arena side panel
76b 66fad4 6f34 3D Model: Red Zubba
76c 6708bc 6f38 3D Model: Green Zubba
76d 6716c4 6f3c 3D Model: Blue Zubba
76e 6724cc 6f40 3D Model: Red Mine
76f 673634 6f44 3D Model: Green Mine
770 6747ec 6f48 3D Model: Blue Mine
771 675974 6f4c 3D Model: schrapnel
772 675a6c 6f50 3D Model: schrapnel
773 675b34 6f54 3D Model: schrapnel
774 675bcc 6f58 3D Model: Big Al's Burger Parasol
775 67739c 6f5c 3D Model: Greasy Jo's Fries Parasol
776 679a8c 6f60 3D Model: Boxing Glove
777 67a2e4 6f64 3D Model: Star Spinner Moon
778 67b8bc 6f68 3D Model: Star Spinner Rings
779 67c9fc 6f6c 3D Model: Star Spinner Stars
77a 67df7c 6f70 3D Model: Control Pannel
77b 67eee4 6f74 3D Model: Red Window
77c 67f774 6f78 3D Model: Gold
77d 6803cc 6f7c 3D Model: WW Transporter
77e 6809c4 6f80 3D Model: Inferno Gates
77f 681cbc 6f84 3D Model: Red Switch
780 68266c 6f88 3D Model: Area 51 Gate
781 683964 6f8c 3D Model: Bottles house door
782 68408c 6f90 3D Model: Shadow
783 685784 6f94 3D Model: Shadow
784 686e6c 6f98 3D Model: T-Rex switch
785 687c3c 6f9c X
786 687c3c 6fa0 3D Model: Stone Chest
787 68bddc 6fa4 3D Model: Cheato
788 690464 6fa8 3D Model: Gobi
789 695c7c 6fac 3D Model: Yee Haw Guys
78a 698094 6fb0 3D Model: Yee Haw Guys
78b 69841c 6fb4 3D Model: Jail Cell
78c 69a9bc 6fb8 3D Model: Blue Balloon
78d 69b0a4 6fbc 3D Model: Green Balloon
78e 69b7d4 6fc0 3D Model: White Thing
78f 69bbdc 6fc4 2D Image: Nothing
790 69d3a4 6fc8 3D Model: Prospector
791 6a07bc 6fcc 3D Model: Box
792 6a0ee4 6fd0 3D Model: Rock
793 6a1124 6fd4 3D Model: Rock
794 6a241c 6fd8 3D Model: Mr. Patch
795 6a8084 6fdc 3D Model: Bottom of coal boss
796 6aa96c 6fe0 3D Model: Red baloon
797 6ab044 6fe4 3D Model: Red/White Triangle
798 6ab2d4 6fe8 3D Model: Red/Yellow Triangle
799 6ab56c 6fec 3D Model: Blue/White Triangle
79a 6ab7d4 6ff0 3D Model: Pink/Yellow triangle
79b 6aba64 6ff4 3D Model: Metal Thing
79c 6ac0ec 6ff8 3D Model: Nothing
79d 6ac76c 6ffc 3D Model: Nothing
79e 6aca44 7000 X
79f 6aca44 7004 3D Model: Screw
7a0 6ad24c 7008 3D Model: White Square
7a1 6ad2e4 700c 3D Model: Red Ring
7a2 6ad9f4 7010 3D Model: Sign Post
7a3 6af474 7014 3D Model: Metal Window
7a4 6b0d8c 7018 3D Model: Fries
7a5 6b1184 701c 3D Model: Truck Door
7a6 6b2044 7020 3D Model: Burger
7a7 6b23fc 7024 3D Model: Dingpost
7a8 6b5874 7028 3D Model: GI List
7a9 6b7a1c 702c 3D Model: Chain Platform
7aa 6b8b24 7030 3D Model: Springy shoes
7ab 6b9564 7034 3D Model: Weird Machine
7ac 6ba3f4 7038 3D Model: Aice Cube
7ad 6bb144 703c 3D Model: Panel for screws
7ae 6bbc8c 7040 3D Model: Port Culis
7af 6bbf5c 7044 3D Model: Mens toilet door
7b0 6bcb44 7048 3D Model: Ice Shard
7b1 6bd6d4 704c 3D Model: HP Ice Platform
7b2 6bfe44 7050 3D Model: HP Ice Platform
7b3 6c24cc 7054 3D Model: HP Ice Platform
7b4 6c4c5c 7058 3D Model: HP Ice Platform
7b5 6c7314 705c 3D Model: HP Ice Platform
7b6 6c9aac 7060 3D Model: HP Ice Platform
7b7 6cc17c 7064 3D Model: HP Ice Platform
7b8 6ce93c 7068 3D Model: Banjo Switch
7b9 6cf764 706c 3D Model: Kazooie Switch
7ba 6d051c 7070 3D Model: Fly Disc Switch
7bb 6d23c4 7074 3D Model: Fireball
7bc 6d3bcc 7078 3D Model: Chain
7bd 6d4544 707c ?:
7be 6d4994 7080 ?:
7bf 6d4ddc 7084 3D Model: Big Top Ticket
7c0 6d5cc4 7088 3D Model: Doubloon
7c1 6d6a1c 708c 3D Model: Toxic Switch
7c2 6d759c 7090 3D Model: Targitzan Wall
7c3 6d8994 7094 3D Model: Circle of Balls
7c4 6d8b04 7098 3D Model: TL Door
7c5 6d91ac 709c 3D Model: Blue Twinkly
7c6 6dcc4c 70a0 3D Model: Green Twinkly
7c7 6e05ec 70a4 3D Model: Red Twinkly
7c8 6e3e0c 70a8 3D Model: Targitzan (part)
7c9 6e5e8c 70ac 3D Model: Targitzan (part)
7ca 6e8bf4 70b0 3D Model: Targitzan (part)
7cb 6ebc5c 70b4 3D Model: Targitzan (part)
7cc 6ef80c 70b8 3D Model: Targitzan (Top)
7cd 6f368c 70bc 3D Model: TL - Door Switch
7ce 6f4464 70c0 3D Model: TL - Door Switch
7cf 6f561c 70c4 3D Model: Toix Barrels
7d0 6f6e1c 70c8 3D Model: Barrels
7d1 6f8754 70cc 3D Model: Droids
7d2 70031c 70d0 3D Model: WW Money
7d3 701674 70d4 3D Model: WW Money Box
7d4 705164 70d8 3D Model: Piggles
7d5 707e6c 70dc 3D Model: Other Pig
7d6 70a70c 70e0 3D Model: Jamjars
7d7 70ee24 70e4 3D Model: Jamjars hatch
7d8 711b34 70e8 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Green
7d9 713f0c 70ec 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Blue
7da 71624c 70f0 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Purple
7db 71852c 70f4 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Yellow
7dc 71a80c 70f8 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Cyan
7dd 71c9d4 70fc 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Red
7de 71e9bc 7100 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Orange
7df 720b34 7104 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Grey
7e0 722b44 7108 3D Model: Mumbo Pad - Purple
7e1 724d44 710c 3D Model: Kazooie Split Pad
7e2 727dfc 7110 3D Model: Banjo Split Pad
7e3 72b2ac 7114 3D Model: Security Camera
7e4 72edf4 7118 3D Model: Bazza Battery
7e5 73677c 711c 3D Model: Caveman
7e6 73a3f4 7120 ?:
7e7 73a85c 7124 ?:
7e8 73acc4 7128 3D Model: Nothing
7e9 73bca4 712c 3D Model: Dippy
7ea 74312c 7130 3D Model: Bolt Monster
7eb 744dd4 7134 3D Model: Screw Monster
7ec 74602c 7138 3D Model: Bolt Monster
7ed 747c5c 713c 3D Model: Frozen Saberman
7ee 74ac6c 7140 3D Model: Unga Bunga
7ef 75035c 7144 3D Model: Saberman
7f0 755d84 7148 ?:
7f1 75620c 714c ?:
7f2 75668c 7150 X
7f3 75668c 7154 3D Model: Cheato Page
7f4 757e6c 7158 3D Model: Targitzan
7f5 762554 715c 3D Model: Alien Baby Pink
7f6 765694 7160 3D Model: Alien Baby Blue
7f7 7685c4 7164 3D Model: Alien
7f8 76ba8c 7168 3D Model: Ice
7f9 76defc 716c 3D Model: Lord Woo Fak Fak
7fa 7871cc 7170 3D Model: Dino
7fb 789444 7174 3D Model: Yellow Ball
7fc 78aa0c 7178 3D Model: Chili Willi
7fd 7aa644 717c 3D Model: Chilly Billy
7fe 7ba724 7180 3D Model: Pirate Enemies
7ff 7bc964 7184 3D Model: Grunty Industry Workers
800 7bf78c 7188 3D Model: Washing Machine
801 7c0f8c 718c 3D Model: Chili cannons
802 7c4244 7190 3D Model: Rabbit Worker
803 7c6fd4 7194 3D Model: Rabbit Worker
804 7c9694 7198 3D Model: Green Ulcer
805 7ca57c 719c 3D Model: Red Ulcer
806 7cb44c 71a0 3D Model: Blue Ulcer
807 7cc324 71a4 3D Model: UFO and Alien
808 7d1b0c 71a8 3D Model: Guffo
809 7d50a4 71ac 3D Model: White Dino
80a 7d771c 71b0 3D Model: Clockwork Kazooie
80b 7d8384 71b4 3D Model: Banjo's House
80c 7f013c 71b8 3D Model: Number 1 Selection House
80d 7f0e0c 71bc 3D Model: Number 2
80e 7f1afc 71c0 3D Model: Number 3
80f 7f288c 71c4 3D Model: Camera
810 7f384c 71c8 3D Model: Replay Box
811 7f448c 71cc 3D Model: Options
812 7f54cc 71d0 3D Model: N64
813 7f6e5c 71d4 3D Model: Trash Can
814 7f7acc 71d8 3D Model: Ice Balls
815 7f951c 71dc 3D Model: Fire Balls
816 7fbf94 71e0 3D Model: ?
817 8075b4 71e4 3D Model: Weldar
818 817094 71e8 3D Model: CCL Baddy
819 818794 71ec 3D Model: CCL Baddy
81a 819e24 71f0 3D Model: CCL Baddy
81b 81b594 71f4 3D Model: JiggyWiggy's Blast
81c 81c804 71f8 3D Model: Ice Crystal Enemies
81d 81e4e4 71fc 3D Model: Grass patch
81e 81f194 7200 3D Model: Biggafoot
81f 821054 7204 X
820 821054 7208 3D Model: Ice Diamond
821 821be4 720c 3D Model: ?
822 822bd4 7210 3D Model: Aura Circle
823 8239cc 7214 3D Model: Mumbo Ground
824 82424c 7218 3D Model: Wall
825 824924 721c 3D Model: Red Target
826 824c2c 7220 3D Model: Green Target
827 824f4c 7224 3D Model: Blue Target
828 8252c4 7228 3D Model: Blue Bumper
829 825c6c 722c 3D Model: Banjo Arms
82a 826504 7230 3D Model: Two poles
82b 82674c 7234 3D Model: Jello house in CCL
82c 827654 7238 3D Model: Rock
82d 827c14 723c 3D Model: Money Switch
82e 8288bc 7240 3D Model: Pot O Gold Door
82f 8293ac 7244 3D Model: Money Switch
830 82a04c 7248 3D Model: Yellow/Black Bar
831 82b3cc 724c 3D Model: Big Backpack
832 82c4f4 7250 3D Model: Clamber Claw Boots
833 82cfc4 7254 3D Model: ?
834 82d1e4 7258 3D Model: Clockwork Kazooie Head
835 82d8dc 725c 3D Model: Gobi Leg
836 82dc44 7260 3D Model: Clockwork Kazooie Winder
837 82eacc 7264 3D Model: Bee Sting
838 82ed24 7268 3D Model: Banjo and Dragon Kazooie HQ
839 8357c4 726c 3D Model: Banjo and Dragon Kazooie LQ
83a 83b30c 7270 3D Model: Dragon Kazooie
83b 83f914 7274 3D Model: Naked Bunny
83c 841cec 7278 3D Model: Clean Workers Uniform
83d 842f04 727c 3D Model: Dirty Workers Uniform
83e 844134 7280 3D Model: Golden Goliath Top
83f 847bec 7284 3D Model: Grey Rounded Temple Door
840 8484e4 7288 3D Model: Grey Temple Door
841 848d8c 728c 3D Model: Brown Door
842 8496bc 7290 3D Model: Green Door
843 849eb4 7294 3D Model: Brown Door
844 84a6b4 7298 3D Model: Dark Door
845 84aebc 729c 3D Model: Blue Door
846 84b6c4 72a0 3D Model: Brown Door
847 84bec4 72a4 3D Model: Temple Wall
848 84c29c 72a8 3D Model: Brown Door
849 84ca9c 72ac 3D Model: Brown Door
84a 84d33c 72b0 3D Model: Wooden Door
84b 84dafc 72b4 3D Model: Clock
84c 84dfcc 72b8 3D Model: Red Pole
84d 84e35c 72bc 3D Model: Clinker Grate
84e 84f994 72c0 3D Model: Clinker Splat
84f 8501e4 72c4 3D Model: Sewer Door
850 850b74 72c8 3D Model: Explosive Door
851 851314 72cc X
852 851314 72d0 X
853 851314 72d4 3D Model: Banjo
854 85259c 72d8 3D Model: Mumbo
855 8544dc 72dc 3D Model: Kazooie
856 854d3c 72e0 3D Model: Golden Goliath
857 8569cc 72e4 3D Model: Klungo Final Floor
858 8578f4 72e8 3D Model: Banjo Snowball
859 858e8c 72ec 3D Model: Rareware Logo
85a 859a7c 72f0 3D Model: Press Start
85b 85b61c 72f4 3D Model: No Controller
85c 85d46c 72f8 3D Model: Item Nest
85d 85e4e4 72fc 3D Model: ?
85e 861efc 7300 3D Model: Banjo Bee
85f 862e84 7304 3D Model: Zubba
860 864b1c 7308 3D Model: Weird Wall
861 865b6c 730c 3D Model: Jiggywiggy Floor
862 8669ac 7310 3D Model: Banjo's Hand
863 8673d4 7314 3D Model: Frame Texture
864 869cfc 7318 3D Model: Frame Texture
865 86a23c 731c 3D Model: Red Picture Frame
866 86abd4 7320 3D Model: ?
867 87125c 7324 3D Model: Mumbo Hut - Inferno
868 87503c 7328 3D Model: Floor Beta?!?!
869 8756cc 732c 3D Model: Weldar Room Door
86a 876a7c 7330 3D Model: Weldar Room Door
86b 877e5c 7334 3D Model: Weird
86c 8785cc 7338 3D Model: Warning door
86d 8792fc 733c 3D Model: Train Switch
86e 87b644 7340 3D Model: Red Metal Thing
86f 87ba44 7344 3D Model: Weldar Body
870 8848b4 7348 3D Model: Weldar Head
871 885944 734c 3D Model: Weird
872 8877d4 7350 3D Model: FP Ice Side Train Station Door
873 88864c 7354 3D Model: FP Ice Side Train Station Door
874 8894e4 7358 3D Model: Droids Silo
875 88f1cc 735c 3D Model: Droid Chunk
876 88f7ec 7360 3D Model: Purple Blob
877 88fc44 7364 3D Model: Green Ring
878 890354 7368 3D Model: Blue Ring
879 890a7c 736c 3D Model: Big Purple Building
87a 891c44 7370 3D Model: Big Purple Building
87b 892edc 7374 3D Model: Door With Electricity Warning
87c 89393c 7378 3D Model: GI Main shutter Door
87d 894d34 737c 3D Model: Grey Texutre
87e 89514c 7380 3D Model: Red Switch
87f 895dec 7384 3D Model: Metal Lid
880 89662c 7388 3D Model: Danger Door
881 896f6c 738c 3D Model: Metal Grate
882 89781c 7390 3D Model: Converyor Belt Piece
883 897c5c 7394 3D Model: Fan Switch
884 898a5c 7398 3D Model: Green Nuke Barrel
885 8998bc 739c 3D Model: Blue Rareware Barrel
886 89a6d4 73a0 3D Model: Fan
887 89b694 73a4 3D Model: Metal Plate
888 89bf44 73a8 3D Model: T-Rex Cover
889 89e3ac 73ac 3D Model: Plate with Screws
88a 89ea94 73b0 3D Model: Metal Floor
88b 89f12c 73b4 3D Model: ?
88c 89fd54 73b8 3D Model: Eye
88d 8a049c 73bc 3D Model: ?
88e 8a0a6c 73c0 3D Model: Hag 1 Trail
88f 8a57cc 73c4 3D Model: Ice Enemy
890 8a7964 73c8 3D Model: Fire Ball
891 8a824c 73cc 3D Model: Ice Ball
892 8a867c 73d0 3D Model: Baddie Plant
893 8a9c24 73d4 3D Model: Baddie Plant Dead
894 8aca84 73d8 3D Model: Eyeball Plant
895 8afcf4 73dc 3D Model: Flower
896 8b0f44 73e0 3D Model: King Jingaling
897 8b6584 73e4 3D Model: Zombmified Jingaling
898 8bbb44 73e8 3D Model: Jingalings Pet
899 8bdfdc 73ec 3D Model: Mother Steggosaurus
89a 8cc2f4 73f0 3D Model: Blue Steggosaurus
89b 8d26bc 73f4 3D Model: Brown Steggosaurus
89c 8d8dbc 73f8 3D Model: Weird Glow Light
89d 8d9adc 73fc 3D Model: Glow
89e 8d9dd4 7400 3D Model: Mr. Fit
89f 8dd7d4 7404 3D Model: Onion Platforms
8a0 8dfad4 7408 3D Model: Fixed Clockwork Mouse
8a1 8e4064 740c 3D Model: Broken Clockwork Mouse
8a2 8e8584 7410 3D Model: ?
8a3 8e87c4 7414 3D Model: ?
8a4 8e89d4 7418 3D Model: N64 Cube Glow
8a5 8e9da4 741c 3D Model: Opening Cutscene Sky
8a6 8ee81c 7420 3D Model: Fade Rare Logo
8a7 8effd4 7424 3D Model: Tined Filter
8a8 8f0ee4 7428 3D Model: Banjo Tooie Sign
8a9 8fe61c 742c 3D Model: Grunty's Rock
8aa 8ff134 7430 X
8ab 8ff134 7434 3D Model: Rain
8ac 8ff57c 7438 3D Model: Dolby Surround Logo
8ad 903cd4 743c 3D Model: Window
8ae 904234 7440 3D Model: Cutscene Mumbo
8af 90a194 7444 3D Model: Banjo Playing Cards
8b0 90b594 7448 3D Model: Cutscene Banjo
8b1 912c54 744c 3D Model: Curtains
8b2 9137ec 7450 3D Model: Poker Table
8b3 915954 7454 3D Model: Boulders Blocking Isle o Hags in intro
8b4 91810c 7458 3D Model: Hag 1 Drill
8b5 919eec 745c 3D Model: Bottles Playing Cards
8b6 91debc 7460 3D Model: Spiral Mountain Sky ?Night
8b7 9235e4 7464 3D Model: Cuckoo Clock
8b8 925b5c 7468 3D Model: Goldfish Bowl
8b9 92726c 746c X
8ba 92726c 7470 3D Model: Hag1
8bb 9335bc 7474 3D Model: Mingella
8bc 9397f4 7478 3D Model: Ivy
8bd 93af94 747c 3D Model: Blobbelda
8be 93fd0c 7480 3D Model: Grunty
8bf 94bfbc 7484 3D Model: 3 Dots
8c0 94c014 7488 2D Image: Small Yellow Light
8c1 94cb04 748c 3D Model: Blue Sky
8c2 95054c 7490 3D Model: Grunty's eye
8c3 95081c 7494 3D Model: Burnt Bottles
8c4 954844 7498 3D Model: Green Fire Ball
8c5 95685c 749c 3D Model: Stack of coins
8c6 95700c 74a0 3D Model: Blast
8c7 958904 74a4 3D Model: Green Light
8c8 95a1cc 74a8 3D Model: BOB
8c9 95e52c 74ac 3D Model: Glow
8ca 95fb7c 74b0 3D Model: Small Yellow Dot
8cb 961194 74b4 3D Model: Light Glow
8cc 961e44 74b8 3D Model: Door
8cd 96271c 74bc 3D Model: Emergency Exit door
8ce 964044 74c0 3D Model: ?
8cf 96487c 74c4 3D Model: Magic Bean
8d0 964d74 74c8 3D Model: Zubba Post
8d1 9681fc 74cc 3D Model: Zubba Panel
8d2 968a24 74d0 3D Model: Jolly Juice Bottle
8d3 96b234 74d4 3D Model: Electric Zap
8d4 96ce94 74d8 3D Model: HP Panel
8d5 96d6ac 74dc 3D Model: HP Switch
8d6 96ef1c 74e0 3D Model: Volcano Pillar Switch
8d7 9704a4 74e4 3D Model: Weird Grey Pillars
8d8 970854 74e8 3D Model: Port Culis
8d9 970cfc 74ec 3D Model: Weird Switch
8da 971fb4 74f0 3D Model: Super Stash
8db 974ca4 74f4 3D Model: Egg 1 Switch
8dc 9769ec 74f8 3D Model: No Fries/Burgers Sign
8dd 97804c 74fc 3D Model: Beanstalk
8de 97913c 7500 3D Model: Smoke Cloud
8df 97ad34 7504 3D Model: Smoke Cloud
8e0 97c8fc 7508 3D Model: Mumbo Skull
8e1 981454 750c 3D Model: Mumbo Skull Icey
8e2 985344 7510 3D Model: Breakable Panel in Mumbo Hut
8e3 985eac 7514 3D Model: Mumbo Hut Panel
8e4 986694 7518 3D Model: 4 Dots
8e5 98671c 751c 3D Model: 3 Dots
8e6 986b1c 7520 3D Model: ?
8e7 986f24 7524 3D Model: 4 Dots
8e8 987324 7528 3D Model: 4 Dots
8e9 987724 752c 3D Model: 4 Dots
8ea 987b24 7530 3D Model: 4 Dots
8eb 987f2c 7534 3D Model: 4 Dots
8ec 98832c 7538 3D Model: Cauldron Keep Door
8ed 98872c 753c 3D Model: ?
8ee 988d64 7540 3D Model: Metal Floor
8ef 98bb8c 7544 3D Model: Breakable Wall in JRL
8f0 98d5b4 7548 3D Model: HP Ruin
8f1 991e4c 754c 3D Model: Boggy
8f2 9952a4 7550 3D Model: Green Case
8f3 996a64 7554 3D Model: Triangle
8f4 997a4c 7558 X
8f5 997a4c 755c X
8f6 997a4c 7560 3D Model: Metal Door
8f7 998764 7564 3D Model: Metal Door
8f8 998d5c 7568 3D Model: Red Ball?
8f9 99963c 756c 3D Model: Breakable Wall
8fa 99a8f4 7570 3D Model: Gloop
8fb 9a09a4 7574 3D Model: Triangle
8fc 9a10ac 7578 3D Model: Dynamite
8fd 9a20cc 757c 3D Model: Fire Hand
8fe 9a2bdc 7580 3D Model: Hag 1 in Intro
8ff 9b23a4 7584 3D Model: Rock Nut
900 9b645c 7588 3D Model: Fire Spitter
901 9b8a3c 758c 3D Model: Grunty
902 9c2fec 7590 3D Model: Fire Spitter
903 9c5ce4 7594 3D Model: Go Sign
904 9c7c84 7598 3D Model: Missile
905 9c8084 759c 3D Model: Missile Side
906 9c841c 75a0 3D Model: Missile Top
907 9c87bc 75a4 3D Model: Missile Bottom
908 9c8b04 75a8 3D Model: ?
909 9c8e4c 75ac 3D Model: Bigga Bazza Battery
90a 9ced1c 75b0 3D Model: Bigga Bazza Battery
90b 9d4c34 75b4 3D Model: Mrs. Bottles
90c 9d9134 75b8 3D Model: Beat Up Klungo
90d 9dd04c 75bc 3D Model: Beat Up Klungo
90e 9e137c 75c0 3D Model: Angel Bottles
90f 9e2fc4 75c4 3D Model: Devil Bottles
910 9e4fd4 75c8 3D Model: BK Pak
911 9e5bec 75cc 3D Model: Yellow Targitzan Statue
912 9e66ec 75d0 3D Model: Ray of Light
913 9e786c 75d4 3D Model: Green Targitzan Statue
914 9e835c 75d8 3D Model: Heggy
915 9eb8ac 75dc 3D Model: George Ice Cube
916 9ecf84 75e0 3D Model: Mildred Ice Cube
917 9eebbc 75e4 3D Model: Silo
918 9faa4c 75e8 3D Model: Honey B
919 9fdcdc 75ec 3D Model: Bottles Kid
91a a00e4c 75f0 3D Model: Bottles Kid
91b a0356c 75f4 3D Model: TOT Podium
91c a060dc 75f8 3D Model: Hag 1
91d a101fc 75fc 3D Model: TOT Podium
91e a12d7c 7600 3D Model: TOT Podium
91f a158fc 7604 3D Model: HP Crane
920 a1a5ac 7608 3D Model: Red Ugger Piece
921 a1a80c 760c 3D Model: Green Ugger Piece
922 a1aa64 7610 3D Model: Blue Ugger Piece
923 a1acb4 7614 3D Model: TL - Egg
924 a1c374 7618 3D Model: Floatus Floatum
925 a1f764 761c 3D Model: Fire Hand
926 a200dc 7620 3D Model: Flame
927 a20d4c 7624 3D Model: Flame
928 a2199c 7628 3D Model: ?
929 a21f14 762c 3D Model: ?
92a a22744 7630 3D Model: Kazooie Rock
92b a23b84 7634 3D Model: Red Jelly
92c a240bc 7638 3D Model: Fire Hand
92d a24a34 763c 3D Model: Red Jelly Castle
92e a25944 7640 3D Model: Red Jelly Landing Pads
92f a25c7c 7644 3D Model: ?
930 a26474 7648 3D Model: Lockers Eyes
931 a26d6c 764c 3D Model: Chuffy Sign Post
932 a2890c 7650 3D Model: On Switch
933 a2a12c 7654 3D Model: TOT Buzzer Podium
934 a2cc9c 7658 3D Model: TOT Buzzer Podium
935 a2f834 765c 3D Model: Jiggywiggy
936 a32bb4 7660 3D Model: Grunty as quiz host
937 a42494 7664 3D Model: Jiggywiggy Guard
938 a45f84 7668 3D Model: 2D Circle
939 a46c34 766c 3D Model: Lightning
93a a49f74 7670 3D Model: Lightning
93b a4cdc4 7674 3D Model: Burnt Fish
93c a4db7c 7678 3D Model: Kazooie Door
93d a4ee6c 767c 3D Model: Fries Switch
93e a4fa24 7680 3D Model: Beach Ball
93f a4ff7c 7684 3D Model: Beach Ball Piece
940 a50264 7688 3D Model: Beach Ball Piece
941 a5053c 768c 3D Model: Beach Ball Piece
942 a50764 7690 3D Model: BK Switch
943 a525e4 7694 3D Model: Tent Curtain
944 a52bb4 7698 3D Model: Grate
945 a52ebc 769c 3D Model: 1 Switch
946 a5635c 76a0 3D Model: Wall
947 a56b8c 76a4 3D Model: HP Door to JRL
948 a5738c 76a8 3D Model: Kazooie Button
949 a58404 76ac 3D Model: Door
94a a59db4 76b0 3D Model: Door
94b a5b6fc 76b4 3D Model: Switch Beta
94c a5bcb4 76b8 3D Model: Final Klungo Door
94d a6087c 76bc 3D Model: Lighting Door
94e a68984 76c0 3D Model: Lightning Door
94f a6cbec 76c4 3D Model: Door Half
950 a6eac4 76c8 3D Model: Door Half
951 a6fb64 76cc 3D Model: Kazooie Door
952 a70bac 76d0 3D Model: Metal Grate
953 a7158c 76d4 3D Model: ?
954 a72674 76d8 3D Model: Bright Light
955 a759d4 76dc 3D Model: ?
956 a77dac 76e0 3D Model: Red/White Rubber
957 a78244 76e4 3D Model: Green/White Rubber
958 a786dc 76e8 3D Model: Blue/White Rubber
959 a78b8c 76ec 3D Model: Black Ground
95a a78ffc 76f0 3D Model: Grate
95b a7976c 76f4 3D Model: Switch
95c a7afdc 76f8 2D Image: Green Snot
95d a7bc4c 76fc 2D Image: Purple Snot
95e a7c8ac 7700 3D Model: Cauldron Keep Boss Sky
95f a7d6b4 7704 3D Model: HFP Podiums
960 a7e874 7708 3D Model: Snowball
961 a7eb5c 770c 3D Model: Stem of Shovel
962 a7f43c 7710 3D Model: Detonator Top
963 a7f884 7714 3D Model: Banjo Backpack
964 a7fef4 7718 3D Model: Banjo's Shorts
965 a80124 771c 3D Model: Ice Key Lock Door
966 a81674 7720 3D Model: Ray of Light
967 a828d4 7724 3D Model: Golden Goliath Door
968 a8427c 7728 3D Model: Jiggywiggy Temple Door
969 a852a4 772c 3D Model: GGM Cover
96a a85fec 7730 3D Model: Metal Grate
96b a866c4 7734 3D Model: Grate
96c a86dcc 7738 3D Model: Witchyworld Clsoed Gate
96d a8800c 773c 3D Model: WW Closed Gate
96e a895ac 7740 3D Model: JRL Door
96f a8a2f4 7744 3D Model: HFP Door
970 a8ae94 7748 3D Model: TDL Door
971 a8c224 774c 3D Model: GI Door
972 a8cb4c 7750 3D Model: GI Door
973 a8d474 7754 3D Model: No Entry Sign
974 a8d9fc 7758 3D Model: Pink Egg
975 a8f154 775c 3D Model: Blue Egg
976 a90824 7760 3D Model: Yellow egg
977 a91fb4 7764 3D Model: Jiggy Statue
978 a9328c 7768 3D Model: Lightning Door
979 a974dc 776c X
97a a974dc 7770 X
97b a974dc 7774 X
97c a974dc 7778 X
97d a974dc 777c X
97e a974dc 7780 X
97f a974dc 7784 X
980 a974dc 7788 X
981 a974dc 778c X
982 a974dc 7790 3D Model: Kazooie
983 a97fbc 7794 3D Model: Banjo-Kazooie
984 a9a47c 7798 3D Model: Mumbo
985 a9c23c 779c 3D Model: Mumbo
986 a9f3a4 77a0 3D Model: White Jinjo
987 aa07c4 77a4 3D Model: White Jinjo
988 aa2854 77a8 3D Model: White Kazooie
989 aa3774 77ac 3D Model: Jamjars Red
98a aa583c 77b0 3D Model: Jamjars Green
98b aa792c 77b4 3D Model: Jamjars Blue
98c aa99f4 77b8 3D Model: Jamjars Yellow
98d aababc 77bc 3D Model:
98e aacd64 77c0 3D Model: Grunty Red
98f aafcec 77c4 3D Model: Grunty Green
990 ab2c54 77c8 3D Model: Grunty Blue
991 ab5bdc 77cc 3D Model: Grunty Yellow
992 ab8b74 77d0 3D Model: White BK
993 abb9d4 77d4 3D Model: White Kazooie
994 abcf54 77d8 3D Model: Banjo Bee Red
995 abe5b4 77dc 3D Model: Banjo Bee Green
996 abfbec 77e0 3D Model: Banjo Bee Blue
997 ac1234 77e4 3D Model: Banjo Bee Yellow
998 ac28a4 77e8 3D Model: Banjo Submarine
999 ac4274 77ec 3D Model: Piece of Shell
99a ac4ec4 77f0 3D Model: 1 Ton Weight
99b ac659c 77f4 3D Model: Fire egg Switch
99c ac7e2c 77f8 3D Model: Juke box
99d ac9a34 77fc 3D Model: Red Germ
99e aca2cc 7800 3D Model: Green Germ
99f acab74 7804 3D Model: Blue Germ
9a0 acb41c 7808 3D Model: TOT Screen
9a1 ad2c8c 780c 3D Model: TOT Title
9a2 ad86bc 7810 3D Model: Applause Board
9a3 ad9ddc 7814 3D Model: Factory Workers Bed
9a4 adc70c 7818 3D Model: Big Eye
9a5 adcb5c 781c 3D Model: Rectangle
9a6 adcc1c 7820 3D Model: Red Panel
9a7 adcecc 7824 3D Model: Eye
9a8 add35c 7828 3D Model: Green Rod
9a9 add41c 782c 3D Model: Green Panel
9aa add704 7830 3D Model: Eye
9ab addb74 7834 3D Model: Blue Rod
9ac addc34 7838 3D Model: Blue Panel
9ad addefc 783c 3D Model: Dots
9ae addfc4 7840 3D Model: Glass Rectangle
9af adeed4 7844 3D Model: Arrow
9b0 adefa4 7848 2D Image: Z
9b1 adf10c 784c 3D Model: Grenade Part
9b2 adf594 7850 2D Image: Purple Star
9b3 adfb8c 7854 3D Model: Banjos House Glowing
9b4 ae079c 7858 3D Model: Party Klungo
9b5 ae3ce4 785c 3D Model: Grunty's Head
9b6 ae5744 7860 X
9b7 ae5744 7864 2D Image: White Speck
9b8 aeac7c 7868 2D Image: Smaller Smoke
9b9 aeff9c 786c 2D Image: Smoke
9ba af58ec 7870 2D Image: White Spec
9bb afa964 7874 2D Image: White Glow
9bc b00884 7878 2D Image: White Dot
9bd b061bc 787c 2D Image: Fire
9be b0a8f4 7880 2D Image: Red Feather
9bf b0b8bc 7884 2D Image: Gold Feather
9c0 b0c87c 7888 2D Image: Ice Egg
9c1 b0de24 788c 2D Image: Fire Egg
9c2 b0f9fc 7890 2D Image: Grenade Egg
9c3 b11334 7894 2D Image: Gold Egg
9c4 b12b24 7898 2D Image: Clockwork Kazooie Egg
9c5 b148ac 789c 2D Image: Proximity Egg
9c6 b16174 78a0 2D Image: White Dot
9c7 b1993c 78a4 2D Image: White Glow
9c8 b19e44 78a8 2D Image: Flag?
9c9 b1b95c 78ac 2D Image: Smoke
9ca b1ecac 78b0 2D Image: Nothing
9cb b20984 78b4 ?:
9cc b21a3c 78b8 ?:
9cd b21ef4 78bc 2D Image: Glow
9ce b23b24 78c0 2D Image: Yellow Dot
9cf b25d3c 78c4 2D Image: Red Dot
9d0 b27be4 78c8 2D Image: Green Dot
9d1 b299bc 78cc 2D Image: Hat?
9d2 b2a3ac 78d0 2D Image: Glow
9d3 b2ac34 78d4 2D Image: Red Ball
9d4 b2b874 78d8 X
9d5 b2b874 78dc 2D Image: Green Glow
9d6 b2c51c 78e0 2D Image: Explosion
9d7 b2db44 78e4 2D Image: Blue Egg
9d8 b2f404 78e8 2D Image: Bolt
9d9 b3070c 78ec 2D Image: Bubble
9da b30acc 78f0 2D Image: Bubble
9db b30e74 78f4 2D Image: Puddle
9dc b31a3c 78f8 2D Image: Smoke Puff
9dd b334e4 78fc 2D Image: Smoke
9de b34ecc 7900 2D Image: Sparkle
9df b35e44 7904 2D Image: Purple Glow
9e0 b3677c 7908 2D Image: Blue Glow
9e1 b37094 790c 2D Image: Green Glow
9e2 b3797c 7910 2D Image: Yellow Glow
9e3 b3822c 7914 2D Image: Orange Glow
9e4 b38acc 7918 2D Image: Red Glow
9e5 b3934c 791c 2D Image: Cyan Glow
9e6 b39bbc 7920 2D Image: Brown Glow
9e7 b3a37c 7924 2D Image: Blue Glow
9e8 b3abbc 7928 2D Image: Dark Green Glow
9e9 b3b3cc 792c 2D Image: Purple Glow
9ea b3bbb4 7930 2D Image: Orange Glow
9eb b3c444 7934 2D Image: Red Circle
9ec b3e4f4 7938 3D Model: Rain
9ed b3e75c 793c 3D Model: ?
9ee b3e8ac 7940 3D Model: ?
9ef b3e9ec 7944 3D Model: ?
9f0 b3eb2c 7948 3D Model: ?
9f1 b3ec5c 794c 3D Model: ?
9f2 b3f44c 7950 X
9f3 b3f44c 7954 3D Model: ?
9f4 b3f99c 7958 3D Model: ?
9f5 b3fb44 795c Map Setup: 00A0 -
9f6 b3fb84 7960 Map Setup: 00A1 - CS - “Two Years have Passed”
9f7 b401fc 7964 Map Setup: 00A2 - CS - Drill Starts
9f8 b405a4 7968 Map Setup: 00A3 - CS - Drill goes through Boulders
9f9 b40ab4 796c Map Setup: 00A4 - CS - Use Magic to Lift Boulder
9fa b417bc 7970 Map Setup: 00A5 - CS - Revenge is Mine!
9fb b419e4 7974 Map Setup: 00A6 - CS - Witches Leave Spiral Moutnain
9fc b42194 7978 Map Setup: 00A7 - CS - House Destoryed
9fd b4269c 797c Map Setup: 00A8 - CS - Playing Poker
9fe b42c0c 7980 Map Setup: 00A9 - CS - Earthquake!
9ff b4303c 7984 Map Setup: 00AA - CS - It Stopped
a00 b434f4 7988 Map Setup: 00AB - CS - Get out of the House!
a01 b4399c 798c Map Setup: 00AC - CS - Come on!
a02 b43ee4 7990 Map Setup: 00AD - GL - Entrance
a03 b4411c 7994 Map Setup: 00AE - SM - behind the waterfall
a04 b4428c 7998 Map Setup: 00AF - SM - Spiral Mountain
a05 b44f3c 799c X
a06 b44f3c 79a0 X
a07 b44f3c 79a4 X
a08 b44f3c 79a8 X
a09 b44f3c 79ac X
a0a b44f3c 79b0 X
a0b b44f3c 79b4 Map Setup: 00B6 - MT - Wumba's Wigwam
a0c b45264 79b8 Map Setup: 00B7 - MT - Mumbo's Skull
a0d b45404 79bc Map Setup: 00B8 - MT
a0e b461ec 79c0 Map Setup: 00B9 - MT - Prison Compound
a0f b46b9c 79c4 Map Setup: 00BA - MT - Columns Vault
a10 b46e9c 79c8 Map Setup: 00BB - MT - Mayan Kickball Stadium
a11 b473a4 79cc Map Setup: 00BC - MT - Code Chamber
a12 b47684 79d0 X
a13 b47684 79d4 X
a14 b47684 79d8 X
a15 b47684 79dc X
a16 b47684 79e0 X
a17 b47684 79e4 X
a18 b47684 79e8 X
a19 b47684 79ec Map Setup: 00C4 - MT - jade snake grove
a1a b47ccc 79f0 Map Setup: 00C5 - MT - treasure chamber
a1b b48304 79f4 Map Setup: 00C6 - MT - kickball arena
a1c b4847c 79f8 Map Setup: 00C7 - GGM
a1d b49d7c 79fc Map Setup: 00C8 - MT - kickball arena
a1e b49edc 7a00 Map Setup: 00C9 - MT - kickball arena
a1f b49ffc 7a04 Map Setup: 00CA - GGM - fuel depot
a20 b4a774 7a08 Map Setup: 00CB - GGM - crushing shed
a21 b4ac3c 7a0c Map Setup: 00CC - GGM - flooded caves
a22 b4b2dc 7a10 Map Setup: 00CD - GGM - water storage
a23 b4b674 7a14 Map Setup: 00CE - GGM - waterfall cavern
a24 b4ba3c 7a18 Map Setup: 00CF - GGM - power hut basement
a25 b4bdac 7a1c Map Setup: 00D0 - GGM - chuffy's cab
a26 b4bf3c 7a20 Map Setup: 00D1 - GGM - inside chuffy's boiler boss
a27 b4c764 7a24 Map Setup: 00D2 - GGM - gloomy caverns
a28 b4ce84 7a28 Map Setup: 00D3 - GGM - generator caverns
a29 b4d69c 7a2c Map Setup: 00D4 - GGM - power hut
a2a b4d8b4 7a30 Map Setup: 00D5 - GGM - wumba's wigwam
a2b b4db4c 7a34 Map Setup: 00D6 - WW
a2c b4ff14 7a38 Map Setup: 00D7 - GGM - train station
a2d b5052c 7a3c Map Setup: 00D8 - GGM - prospectors hut
a2e b5097c 7a40 Map Setup: 00D9 - GGM - Mumbo's hut
a2f b50b7c 7a44 Map Setup: 00DA - GGM - toxic gas cave
a30 b50ce4 7a48 Map Setup: 00DB - GGM - canary cave
a31 b50f1c 7a4c Map Setup: 00DC - GGM - ordnance storage
a32 b5167c 7a50 Map Setup: 00DD - WW - dodgem dome lobby
a33 b51a0c 7a54 Map Setup: 00DE - WW - dodgem challenge 1 vs 1
a34 b51b34 7a58 Map Setup: 00DF - WW - dodgem challenge 2 vs 1
a35 b51cb4 7a5c Map Setup: 00E0 - WW - dodgem challenge 3 vs 1
a36 b51e3c 7a60 Map Setup: 00E1 - WW - crazy castle stockade
a37 b523dc 7a64 Map Setup: 00E2 - WW - crazy castle lobby
a38 b5255c 7a68 Map Setup: 00E3 - WW - crazy castle pump room
a39 b52794 7a6c Map Setup: 00E4 - WW - balloon burst game
a3a b529a4 7a70 Map Setup: 00E5 - WW - hoop hurry game
a3b b52cd4 7a74 Map Setup: 00E6 - WW - star spinner
a3c b5370c 7a78 Map Setup: 00E7 - WW - the inferno
a3d b53f44 7a7c Map Setup: 00E8 -
a3e b54094 7a80 Map Setup: 00E9 - GGM - Wumba's Wigwam
a3f b54304 7a84 Map Setup: 00EA - WW - cave of horrors
a40 b5472c 7a88 Map Setup: 00EB - WW - Haunted Caverns
a41 b54ae4 7a8c Map Setup: 00EC - WW - Train Station
a42 b550fc 7a90 Map Setup: 00ED - JRL - Jollys
a43 b55614 7a94 Map Setup: 00EE - JRL - Pawno
a44 b55914 7a98 Map Setup: 00EF - JRL - Mumbos Skull
a45 b55b0c 7a9c Map Setup: 00F0 -
a46 b55b54 7aa0 Map Setup: 00F1 - JRL - UFO
a47 b56094 7aa4 Map Setup: 00F2 -
a48 b560e4 7aa8 Map Setup: 00F3 -
a49 b56134 7aac Map Setup: 00F4 - JRL - Ainchent Swimming Baths
a4a b565d4 7ab0 Map Setup: 00F5 - Objects (Beta JRL)
a4b b5661c 7ab4 Map Setup: 00F6 - JRL - Electric Eels Lair
a4c b56814 7ab8 Map Setup: 00F7 - JRL - Seaweed Santchum
a4d b56e44 7abc Map Setup: 00F8 - JRL - Inside the big fish
a4e b5713c 7ac0 Map Setup: 00F9 - WW - Mr. Patch
a4f b57a44 7ac4 Map Setup: 00FA - JRL - Temple of the Fishes
a50 b57dbc 7ac8 X
a51 b57dbc 7acc Map Setup: 00FC - JRL - Lord Woo Fak Fak
a52 b58604 7ad0 X
a53 b58604 7ad4 X
a54 b58604 7ad8 Map Setup: 00FF - JRL - Blubber's Wave Race Hire
a55 b588a4 7adc Map Setup: 0100 - GI - outside
a56 b59ebc 7ae0 Map Setup: 0101 - GI - inside
a57 b5acd4 7ae4 Map Setup: 0102 - GI - Train Station
a58 b5b344 7ae8 Map Setup: 0103 - GI - workers quarters
a59 b5b7a4 7aec Map Setup: 0104 - GI - trash compactor
a5a b5bb14 7af0 Map Setup: 0105 - GI - elevator shaft
a5b b5bdcc 7af4 Map Setup: 0106 - GI - floor 2
a5c b5d264 7af8 Map Setup: 0107 - GI - floor 2 (electromagnet chamber)
a5d b5da3c 7afc Map Setup: 0108 - GI - floor 3
a5e b5e834 7b00 Map Setup: 0109 - GI - floor 3 (boiler plant)
a5f b5ee6c 7b04 Map Setup: 010A - GI - floor 3 (packing room)
a60 b5f2bc 7b08 Map Setup: 010B - GI - floor 4
a61 b600bc 7b0c Map Setup: 010C - GI - floor 4 (cable room)
a62 b60524 7b10 Map Setup: 010D - GI - floor 4 (quality control)
a63 b60a5c 7b14 Map Setup: 010E - GI - floor 5
a64 b6101c 7b18 Map Setup: 010F - GI - basement
a65 b6176c 7b1c Map Setup: 0110 - GI - basement (repair depot)
a66 b62344 7b20 Map Setup: 0111 - GI - basement (waste disposal)
a67 b62ecc 7b24 Map Setup: 0112 - TL
a68 b65544 7b28 Map Setup: 0113 - TL - terry's nest
a69 b65f9c 7b2c Map Setup: 0114 - TL - train station
a6a b66624 7b30 Map Setup: 0115 - TL - oogle boogles cave
a6b b66d74 7b34 Map Setup: 0116 - TL - inside the mountain
a6c b67a6c 7b38 Map Setup: 0117 - TL - river passage
a6d b67d7c 7b3c Map Setup: 0118 - TL - styracosaurus family cave
a6e b684c4 7b40 Map Setup: 0119 - TL - unga bunga's cave
a6f b68cc4 7b44 Map Setup: 011A - TL - stomping plains
a70 b692fc 7b48 Map Setup: 011B - TL - bonfire caverns
a71 b694fc 7b4c X
a72 b694fc 7b50 X
a73 b694fc 7b54 Map Setup: 011E - TL - Humba's Wigwam
a74 b6976c 7b58 Map Setup: 011F - GI - Humba's Wigwam
a75 b699cc 7b5c Map Setup: 0120 - JRL - Humba's Wigwam
a76 b69c5c 7b60 Map Setup: 0121 - Inside Chuffy's wagon
a77 b69e2c 7b64 Map Setup: 0122 - TL - Humba's Wigwam Big
a78 b6a09c 7b68 Map Setup: 0123 - TL - Inside chompa's belly
a79 b6a48c 7b6c Map Setup: 0124 - WW - Saucer of Peril
a7a b6b094 7b70 Map Setup: 0125 - GI - water supply pipe
a7b b6b234 7b74 Map Setup: 0126 - GGM - water supply pipe
a7c b6b3f4 7b78 Map Setup: 0127 - HP - lava side
a7d b6ce0c 7b7c Map Setup: 0128 - HP - icy side
a7e b6f35c 7b80 Map Setup: 0129 - HP - lava train station
a7f b6fc2c 7b84 Map Setup: 012A - HP - ice train station
a80 b7012c 7b88 Map Setup: 012B - HP - chilli billi
a81 b7078c 7b8c Map Setup: 012C - HP - chilly willy
a82 b70ea4 7b90 Map Setup: 012D - HP - colosseum kickball stadium lobby
a83 b7177c 7b94 Map Setup: 012E - HP - colosseum kickball stadium - Quarterfinal
a84 b718d4 7b98 Map Setup: 012F - HP - colosseum kickball stadium - Semifinal
a85 b71a34 7b9c Map Setup: 0130 - HP - colosseum kickball stadium - Final
a86 b71af4 7ba0 Map Setup: 0131 - HP - boggy's igloo
a87 b71d6c 7ba4 Map Setup: 0132 - HP - icicle grotto
a88 b7298c 7ba8 Map Setup: 0133 - HP - inside the volcano
a89 b730dc 7bac Map Setup: 0134 - HP - Mumbo's Skull
a8a b7328c 7bb0 Map Setup: 0135 - HP - humba's wigwam
a8b b73594 7bb4 Map Setup: 0136 - CCL
a8c b75b3c 7bb8 Map Setup: 0137 - CCL - inside the trashcan
a8d b76044 7bbc Map Setup: 0138 - CCL - inside the cheesewedge
a8e b76334 7bc0 Map Setup: 0139 -
a8f b76764 7bc4 Map Setup: 013A - CCL - central cavern
a90 b779ec 7bc8 Map Setup: 013B - WW - crazy castle stockade (sop)
a91 b77cec 7bcc Map Setup: 013C - WW - star spinner (sop)
a92 b7808c 7bd0 Map Setup: 013D - CCL - inside the pot o gold
a93 b78314 7bd4 Map Setup: 013E - CCL - mumbo's skull
a94 b784cc 7bd8 Map Setup: 013F - CCL - mingy jongo's skull
a95 b7897c 7bdc Map Setup: 0140 - CCL - humba wumba's wigwam
a96 b78c04 7be0 Map Setup: 0141 - SM - Digger Tunnel
a97 b791f4 7be4 Map Setup: 0142 - JV
a98 b7a4b4 7be8 Map Setup: 0143 - JV - Bottles house
a99 b7a8cc 7bec Map Setup: 0144 - JV - King Jingalings throne room
a9a b7ad54 7bf0 Map Setup: 0145 - JV - Green jinjo's house
a9b b7af34 7bf4 Map Setup: 0146 - JV - Black jinjo's house
a9c b7b134 7bf8 Map Setup: 0147 - JV - Yellow jinjo's house
a9d b7b2ec 7bfc Map Setup: 0148 - JV - Blue jinjo's house
a9e b7b4dc 7c00 Map Setup: 0149 - JV - Unused jinjo's house
a9f b7b524 7c04 Map Setup: 014A - JV - Brown jinjo's house
aa0 b7b6ec 7c08 Map Setup: 014B - JV - Orange jinjo's house
aa1 b7b894 7c0c Map Setup: 014C - JV - Purple jinjo's house
aa2 b7ba8c 7c10 Map Setup: 014D - JV - Red jinjo's house
aa3 b7bc64 7c14 Map Setup: 014E - JV - White jinjo's house
aa4 b7bdf4 7c18 Map Setup: 014F - IOH - Wooden Hollow
aa5 b7c93c 7c1c Map Setup: 0150 - IOH - Heggy's egg shed
aa6 b7ccb4 7c20 Map Setup: 0151 - IOH - Jiggywiggy's temple
aa7 b7d144 7c24 Map Setup: 0152 - IOH - Plateau
aa8 b7da1c 7c28 Map Setup: 0153 - IOH - Honey B's Hive
aa9 b7dc0c 7c2c Map Setup: 0154 - IOH - Pine Grove
aaa b7e21c 7c30 Map Setup: 0155 - IOH - Cliff Top
aab b7ee24 7c34 Map Setup: 0156 - IOH - Mumbo's Skull
aac b7ef7c 7c38 Map Setup: 0157 - IOH - Humba Wumba's wigwam
aad b7f1ec 7c3c Map Setup: 0158 - CS - Game select screen
aae b7f374 7c40 Map Setup: 0159 - CS - Opening cut scene
aaf b7f3b4 7c44 Map Setup: 015A - IOH - Wasteland
ab0 b7fd94 7c48 Map Setup: 015B - IOH - Digger Tunnel
ab1 b8027c 7c4c Map Setup: 015C - IOH - Quagmire
ab2 b80f8c 7c50 Map Setup: 015D - CK
ab3 b81eec 7c54 Map Setup: 015E - CK - Gatehouse
ab4 b823b4 7c58 Map Setup: 015F - CK - Quiz
ab5 b828bc 7c5c Map Setup: 0160 - CK - Gun Chamber
ab6 b82bb4 7c60 Map Setup: 0161 - CCL
ab7 b832bc 7c64 Map Setup: 0162 - GI - Floor 4 - Clinker's Cavern
ab8 b83bb4 7c68 Map Setup: 0163 - GGM - Ordnance Shooting Entrance
ab9 b83eb4 7c6c Map Setup: 0164 - GGM - Ordnance Shooting Game
aba b84054 7c70 Map Setup: 0165 - GGM - Ordnance Shooting Game Multi
abb b841fc 7c74 Map Setup: 0166 - MT - Multi
abc b844bc 7c78 Map Setup: 0167 - MT - still
abd b84564 7c7c Map Setup: 0168 - HP - Icy side still
abe b8460c 7c80 Map Setup: 0169 - Bottles house still
abf b84714 7c84 Map Setup: 016A - CK - Gun Room Still
ac0 b84884 7c88 X
ac1 b84884 7c8c X
ac2 b84884 7c90 X
ac3 b84884 7c94 X
ac4 b84884 7c98 Map Setup: 016F - GGM
ac5 b85994 7c9c Map Setup: 0170 - GGM
ac6 b86a6c 7ca0 Map Setup: 0171 - GGM - Mumbo's Skull
ac7 b86c0c 7ca4 Map Setup: 0172 - GI - Mumbo's Skull
ac8 b86d54 7ca8 Map Setup: 0173 - SM - Banjo's House
ac9 b86e5c 7cac X
aca b86e5c 7cb0 Map Setup: 0175 -
acb b86eb4 7cb4 Map Setup: 0176 - WW - Mumbo's skull
acc b8705c 7cb8 Map Setup: 0177 - MT - Targitzan's slighty sacred temple
acd b8719c 7cbc Map Setup: 0178 - MT - Inside targitzans temple
ace b87814 7cc0 Map Setup: 0179 - MT - Targitzan temple lobby
acf b87a14 7cc4 Map Setup: 017A - MT - Targitzan's temple boss
ad0 b88074 7cc8 Map Setup: 017B - MP - Balloons
ad1 b88134 7ccc Map Setup: 017C - MP - Hoops
ad2 b882b4 7cd0 Map Setup: 017D - MP - Packing Game
ad3 b88454 7cd4 Map Setup: 017E - CS - Zombiefied Throne Room
ad4 b886bc 7cd8 Map Setup: 017F - MP - Kickball Arena
ad5 b88764 7cdc Map Setup: 0180 - MP - Kickball Arena 2
ad6 b8881c 7ce0 Map Setup: 0181 - JRL - sea bottom cavern
ad7 b88cdc 7ce4 Map Setup: 0182 - JRL - submarine multi
ad8 b88d54 7ce8 Map Setup: 0183 - TL - chompa's belly multi
ad9 b88dfc 7cec Map Setup: 0184 - Beta green pipe
ada b88e3c 7cf0 Map Setup: 0185 - MP - Trash Can
adb b88f44 7cf4 Map Setup: 0186 - MP - Dodgems
adc b8907c 7cf8 Map Setup: 0187 - GI - Floor 4 (Sewer Entrance)
add b8931c 7cfc Map Setup: 0188 - MP - Bee Hive
ade b8939c 7d00 Map Setup: 0189 - MP - Quiz Game
adf b89644 7d04 Map Setup: 018A - CK - Inside the Digger
ae0 b8979c 7d08 Map Setup: 018B - CS - Intro
ae1 b89d34 7d0c Map Setup: 018C - CS - Sisters explain BOB
ae2 b8a574 7d10 Map Setup: 018D - CS - Gained energy from Jingaling
ae3 b8aa2c 7d14 Map Setup: 018E - CS - “Meanwhile…”
ae4 b8ac0c 7d18 Map Setup: 018F - CS - About to Blast Jingaling
ae5 b8ad9c 7d1c Map Setup: 0190 - CS - Getting Zapped
ae6 b8af04 7d20 Map Setup: 0191 - CS - Party Ended
ae7 b8b834 7d24 Map Setup: 0192 - CS - Bottles gets home
ae8 b8bf1c 7d28 Map Setup: 0193 - CS - Bottles is brought back to life!
ae9 b8c154 7d2c Map Setup: 0194 - CS - B and K About to use BOB
aea b8c6b4 7d30 Map Setup: 0195 - CS - Lets fix Bottles Next
aeb b8ca9c 7d34 Map Setup: 0196 - CS - Playing with Gruntys Head
aec b8d21c 7d38 Map Setup: 0197 - CS - Giving Jingaliong back life
aed b8d3ac 7d3c Map Setup: 0198 - CS - Jingalings Temple gets back life
aee b8d56c 7d40 Map Setup: 0199 - CS - Jingaling Celebrates that hes back
aef b8d994 7d44 Map Setup: 019A - CK
af0 b8e1ec 7d48 Map Setup: 019B - JV - Zombiefied Throne Room
af1 b8e3cc 7d4c Map Setup: 019C - CS - Credits
af2 b8e424 7d50 Map Setup: 019D - CS - Character Parade
af3 b8e47c 7d54 X
af4 b8e47c 7d58 X
af5 b8e47c 7d5c X
af6 b8e47c 7d60 X
af7 b8e47c 7d64 X
af8 b8e47c 7d68 X
af9 b8e47c 7d6c X
afa b8e47c 7d70 X
afb b8e47c 7d74 Map Setup: 01A6 - JRL - Smugglers Cavern
afc b8e804 7d78 Map Setup: 01A7 - JRL
afd b8fb24 7d7c Map Setup: 01A8 - JRL - Atlantas
afe b90b04 7d80 Map Setup: 01A9 - JRL - Sea Bottom
aff b919e4 7d84 Text:
b00 b92aec 7d88 X
b01 b92aec 7d8c X
b02 b92aec 7d90 X
b03 b92aec 7d94 X
b04 b92aec 7d98 X
b05 b92aec 7d9c X
b06 b92aec 7da0 X
b07 b92aec 7da4 X
b08 b92aec 7da8 X
b09 b92aec 7dac X
b0a b92aec 7db0 X
b0b b92aec 7db4 X
b0c b92aec 7db8 X
b0d b92aec 7dbc X
b0e b92aec 7dc0 X
b0f b92aec 7dc4 X
b10 b92aec 7dc8 X
b11 b92aec 7dcc X
b12 b92aec 7dd0 X
b13 b92aec 7dd4 X
b14 b92aec 7dd8 X
b15 b92aec 7ddc X
b16 b92aec 7de0 X
b17 b92aec 7de4 X
b18 b92aec 7de8 X
b19 b92aec 7dec X
b1a b92aec 7df0 X
b1b b92aec 7df4 X
b1c b92aec 7df8 X
b1d b92aec 7dfc X
b1e b92aec 7e00 X
b1f b92aec 7e04 X
b20 b92aec 7e08 X
b21 b92aec 7e0c X
b22 b92aec 7e10 X
b23 b92aec 7e14 X
b24 b92aec 7e18 X
b25 b92aec 7e1c X
b26 b92aec 7e20 X
b27 b92aec 7e24 X
b28 b92aec 7e28 X
b29 b92aec 7e2c X
b2a b92aec 7e30 X
b2b b92aec 7e34 X
b2c b92aec 7e38 X
b2d b92aec 7e3c X
b2e b92aec 7e40 X
b2f b92aec 7e44 X
b30 b92aec 7e48 X
b31 b92aec 7e4c X
b32 b92aec 7e50 X
b33 b92aec 7e54 X
b34 b92aec 7e58 3D Model: Sky - Mayahem Temple
b35 b9350c 7e5c 3D Model: Sky - Witchyworld
b36 b9405c 7e60 3D Model: Sky - Jolly Roger's Lagoon
b37 b94a3c 7e64 3D Model: Sky - Dodgems Challenge
b38 b95264 7e68 3D Model: Sky - Star Spinner
b39 b95e8c 7e6c 3D Model: Sky - Witchyworld Western Zone
b3a b961ac 7e70 3D Model: Sky - Grunty Industries
b3b b9699c 7e74 3D Model: Sky - Hailfire Peaks (Fire)
b3c b9792c 7e78 3D Model: Sky - Hailfire Peaks (Icy)
b3d b98814 7e7c 3D Model: Sky - Cloud Cuckooland
b3e b9935c 7e80 3D Model: Sky - Spiral Mountain
b3f b997bc 7e84 3D Model: Sky - Isle 'O Hags
b40 b9a714 7e88 3D Model: Sky - Star Spinner (2)
b41 b9aaac 7e8c 3D Model: Skybox
b42 b9b294 7e90 3D Model: Skybox
b43 b9ba94 7e94 3D Model: Jiggy Pan
b44 b9c6f4 7e98 X
b45 b9c6f4 7e9c 3D Model: Black Square
b46 b9c77c 7ea0 3D Model: White Square
b47 b9c804 7ea4 3D Model: Witch Pan
b48 b9d42c 7ea8 X
b49 b9d42c 7eac X
b4a b9d42c 7eb0 2D Image: Red Feather
b4b b9d9a4 7eb4 2D Image: Gold Feather
b4c b9dfdc 7eb8 2D Image: TT Card
b4d b9e1a4 7ebc 2D Image: Honeycomb
b4e b9e3c4 7ec0 2D Image: ? Card
b4f b9e584 7ec4 2D Image: Grunty Timer
b50 ba0c6c 7ec8 2D Image: Banjo & Kazooie
b51 ba14dc 7ecc 2D Image: Banjo & Kazooie
b52 ba1d14 7ed0 2D Image: Banjo & Kazooie
b53 ba2564 7ed4 2D Image: Banjo & Kazooie
b54 ba2da4 7ed8 2D Image: Kazooie Green
b55 ba2ef4 7edc 2D Image: Kazooie Blue
b56 ba3044 7ee0 2D Image: Kazooie Yellow
b57 ba319c 7ee4 2D Image: Analog Stick
b58 ba38c4 7ee8 2D Image: A
b59 ba3d1c 7eec 2D Image: B
b5a ba4104 7ef0 2D Image: C Left
b5b ba451c 7ef4 2D Image: C Right
b5c ba4934 7ef8 2D Image: C Up
b5d ba4d44 7efc 2D Image: C Down
b5e ba5164 7f00 2D Image: R
b5f ba5514 7f04 2D Image: Z
b60 ba597c 7f08 2D Image: Start
b61 ba5e24 7f0c X
b62 ba5e24 7f10 X
b63 ba5e24 7f14 X
b64 ba5e24 7f18 X
b65 ba5e24 7f1c X
b66 ba5e24 7f20 X
b67 ba5e24 7f24 X
b68 ba5e24 7f28 X
b69 ba5e24 7f2c X
b6a ba5e24 7f30 X
b6b ba5e24 7f34 2D Image: Magic Bean
b6c ba5ff4 7f38 2D Image: Doubloon
b6d ba624c 7f3c 2D Image: Whitchyworld Wickey
b6e ba6424 7f40 2D Image: Cheeseburger
b6f ba65dc 7f44 X
b70 ba65dc 7f48 X
b71 ba65dc 7f4c X
b72 ba65dc 7f50 X
b73 ba65dc 7f54 X
b74 ba65dc 7f58 X
b75 ba65dc 7f5c X
b76 ba65dc 7f60 X
b77 ba65dc 7f64 X
b78 ba65dc 7f68 X
b79 ba65dc 7f6c X
b7a ba65dc 7f70 X
b7b ba65dc 7f74 X
b7c ba65dc 7f78 X
b7d ba65dc 7f7c X
b7e ba65dc 7f80 X
b7f ba65dc 7f84 X
b80 ba65dc 7f88 X
b81 ba65dc 7f8c 2D Image: Blue Egg
b82 ba69ac 7f90 2D Image: Ice Egg
b83 ba6cec 7f94 2D Image: Fire Egg
b84 ba70c4 7f98 2D Image: Grenade Egg
b85 ba743c 7f9c 2D Image: Clockwork Egg
b86 ba790c 7fa0 2D Image: Beta?
b87 ba800c 7fa4 X
b88 ba800c 7fa8 X
b89 ba800c 7fac 2D Image: Banjo
b8a ba9074 7fb0 2D Image: Bottles
b8b ba9e7c 7fb4 2D Image: Kazooie
b8c baa9dc 7fb8 2D Image: Grenade Egg Nest
b8d baae04 7fbc 2D Image: Blue Egg Nest
b8e bab284 7fc0 X
b8f bab284 7fc4 2D Image: Loggo
b90 bab98c 7fc8 2D Image: Cheato
b91 babf4c 7fcc X
b92 babf4c 7fd0 2D Image: Proximity Egg Nest
b93 bac3a4 7fd4 2D Image: Honey Hive
b94 bac97c 7fd8 2D Image: Fire Egg Nest
b95 bacdfc 7fdc 2D Image: Clockwork Egg Nest
b96 bad314 7fe0 X
b97 bad314 7fe4 X
b98 bad314 7fe8 2D Image: Clock
b99 bae424 7fec 2D Image: Buzza
b9a bae9b4 7ff0 2D Image: Klungo
b9b baf02c 7ff4 2D Image: Dingpot
b9c baf634 7ff8 X
b9d baf634 7ffc 2D Image: Conga
b9e bb05b4 8000 2D Image: Gold Goliath
b9f bb09b4 8004 2D Image: Tittup
ba0 bb1774 8008 2D Image: Blubber
ba1 bb257c 800c 2D Image: Mingella
ba2 bb45e4 8010 2D Image: Grunty
ba3 bb634c 8014 2D Image: Blobletta
ba4 bb79b4 8018 2D Image: Humba
ba5 bb92e4 801c 2D Image: Bloatzan
ba6 bbae9c 8020 2D Image: Unogatz
ba7 bbcbdc 8024 2D Image: Targitzan
ba8 bbf234 8028 2D Image: Mr. Patch
ba9 bc1804 802c 2D Image: Lord Woo Fak Fak
baa bc432c 8030 2D Image: Weldar
bab bc6e3c 8034 2D Image: Jamjars
bac bc7f34 8038 2D Image: Stoney
bad bc8aac 803c 2D Image: Ms. Boggy
bae bc9ba4 8040 2D Image: ?
baf bc9db4 8044 2D Image: Speaker
bb0 bca5c4 8048 2D Image: Canary Mary
bb1 bcb514 804c 2D Image: Salty Joe
bb2 bcc1d4 8050 2D Image: Cow
bb3 bcd26c 8054 X
bb4 bcd26c 8058 2D Image: Pawno
bb5 bcdc0c 805c 2D Image: Jolly
bb6 bced2c 8060 2D Image: Maggic
bb7 bd0194 8064 2D Image: Blackeye
bb8 bd1064 8068 2D Image: Mouse
bb9 bd1e5c 806c 2D Image: Big Al
bba bd2f9c 8070 2D Image: Rabbit
bbb bd414c 8074 2D Image: Alien
bbc bd560c 8078 2D Image: Chris P. Bacon
bbd bd65b4 807c 2D Image: Pig
bbe bd7884 8080 2D Image: Chompasaurus
bbf bd9d64 8084 2D Image: Yellow Stony
bc0 bdac24 8088 2D Image: Soggy
bc1 bdc0bc 808c 2D Image: Floggy
bc2 bdd55c 8090 2D Image: Moggy
bc3 bde9d4 8094 2D Image: Triceratops Brown
bc4 be05ac 8098 2D Image: Triceratops Blue
bc5 be222c 809c 2D Image: Triceratops Yellow
bc6 be3d7c 80a0 2D Image: Fries
bc7 be3ee4 80a4 2D Image: Twinkly Muncher (Yellow)
bc8 be462c 80a8 2D Image: Twinkly Muncher (Red)
bc9 be4d2c 80ac 2D Image: Twinkly Muncher (Purple)
bca be5484 80b0 2D Image: Battery
bcb be58ec 80b4 X
bcc be58ec 80b8 2D Image: Bulliton Bill
bcd be661c 80bc 2D Image: Old King Coal
bce be9084 80c0 2D Image: King Jingaling
bcf be9c84 80c4 2D Image: Zombie Jingaling
bd0 bea9c4 80c8 2D Image: Yellow Jinjo
bd1 beafac 80cc 2D Image: Brown Jinjo
bd2 beb514 80d0 2D Image: Black Jinjo
bd3 bebbfc 80d4 2D Image: Blue Jinjo
bd4 bec284 80d8 2D Image: Green Jinjo
bd5 bec83c 80dc 2D Image: Orange Jinjo
bd6 bece0c 80e0 2D Image: Purple Jinjo
bd7 bed3f4 80e4 2D Image: Red Jinjo
bd8 bed96c 80e8 2D Image: White Jinjo
bd9 bedf9c 80ec 2D Image: Mumbo
bda bef7bc 80f0 2D Image: Terry
bdb bf114c 80f4 2D Image: Oogle Boogles
bdc bf19d4 80f8 2D Image: Stompadon
bdd bf212c 80fc 2D Image: Sabre Wulf
bde bf2a04 8100 2D Image: Chilly Billy
bdf bf4ec4 8104 2D Image: Chilly Willy
be0 bf7324 8108 2D Image: Lockup
be1 bf7aec 810c 2D Image: Blue Twinkloy Muncher
be2 bf8214 8110 2D Image: Biggafoot
be3 bf9e84 8114 2D Image: Gobi
be4 bfa6fc 8118 2D Image: Guffo
be5 bfc694 811c 2D Image: Minjy
be6 bfe2ac 8120 2D Image: Jiggy
be7 bfe6ac 8124 2D Image: Cheato Page
be8 bfea6c 8128 2D Image: Honey B
be9 bff59c 812c 2D Image: Note
bea bff96c 8130 2D Image: Hollow Honeycomb
beb bffe6c 8134 2D Image: Roysten
bec c00404 8138 2D Image: Slumber
bed c0103c 813c 2D Image: Saucer 'O Peril
bee c023e4 8140 2D Image: Alien (Blue)
bef c0382c 8144 2D Image: Alien (Red)
bf0 c04c1c 8148 2D Image: Alien (Yellow)
bf1 c06044 814c 2D Image: Specky
bf2 c072d4 8150 2D Image: Goggles
bf3 c08674 8154 2D Image: Heggy
bf4 c0963c 8158 2D Image: Mrs. Bottles
bf5 c0a884 815c 2D Image: Boggy
bf6 c0b874 8160 2D Image: Mr. Fit
bf7 c0c3ec 8164 2D Image: Rocknut
bf8 c0d87c 8168 2D Image: Unga Bunga
bf9 c0e4ec 816c 2D Image: Mildred
bfa c0f78c 8170 2D Image: George
bfb c10bf4 8174 2D Image: Dippy
bfc c133cc 8178 2D Image: Mother Triceratops
bfd c1573c 817c 2D Image: Angel Bottles
bfe c164f4 8180 2D Image: Devil Bottles
bff c17204 8184 2D Image: Banjo Snowball
c00 c17794 8188 2D Image: Banjo Washer
c01 c17d1c 818c 2D Image: Banjo Van
c02 c182dc 8190 2D Image: Banjo Dynamite
c03 c1871c 8194 2D Image: Banjo Sub
c04 c18bcc 8198 2D Image: Banjo Stony
c05 c18fcc 819c 2D Image: Banjo Bee
c06 c19414 81a0 2D Image: Glowbo
c07 c1985c 81a4 2D Image: Ancient Relic Thingy
c08 c19d2c 81a8 2D Image: Green Relic
c09 c1a20c 81ac 2D Image: Banjo T-Rex Big
c0a c1a994 81b0 2D Image: Banjo T-Rex Baby
c0b c1ae9c 81b4 2D Image: Fish
c0c c1b384 81b8 2D Image: Red Stony
c0d c1b72c 81bc 2D Image: Blue Stony
c0e c1badc 81c0 2D Image: Purple Stony
c0f c1bea4 81c4 2D Image: Gold Feather Nest
c10 c1c26c 81c8 2D Image: Red Feather Nest
c11 c1c6cc 81cc 2D Image: Jiggywiggy
c12 c1d4d4 81d0 2D Image: Jiggywiggy Desciple
c13 c1e2cc 81d4 2D Image: Clinker
c14 c1e7f4 81d8 2D Image: Clockwork Kazooie
c15 c1ebdc 81dc 2D Image: Dynamite
c16 c1eef4 81e0 2D Image: GI Bots
c17 c1f2dc 81e4 2D Image: Battery
c18 c1f784 81e8 2D Image: Ice Key
c19 c1f9bc 81ec 2D Image: SNS Egg
c1a c1fe44 81f0 2D Image: Blue Twinkly
c1b c200bc 81f4 2D Image: Red Twinkly
c1c c2035c 81f8 2D Image: Green Twinkly
c1d c20634 81fc X
c1e c20634 8200 X
c1f c20634 8204 X
c20 c20634 8208 X
c21 c20634 820c ?:
c22 c21554 8210 ?:
c23 c22dfc 8214 ?:
c24 c22f8c 8218 X
c25 c22f8c 821c 2D Image:
c26 c2353c 8220 2D Image:
c27 c235fc 8224 2D Image:
c28 c23b3c 8228 2D Image:
c29 c24044 822c 2D Image:
c2a c241ac 8230 2D Image:
c2b c24384 8234 2D Image:
c2c c244cc 8238 2D Image:
c2d c24584 823c X
c2e c24584 8240 X
c2f c24584 8244 X
c30 c24584 8248 X
c31 c24584 824c ?:
c32 c245fc 8250 ?:
c33 c24664 8254 ?:
c34 c246d4 8258 ?:
c35 c2474c 825c ?:
c36 c247bc 8260 ?:
c37 c2482c 8264 ?:
c38 c248a4 8268 ?:
c39 c2491c 826c ?:
c3a c2498c 8270 ?:
c3b c24aec 8274 ?:
c3c c24c4c 8278 ?:
c3d c24dac 827c ?:
c3e c24f0c 8280 ?:
c3f c25064 8284 ?:
c40 c251c4 8288 ?:
c41 c25324 828c ?:
c42 c25484 8290 ?:
c43 c25524 8294 ?:
c44 c255bc 8298 ?:
c45 c2565c 829c ?:
c46 c256fc 82a0 ?:
c47 c2579c 82a4 ?:
c48 c25834 82a8 ?:
c49 c258cc 82ac ?:
c4a c2596c 82b0 ?:
c4b c25a1c 82b4 ?:
c4c c25adc 82b8 ?:
c4d c25b94 82bc ?:
c4e c25c3c 82c0 ?:
c4f c25cdc 82c4 ?:
c50 c25d8c 82c8 ?:
c51 c25e34 82cc ?:
c52 c25ee4 82d0 ?:
c53 c26044 82d4 ?:
c54 c2619c 82d8 ?:
c55 c262fc 82dc ?:
c56 c2645c 82e0 ?:
c57 c265cc 82e4 ?:
c58 c2673c 82e8 ?:
c59 c2688c 82ec ?:
c5a c269fc 82f0 ?:
c5b c26b5c 82f4 ?:
c5c c26cbc 82f8 ?:
c5d c26e1c 82fc ?:
c5e c26f84 8300 ?:
c5f c270dc 8304 ?:
c60 c2723c 8308 ?:
c61 c2739c 830c ?:
c62 c274fc 8310 ?:
c63 c27664 8314 ?:
c64 c277cc 8318 ?:
c65 c2793c 831c ?:
c66 c27aac 8320 X
c67 c27aac 8324 X
c68 c27aac 8328 X
c69 c27aac 832c X
c6a c27aac 8330 X
c6b c27aac 8334 X
c6c c27aac 8338 X
c6d c27aac 833c X
c6e c27aac 8340 X
c6f c27aac 8344 X
c70 c27aac 8348 X
c71 c27aac 834c X
c72 c27aac 8350 Text:
c73 c27ab4 8354 Text:
c74 c2823c 8358 Text:
c75 c28a54 835c Text:
c76 c28ad4 8360 Text:
c77 c295e4 8364 Text:
c78 c295ec 8368 Text:
c79 c2a2bc 836c Text:
c7a c2adfc 8370 Text:
c7b c2b864 8374 Text:
c7c c2c534 8378 Text:
c7d c2d2e4 837c Text:
c7e c2dc84 8380 Text:
c7f c2e61c 8384 Text:
c80 c2e624 8388 Text:
c81 c2e62c 838c Text:
c82 c2e634 8390 Text:
c83 c2e63c 8394 Text:
c84 c2e644 8398 Text:
c85 c2e64c 839c Text:
c86 c2e654 83a0 Text:
c87 c2e65c 83a4 Text:
c88 c2e664 83a8 Text:
c89 c2e66c 83ac Text:
c8a c2e674 83b0 Text:
c8b c2e67c 83b4 Text:
c8c c2e684 83b8 Text:
c8d c2e68c 83bc Text:
c8e c2e694 83c0 Text:
c8f c2e69c 83c4 Text:
c90 c2e6a4 83c8 Text:
c91 c2e6ac 83cc Text:
c92 c2e6b4 83d0 Text:
c93 c2e6bc 83d4 Text:
c94 c2ec04 83d8 Text:
c95 c2ec0c 83dc Text:
c96 c2ec14 83e0 Text:
c97 c2ec1c 83e4 Text:
c98 c2ec24 83e8 Text:
c99 c2ec2c 83ec Text:
c9a c2ec34 83f0 Text:
c9b c2ec3c 83f4 Text:
c9c c2ec44 83f8 Text:
c9d c2ec4c 83fc Text:
c9e c2ec54 8400 Text:
c9f c2ec5c 8404 Text:
ca0 c2ec64 8408 Text:
ca1 c2eebc 840c Text:
ca2 c2eec4 8410 Text:
ca3 c2eecc 8414 Text:
ca4 c2eed4 8418 Text:
ca5 c2eedc 841c Text:
ca6 c2eee4 8420 Text:
ca7 c2eeec 8424 Text:
ca8 c2eef4 8428 Text:
ca9 c2eefc 842c Text:
caa c2ef04 8430 Text:
cab c2f5f4 8434 Text:
cac c2f5fc 8438 Text:
cad c2fc84 843c Text:
cae c2fdcc 8440 Text:
caf c2fdd4 8444 Text:
cb0 c2fddc 8448 Text:
cb1 c2fde4 844c Text:
cb2 c2fdec 8450 Text:
cb3 c2fdf4 8454 Text:
cb4 c2fdfc 8458 Text:
cb5 c2fe04 845c Text:
cb6 c301f4 8460 Text:
cb7 c301fc 8464 Text:
cb8 c30884 8468 Text:
cb9 c3088c 846c Text:
cba c30c0c 8470 Text:
cbb c31144 8474 Text:
cbc c3114c 8478 Text:
cbd c31154 847c Text:
cbe c3115c 8480 Text:
cbf c31164 8484 Text:
cc0 c3116c 8488 Text:
cc1 c31174 848c Text:
cc2 c3117c 8490 Text:
cc3 c3156c 8494 Text:
cc4 c31574 8498 Text:
cc5 c3169c 849c Text:
cc6 c316a4 84a0 Text:
cc7 c31cac 84a4 Text:
cc8 c31dec 84a8 Text:
cc9 c32514 84ac Text:
cca c329c4 84b0 Text:
ccb c32e24 84b4 Text:
ccc c32e2c 84b8 Text:
ccd c33224 84bc Text:
cce c3322c 84c0 Text:
ccf c3376c 84c4 Text:
cd0 c33dbc 84c8 Text:
cd1 c33dc4 84cc Text:
cd2 c33ed4 84d0 Text:
cd3 c33edc 84d4 Text:
cd4 c341ec 84d8 Text:
cd5 c344a4 84dc Text:
cd6 c34c24 84e0 Text:
cd7 c350ac 84e4 Text:
cd8 c355cc 84e8 Text:
cd9 c355d4 84ec Text:
cda c359fc 84f0 Text: Jinjo: You saved me, Im off to home now!
cdb c35a3c 84f4 Text: Jamjars: Notes
cdc c35a84 84f8 Text: Jamjars: Glowbo
cdd c35adc 84fc Text: Jamjars: Egg as Ammo
cde c35b04 8500 Text: Jamjars: Red Feathers make Kazooie fly
cdf c35b44 8504 Text: Jamjars: Gold Feathers are for invincibility
ce0 c35b84 8508 Text: Jamjars: Honeycombs boost your energy
ce1 c35bbc 850c Text: Jamjars: This is an extra honeycomb piece!
ce2 c35bec 8510 Text: Banjo: ooh, an egg, Im sure we'll find a use for this somewhere…*
ce3 c35c3c 8514 Text: Banjo: Another one of those special eggs!*
ce4 c35c7c 8518 Text: Kazooie: An enrormous ice key!
ce5 c35ccc 851c Text: Mumbo: Bad magic (BANJO KAZOOIE?!)
ce6 c35d44 8520 Text: Jamjars: Random stop honeycomb
ce7 c35da4 8524 Text: Jamjars: Skill Stop Honeycomb
ce8 c35e0c 8528 Text: Minjo: Im a minjo!
ce9 c35e4c 852c Text: Dingpot: Hello there
cea c35f54 8530 Text: Dingpot: Jump in
ceb c35f94 8534 Text: Anyone: Do you want to play again?
cec c35fc4 8538 Text: Anyone: 3…2…1… go!
ced c35fec 853c Text: Jamjars: This is a warppad
cee c3604c 8540 Text: Jamjars: You found another warppad!
cef c360bc 8544 Text: Jamjars: Find another warppad
cf0 c360ec 8548 Text: Jamjars: Just move onto the pad and press B
cf1 c3612c 854c Text: Jamjars: Youre not allowed to go to that location!*
cf2 c36164 8550 Text: Jamjars: Your too big to use the warppad
cf3 c3619c 8554 Text: Chuffy: No Service
cf4 c361dc 8558 Text: Chuffy: I'm Here
cf5 c3621c 855c Text: Chuffy: GGM
cf6 c3625c 8560 Text: Chuffy: WW
cf7 c362a4 8564 Text: Chuffy: GI
cf8 c362ec 8568 Text: Chuffy: TDL
cf9 c36334 856c Text: Chuffy: HP Lava
cfa c36384 8570 Text: Chuffy: HP Icy
cfb c363cc 8574 Text: Chuffy: IOH
cfc c36414 8578 Text: E3: Game Intro
cfd c367bc 857c Text: Anyone: Player * Wins
cfe c367ec 8580 Text: Anyone: Team * Wins
cff c3681c 8584 Text: Anyone: Tie
d00 c36864 8588 Text: Anyone: Draw
d01 c36894 858c Text: E3: Expansion pak
d02 c369fc 8590 Text: Speaker: MEchanical persons may not use the warp pads
d03 c36a54 8594 Text: Jamjars: You caught the legendary Mega Glowbo!
d04 c36ac4 8598 Text: Jamjars: Treble Clef
d05 c36b14 859c Text: Bottles: Bottles Revenge Explanation
d06 c36bb4 85a0 Text: Chuffy: Want to be picked up?
d07 c36bec 85a4 Text: Jamjars: You cant go in there
d08 c36c3c 85a8 Text: Dingpot: Im Dingpot (Banjo)
d09 c36d64 85ac Text: Dingpot: Im Dingpot (Kazooie)
d0a c36e64 85b0 Text: Jamjars: You got all the Jiggies
d0b c36ecc 85b4 X
d3d c36ecc 867c X
d3e c36ecc 8680 Text: Bottles: Choose a Move to Learn
d3f c36efc 8684 Text: Bottles: Press B To return to your mole restoring quest!
d40 c36f44 8688 Text: Bottles: To choose an option…
d41 c36fa4 868c Text: Bottles: Hurry up and find a way to bring me back to life!
d42 c37004 8690 Text: Jamjars: Grip Grab
d43 c3708c 8694 Text: Jamjars: Grip Grab Review
d44 c3712c 8698 Text: Jamjars: Get Outta Here
d45 c37194 869c Text: Jamjars: Breegull Blaster
d46 c37224 86a0 Text: Jamjars: Breegull Blaster
d47 c372bc 86a4 Text: Jamjars: Get Outta Here!
d48 c3731c 86a8 Text: Jamjars: Egg Aim
d49 c373a4 86ac Text: Jamjars: Egg Aim Review
d4a c37424 86b0 Text: Jamjars: Get Outta Here!
d4b c37494 86b4 Text: Jamjars: Switching Eggs
d4c c3751c 86b8 Text: Jamjars: Bill Drill
d4d c375ac 86bc Text: Jamjars: Bill Drill Review
d4e c37624 86c0 Text: Jamjars: Get Outta Here!
d4f c3768c 86c4 Text: Jamjars: Beak Bayonet
d50 c3771c 86c8 Text: Jamjars: Beak Bayonet Review
d51 c3778c 86cc Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d52 c377fc 86d0 Text: Bottles: Basic Movements
d53 c37874 86d4 Text: Bottles: Turbo Trainers
d54 c378bc 86d8 Text: Bottles: Wading Boots
d55 c37914 86dc Text: Bottles: Basic Attacking
d56 c37994 86e0 Text: Bottles: Egg Firing
d57 c379ec 86e4 Text: Bottles: Wonderwing
d58 c37a84 86e8 Text: Bottles: Talontront
d59 c37b04 86ec Text: Bottles: Basic Jumping
d5a c37b8c 86f0 Text: Bottles: Climbing
d5b c37c3c 86f4 Text: Bottles: Beak Barge
d5c c37c94 86f8 Text: Bottles: Beak Buster
d5d c37cd4 86fc Text: Bottles: Shock Jump
d5e c37d3c 8700 Text: Bottles: Wading Boots
d5f c37d94 8704 Text: Bottles: Diving
d60 c37de4 8708 Text: Bottles: Fly Pad
d61 c37e94 870c Text: Bottles: Beakbomb
d62 c37f04 8710 Text: Bottles: Camera Controlling
d63 c37fbc 8714 Text: Jamjars: You gotta be kidding boy!
d64 c3802c 8718 Text: Jamjars: Airborne Egg Shooting
d65 c380b4 871c Text: Jamjars: Airborne Egg Shooting Review
d66 c38134 8720 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d67 c3819c 8724 Text: Jamjars: Split up pads
d68 c38224 8728 Text: Jamjars: Split up Pads review
d69 c38304 872c Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d6a c38374 8730 Text: Jamjars: Pack Whack
d6b c383fc 8734 Text: Jamjars: Pack Whack review
d6c c3846c 8738 Text: Jamjars: Press A to learn the move, or B to be dismissed*
d6d c384ac 873c Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d6e c384e4 8740 Text: Jamjars: That'll be all
d6f c3850c 8744 Text: Jamjars: Get rid of Fleabag
d70 c3857c 8748 Text: Jamjars: Get rid of that Dumb bird
d71 c385ec 874c Text: Jamjars: Not for you Kazooie
d72 c38644 8750 Text: Jamjars: Clumsy bears only
d73 c38694 8754 Text: Jamjars: Fleabag buddy of yours
d74 c386e4 8758 Text: Jamjars: You need Kazooie
d75 c3873c 875c Text: Jamjars:
d76 c387a4 8760 Text: Jamjars: Get rid of Banjo
d77 c38814 8764 Text: Jamjars: Get rid of Banjo
d78 c3886c 8768 Text: Jamjars: Get rid of Banjo
d79 c388cc 876c Text: Jamjars: You need bear
d7a c3892c 8770 Text: Jamjars: You need bear
d7b c38984 8774 Text: Jamjars: Get out of here loser
d7c c389e4 8778 Text: Jamjars: Beat it mumbo
d7d c38a44 877c Text: Chuffy: Where do you want to go?
d7e c38a74 8780 Text: Chuffy: Come on, come on
d7f c38a94 8784 Text: Chuffy: I haven't got all day
d80 c38ac4 8788 Text: Chuffy: There's no train stations for me to go to
d81 c38b04 878c Text: Jamjars: You have split up
d82 c38b8c 8790 Text: Jamjars: These are split up pads
d83 c38bb4 8794 Text: Jamjars: Talon Torpedo
d84 c38c4c 8798 Text: Jamjars: Talon Torpedo Review
d85 c38cec 879c Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d86 c38d54 87a0 Text: Jamjars: Aqua Egg Aiming
d87 c38de4 87a4 Text: Jamjars: Aqua Egg Aiming Review
d88 c38e6c 87a8 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d89 c38ed4 87ac Text: Jamjars: Wing Whack
d8a c38f6c 87b0 Text: Jamjars: Wing Whack review
d8b c38fe4 87b4 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d8c c39054 87b8 Text: Jamjars: Controlling Clockwork Kazooie
d8d c390ac 87bc Text: Jamjars: Springy Step Shoes
d8e c3913c 87c0 Text: Jamjars: Springy Step Shoes review
d8f c391bc 87c4 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d90 c3922c 87c8 Text: Jamjars: Taxipack
d91 c392b4 87cc Text: Jamjars: Taxipack Review
d92 c393b4 87d0 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d93 c3941c 87d4 Text: Jamjars: Hatch
d94 c394ac 87d8 Text: Jamjars: Hatch review
d95 c394fc 87dc Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d96 c39564 87e0 Text: Jamjars: Shack pack
d97 c395ec 87e4 Text: Jamjars: Shack pack review
d98 c39684 87e8 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d99 c396ec 87ec Text: Jamjars: Glide
d9a c3977c 87f0 Text: Jamjars: Glide Review
d9b c397fc 87f4 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d9c c39864 87f8 Text: Jamjars: Claw Clamber Boots
d9d c398ec 87fc Text: Jamjars: Claw Clamber Boots review
d9e c3998c 8800 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
d9f c399f4 8804 Text: Jamjars: Snooze pack
da0 c39a7c 8808 Text: Jamjars: Snooze pack review
da1 c39b04 880c Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
da2 c39b6c 8810 Text: Jamjars: Kazooie High Jump
da3 c39bfc 8814 Text: Jamjars: Kazooie High Jump Review
da4 c39c64 8818 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
da5 c39ccc 881c Text: Jamjars: Text Error?*
da6 c39cec 8820 Text: Jamjars: This is a Silo
da7 c39d44 8824 Text: Jamjars: Open my Silos to create shortcut
da8 c39d94 8828 Text: Jamjars: Not yet
da9 c39dec 882c Text: Jamjars: Learn about Kazooie Gun Move before enterring
daa c39e44 8830 Text: Jamjars: I already told you…
dab c39e94 8834 Text: Jamjars: Fire Eggs
dac c39ef4 8838 Text: Jamjars: Fire Eggs review
dad c39f7c 883c Text: Jamjars: Grenade Eggs
dae c39fe4 8840 Text: Jamjars: Grenade Review
daf c3a074 8844 Text: Jamjars: Clockwork Egg
db0 c3a0dc 8848 Text: Jamjars: Clockwork review
db1 c3a1a4 884c Text: Jamjars: Ice Eggs
db2 c3a204 8850 Text: Jamjars: Ice Eggs review
db3 c3a28c 8854 Text: Jamjars: Pack Sack
db4 c3a31c 8858 Text: Jamjars: Pack Sack review
db5 c3a3a4 885c Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
db6 c3a40c 8860 Text: Jamjars: Reporting for duty!
db7 c3a61c 8864 Text: Jamjars: Here's some rations
db8 c3a66c 8868 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
db9 c3a6d4 886c Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
dba c3a73c 8870 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
dbb c3a7ac 8874 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
dbc c3a814 8878 Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
dbd c3a834 887c Text: Jamjars: Get outta here!
dbe c3a854 8880 Text: Jamjars: Dismissed!
dbf c3a8b4 8884 Text: Jamjars: Get over here and press B!
dc0 c3a8fc 8888 X
e05 c3a8fc 899c X
e06 c3a8fc 89a0 Text: Klungo: Huff
e07 c3a924 89a4 Text: Klungo: No Good Mistresss, I cant shift rock
e08 c3a96c 89a8 Text: Klungo: All because of that stupid bear and bird
e09 c3a9b4 89ac Text: Mumbo: Mumbo play well, has much of bear's cash.
e0a c3a9f4 89b0 Text: Banjo: He's right Kazooie. There goes your birdseed money! / Kazooie: Don't be so sure banjo…
e0b c3aa54 89b4 Text: Bottles: Where…I cant see her!
e0c c3aac4 89b8 Text: Kazooie: Hey! Look outside! Grunty the witch is coming!
e0d c3ab14 89bc Text: Kazooie: C'mon bone face, lets play. I feel Lucky!
e0e c3ab54 89c0 Text: Bottles: Stop rocking the table, you're making me sick!
e0f c3ab9c 89c4 Text: Mumbo: Mumbo not rock. Whole house shakes
e10 c3abec 89c8 Text: Banjo: Perhaps one of us should take a look outside…
e11 c3ac3c 89cc Text: Mingella: Mmmm. Hurry Blobleta, our sister is waiting!
e12 c3ac84 89d0 Text: Blobleta: lets go help
e13 c3ace4 89d4 Text: Mingella: get off me
e14 c3ad24 89d8 Text: Banjo: Lets go check
e15 c3ad94 89dc Text: Mumbo: I'll go check
e16 c3addc 89e0 Text: Kazooie: What a sucker!
e17 c3ae24 89e4 Text: Banjo: Kazooie!
e18 c3ae44 89e8 Text: Klungo: Sssorry Mistress, I have failed you…
e19 c3ae7c 89ec Text: Mingella: Worry Grunty Musent
e1a c3aec4 89f0 Text: Blobleta: Rock is big, so lets combine powers
e1b c3aefc 89f4 Text: Mingella: Grunty's Sisters you shall not mock
e1c c3af54 89f8 Text: Blobleta: Gone rock is!
e1d c3af8c 89fc Text: Grunty: What happened to me?!
e1e c3afdc 8a00 Text: Mingella: Grunty looks nice
e1f c3b014 8a04 Text: Grunty: I hate bones, a body I need.
e20 c3b064 8a08 Text: Blobleta: Yes, plan to help
e21 c3b0ac 8a0c Text: Grunty: Lets fix me up then
e22 c3b104 8a10 Text: Mumbo: This not good.
e23 c3b13c 8a14 Text: Mingella: Bony Man seen us!
e24 c3b184 8a18 Text: Grunty: Leave it to me
e25 c3b1dc 8a1c Text: Kazooie: I guess Il be having that birdseed after all
e26 c3b24c 8a20 Text: Mumbo: Everyone out! Gruntys back!
e27 c3b29c 8a24 Text: Grunty: Revenge is mine
e28 c3b2f4 8a28 Text: Kazooie: Yeah yeah sure
e29 c3b334 8a2c Text: Mumbo: No Joke
e2a c3b36c 8a30 Text: Banjo: Hes right!
e2b c3b3a4 8a34 Text: Bottles: I'm not going anywhere
e2c c3b3f4 8a38 Text: Mingella: Hurry you must
e2d c3b42c 8a3c Text: Grunty: Hold on
e2e c3b484 8a40 Text: Blobleta: Troops we will leave
e2f c3b4c4 8a44 Text: Klungo: Wait for me!
e30 c3b534 8a48 Text: Mumbo: My head hurts…
e31 c3b564 8a4c Text: Kazooie: look at our house!
e32 c3b5b4 8a50 Text: Kazooie: Hang on, wheres Bottles
e33 c3b5e4 8a54 Text: Mumbo: Mole looks unwell
e34 c3b61c 8a58 Text: Banjo: Hes dead!
e35 c3b664 8a5c Text: Mumbo: Grunty wreck house and kill Bottles…
e36 c3b6d4 8a60 Text: Kazooie: Great I get to peck more witch butt
e37 c3b754 8a64 Text: Kazooie: he wasnt important anyways
e38 c3b7b4 8a68 Text: Grunty: No Klungo you stay here
e39 c3b7fc 8a6c Text: Grunty: I need my body back, whats the plan?
e3a c3b854 8a70 Text: Mingella: Rhyming is Annoying
e3b c3b8a4 8a74 Text: Grunty: Ok ill stop rhyming
e3c c3b8cc 8a78 Text: Blobleta: This is BOB
e3d c3b944 8a7c Text: Mingella: Life force stored in tank
e3e c3b9b4 8a80 Text: Grunty: Evil and heartless plan, i love it.
e3f c3ba14 8a84 Text: Mingella: You arent slim so we'll need lots
e40 c3ba54 8a88 Text: Grunty: So start blasting!
e41 c3ba7c 8a8c Text: Blobleta: You must pick a target
e42 c3babc 8a90 Text: Grunty: Lets get jingaling
e43 c3bb2c 8a94 Text: Mingella: Autotargeting
e44 c3bb7c 8a98 Text: Blobleta: Lets begin
e45 c3bbcc 8a9c Text: Mingella: BOB has hit
e46 c3bc0c 8aa0 Text: Blobleta: We missed banjo though
e47 c3bc44 8aa4 Text: Grunty: Lets get him later
e48 c3bc84 8aa8 Text: Grunty: hahaha hes just a Zombie now!
e49 c3bcbc 8aac Text: Mingella: We have Jingalings life
e4a c3bd04 8ab0 Text: Grunty: Lets blast the whole island
e4b c3bd44 8ab4 Text: Blobleta: We'll need to charge it up
e4c c3bd8c 8ab8 Text: Mingella: It'll take an hour
e4d c3bdcc 8abc Text:
e4e c3bdfc 8ac0 Text: Grunty: Banjo has no one to help him
e4f c3be64 8ac4 Text: Jamjars: Reverse the settings!
e50 c3bed4 8ac8 Text: Banjo: But we dont know how to work it
e51 c3bf04 8acc Text: Kazooie: No Problem
e52 c3bf54 8ad0 Text: Banjo: no.. I…
e53 c3bf74 8ad4 Text: Kazooie: There that should do it
e54 c3bfa4 8ad8 Text: Jamjars: You creazy feathered freak!
e55 c3bfec 8adc Text: Kazooie: I wonder what we'll hit
e56 c3c024 8ae0 Text: Banjo: Its working!
e57 c3c04c 8ae4 Text: Kazooie: You owe me an apology
e58 c3c094 8ae8 Text: Jamjars: No
e59 c3c0b4 8aec Text: Jingaling: Thanks guys!
e5a c3c0fc 8af0 Text: Banjo: Bottles Next
e5b c3c16c 8af4 Text: Kazooie: I demand an apology
e5c c3c1a4 8af8 Text: Jamjars: Sorry
e5d c3c1cc 8afc Text: Kazooie: Thanks
e5e c3c1ec 8b00 Text: Bottles: Im late for dinner!
e5f c3c24c 8b04 Text: Mrs. B: I dont care, eat it
e60 c3c294 8b08 Text: Bottles: Its not my fault
e61 c3c2ec 8b0c Text: Mrs. B: Im sure you have…
e62 c3c31c 8b10 Text: Mrs. B: Who are you?
e63 c3c354 8b14 Text: Jingaling: Im King Jingaling
e64 c3c39c 8b18 Text: Klungo: Bear and bird freed me
e65 c3c3ec 8b1c Text: Jingaling: They saved me too
e66 c3c434 8b20 Text: Klungo: Lets celebrate
e67 c3c464 8b24 Text: Bottles: Sounds good
e68 c3c48c 8b28 Text: Mrs. B: Lovely
e69 c3c4cc 8b2c Text: Bottles: Wheres Banjo and Kazooie?
e6a c3c504 8b30 Text: Klungo: Grunty escaped
e6b c3c554 8b34 Text: Jingaling: They'll join later
e6c c3c594 8b38 Text: Banjo: Seems quiet for a party
e6d c3c5c4 8b3c Text: Kazooie: Wheres this party?
e6e c3c5fc 8b40 Text: Bottles: Its finished
e6f c3c66c 8b44 Text: Mumbo: Mumbo wanted to boogie
e70 c3c69c 8b48 Text: Wumba: Big heap bummer
e71 c3c6bc 8b4c Text: Jamjars: its all your fault
e72 c3c71c 8b50 Text: Kazooie: we wernt hiding like you
e73 c3c76c 8b54 Text: Bottles: Why you…
e74 c3c794 8b58 Text: Mumbo: Wumba was useless
e75 c3c7d4 8b5c Text: Wumba: Shut up
e76 c3c81c 8b60 Text: Mumbo: Ill summon statue
e77 c3c85c 8b64 Text: Bottles: Stop arguing
e78 c3c8ac 8b68 Text: Banjo: Kazooie's got a better idea
e79 c3c8dc 8b6c Text: Kazooie: yeah, kick around
e7a c3c914 8b70 Text: Jamjars: whats that?
e7b c3c944 8b74 Text: Banjo: Follow and find out!
e7c c3c96c 8b78 Text: Kazooie: take that!
e7d c3c994 8b7c Text: Mumbo: This is fun
e7e c3c9b4 8b80 Text: Wumba: Mumbo right
e7f c3c9e4 8b84 Text: Jamjars: pass her over!
e80 c3ca04 8b88 Text: Banjo: Her eye just fell out
e81 c3ca3c 8b8c Text: Grunty: you'll all be sorry in Banjo-Threeie
e82 c3ca8c 8b90 Text: Blubber: Wahay!
e83 c3cab4 8b94 X
f05 c3cab4 8d9c X
f06 c3cab4 8da0 Text: Bovina: Look at my field!
f07 c3cb64 8da4 Text: Bovina: All the flies are dead, thanks!
f08 c3cc04 8da8 Text: Bovina: The flies are choming my crops, help!
f09 c3cc54 8dac Text: Guard: You cant go in the kickball lobby
f0a c3cdfc 8db0 Text: Guard: You can go through since you're a stony
f0b c3cef4 8db4 Text: Guard: I told you already you cant go in!
f0c c3cf74 8db8 Text: Guard: You're free to enter
f0d c3cfc4 8dbc Text: Bloatazin: i lost my relic thingy!
f0e c3d0d4 8dc0 Text: Stony Thing: The sun rises after the first star…
f0f c3d134 8dc4 Text: Stony Thing: Jibberish
f10 c3d1ac 8dc8 Text: Stony thing: Shoot the ancient relic thing between thee eyes
f11 c3d1f4 8dcc Text: Stony Thing: Jibberish
f12 c3d264 8dd0 Text: Stony thing: Under the strong rock you will find many suprises
f13 c3d2b4 8dd4 Text: Stony Thing: Jibberish
f14 c3d31c 8dd8 Text: Stony thing: Only the giant thing can cross quicksand
f15 c3d374 8ddc Text: Stony Thing: Jibberish
f16 c3d3e4 8de0 Text: Dilberta: Im stuck!
f17 c3d4a4 8de4 Text: Dilberta: Its still in the way
f18 c3d514 8de8 Text: Dilberta: Thanks
f19 c3d5bc 8dec Text: Stony thing: Welcome to the kickball place
f1a c3d64c 8df0 Text: Stony thing: to play a game, just walk through
f1b c3d694 8df4 Text: Stony thing: Jibberish
f1c c3d704 8df8 Text: Stony thing: May the best stony win!
f1d c3d72c 8dfc Text: Stony thing: You lost!
f1e c3d76c 8e00 Text: Stony thing: You won quarterfinal
f1f c3d7bc 8e04 Text: Stony thing: You win semifinal
f20 c3d814 8e08 Text: Stony thing: I declare you the winner
f21 c3d87c 8e0c Text: Stony thing: Not bad but you need to come in first
f22 c3d8bc 8e10 Text: Stony thing: Im afraid you lost!
f23 c3d8ec 8e14 Text: Stony thing: This is the training area
f24 c3d94c 8e18 Text: Stony thing: Try to come in first
f25 c3d9bc 8e1c Text: Stony thing: You should score lots of points
f26 c3da34 8e20 Text: Stony thing: Use the control stick tom ove the ball
f27 c3dacc 8e24 Text: Stony thing: Come in first again
f28 c3db0c 8e28 Text: Stony thing: Red balls reduce your score
f29 c3db84 8e2c Text: Stony thing: Score most points
f2a c3dbe4 8e30 Text: Stony thing: Kick bombs at opponets
f2b c3dc44 8e34 Text: Stony thing: You should come in first
f2c c3dcbc 8e38 Text: Stony thing: I forgot what i was going to say
f2d c3dd24 8e3c Text: Bloatazan: You found it!
f2e c3ddf4 8e40 Text: Bloatazan: Thanks!
f2f c3de8c 8e44 Text: Bloatazan: Help!
f30 c3df04 8e48 Text: Stony thing: To free the trapped one…
f31 c3df94 8e4c Text: Stony thing: To free the trapped one…
f32 c3e01c 8e50 Text: Stony thing: To free the trapped one…
f33 c3e0ac 8e54 Text: Targitzan: Thought youd get an easy jiggy?
f34 c3e0fc 8e58 Text: Targitzan: im targitzan
f35 c3e15c 8e5c Text: Targitzan: I cant feel my legs!
f36 c3e1b4 8e60 Text: Targitzan: No you beat me!
f37 c3e214 8e64 Text: Targitzan: you cant enter without bird handling
f38 c3e2ac 8e68 Text: Targitzan: No bird no entry
f39 c3e304 8e6c Text: Tagritzan: Good you mastered the bird handling
f3a c3e37c 8e70 Text: Targitzan: You got 10 statues
f3b c3e3dc 8e74 Text: Targitzan: You got 20 statues
f3c c3e444 8e78 Text: Slumber: Thought youd take my jiggy?
f3d c3e4cc 8e7c Text: Slumber: good theyre gone
f3e c3e524 8e80 Text: Yellow Stony: Whos this ugly new guy?
f3f c3e55c 8e84 Text: Yellow Stony: Those shorts look stupid!
f40 c3e58c 8e88 Text: Yellow Stony: You have no chance
f41 c3e5c4 8e8c Text: Targitzan: I am still Targitzan
f42 c3e644 8e90 Text: Dilberta: Im sure i came through a tunnel…
f43 c3e684 8e94 Text: Kazooie: Look banjo, another Jiggy, this is too easy! ()
f44 c3e6f4 8e98 Text: Stony thing: Come in first!
f45 c3e75c 8e9c Text: Stony thing: Score lots of points
f46 c3e7dc 8ea0 Text: Stony thing: Detailed controlls
f47 c3e86c 8ea4 Text: Stony thing: Come in first again
f48 c3e8a4 8ea8 Text: Stony thing: Red balls
f49 c3e914 8eac Text: Stony thing: If you score the most…
f4a c3e96c 8eb0 Text: Stony thing: Kick the bombs
f4b c3e9cc 8eb4 Text: Stony thing: Score points
f4c c3ea3c 8eb8 Text: Stony thing: I forget
f4d c3ea9c 8ebc Text: Stony thing: You beat them again
f4e c3eacc 8ec0 Text: Stony thing: They got you this time
f4f c3eafc 8ec4 Text: Dilberta: get me outta here
f50 c3eb34 8ec8 Text: Targitzan: Coward mortal!
f51 c3eb84 8ecc Text: Stony thing: Game over
f52 c3ebc4 8ed0 Text: Stony thing: Draw
f53 c3ec04 8ed4 Text: Stony thing: Gibberish
f54 c3ec2c 8ed8 Text: Stony thing: Gibberish
f55 c3ec5c 8edc Text: Stony thing: Gibberish
f56 c3ec84 8ee0 Text: Guard: Stonys Only
f57 c3ecc4 8ee4 Text: Anyone: You got a new high score!
f58 c3ecfc 8ee8 Text: Bloatzan: I cant talk im busy looking
f59 c3ed6c 8eec Text: Bloatzan: ill open the other entrance for you
f5a c3edcc 8ef0 Text: Stony thing: Jibberish
f5b c3ee44 8ef4 X
f5c c3ee44 8ef8 X
f5d c3ee44 8efc X
f5e c3ee44 8f00 X
f5f c3ee44 8f04 X
f60 c3ee44 8f08 X
f61 c3ee44 8f0c X
f62 c3ee44 8f10 X
f63 c3ee44 8f14 X
f64 c3ee44 8f18 X
f65 c3ee44 8f1c X
f66 c3ee44 8f20 X
f67 c3ee44 8f24 X
f68 c3ee44 8f28 X
f69 c3ee44 8f2c X
f6a c3ee44 8f30 X
f6b c3ee44 8f34 X
f6c c3ee44 8f38 X
f6d c3ee44 8f3c X
f6e c3ee44 8f40 X
f6f c3ee44 8f44 X
f70 c3ee44 8f48 X
f71 c3ee44 8f4c X
f72 c3ee44 8f50 X
f73 c3ee44 8f54 X
f74 c3ee44 8f58 X
f75 c3ee44 8f5c X
f76 c3ee44 8f60 X
f77 c3ee44 8f64 X
f78 c3ee44 8f68 X
f79 c3ee44 8f6c X
f7a c3ee44 8f70 X
f7b c3ee44 8f74 X
f7c c3ee44 8f78 X
f7d c3ee44 8f7c X
f7e c3ee44 8f80 Text:
f7f c3ef7c 8f84 Text:
f80 c3f004 8f88 Text:
f81 c3f17c 8f8c Text:
f82 c3f1a4 8f90 Text:
f83 c3f1c4 8f94 Text:
f84 c3f224 8f98 Text:
f85 c3f2fc 8f9c Text:
f86 c3f39c 8fa0 Text:
f87 c3f3c4 8fa4 Text:
f88 c3f3ec 8fa8 Text:
f89 c3f444 8fac Text:
f8a c3f4e4 8fb0 Text:
f8b c3f52c 8fb4 Text:
f8c c3f6a4 8fb8 Text:
f8d c3f82c 8fbc Text:
f8e c3f894 8fc0 Text:
f8f c3f924 8fc4 Text:
f90 c3f94c 8fc8 Text:
f91 c3f9ac 8fcc Text:
f92 c3f9f4 8fd0 Text:
f93 c3fa44 8fd4 Text:
f94 c3fa6c 8fd8 Text:
f95 c3fabc 8fdc Text:
f96 c3fafc 8fe0 Text:
f97 c3fb7c 8fe4 Text:
f98 c3fc84 8fe8 Text:
f99 c3fcf4 8fec Text:
f9a c3fd34 8ff0 Text:
f9b c3fd74 8ff4 Text:
f9c c3fdbc 8ff8 Text:
f9d c3fe04 8ffc Text:
f9e c3fe4c 9000 Text:
f9f c3ff04 9004 Text:
fa0 c3ffd4 9008 Text:
fa1 c4003c 900c Text:
fa2 c40194 9010 Text:
fa3 c4022c 9014 Text:
fa4 c40284 9018 Text:
fa5 c40304 901c Text:
fa6 c40354 9020 Text:
fa7 c4039c 9024 Text:
fa8 c403d4 9028 Text:
fa9 c40434 902c Text:
faa c404a4 9030 Text:
fab c40534 9034 Text:
fac c4059c 9038 Text:
fad c405cc 903c Text:
fae c4060c 9040 Text:
faf c40654 9044 Text:
fb0 c406f4 9048 Text:
fb1 c40754 904c Text:
fb2 c407b4 9050 Text:
fb3 c40804 9054 Text:
fb4 c4084c 9058 Text:
fb5 c40894 905c Text:
fb6 c408e4 9060 Text:
fb7 c4092c 9064 Text:
fb8 c40a9c 9068 Text:
fb9 c40b64 906c Text:
fba c40c3c 9070 Text:
fbb c40c8c 9074 Text:
fbc c40d74 9078 Text:
fbd c40e64 907c Text:
fbe c40ef4 9080 Text:
fbf c40f84 9084 X
fc0 c40f84 9088 X
fc1 c40f84 908c X
fc2 c40f84 9090 X
fc3 c40f84 9094 X
fc4 c40f84 9098 X
fc5 c40f84 909c X
fc6 c40f84 90a0 X
fc7 c40f84 90a4 X
fc8 c40f84 90a8 X
fc9 c40f84 90ac X
fca c40f84 90b0 X
fcb c40f84 90b4 X
fcc c40f84 90b8 X
fcd c40f84 90bc X
fce c40f84 90c0 X
fcf c40f84 90c4 X
fd0 c40f84 90c8 X
fd1 c40f84 90cc X
fd2 c40f84 90d0 X
fd3 c40f84 90d4 X
fd4 c40f84 90d8 X
fd5 c40f84 90dc X
fd6 c40f84 90e0 X
fd7 c40f84 90e4 X
fd8 c40f84 90e8 X
fd9 c40f84 90ec X
fda c40f84 90f0 X
fdb c40f84 90f4 X
fdc c40f84 90f8 X
fdd c40f84 90fc X
fde c40f84 9100 X
fdf c40f84 9104 X
fe0 c40f84 9108 X
fe1 c40f84 910c X
fe2 c40f84 9110 Text:
fe3 c40fb4 9114 Text:
fe4 c410ac 9118 Text:
fe5 c410fc 911c Text:
fe6 c411ec 9120 Text:
fe7 c41284 9124 Text:
fe8 c412cc 9128 Text:
fe9 c41314 912c Text:
fea c4135c 9130 Text:
feb c41384 9134 Text:
fec c41424 9138 Text:
fed c4156c 913c Text:
fee c415bc 9140 Text:
fef c41614 9144 Text:
ff0 c41664 9148 Text:
ff1 c416ac 914c Text:
ff2 c417dc 9150 Text:
ff3 c4184c 9154 Text:
ff4 c41884 9158 Text:
ff5 c418fc 915c Text:
ff6 c419a4 9160 Text:
ff7 c41a7c 9164 Text:
ff8 c41b14 9168 Text:
ff9 c41b5c 916c Text:
ffa c41bfc 9170 Text:
ffb c41c84 9174 Text:
ffc c41dcc 9178 Text:
ffd c41e6c 917c Text:
ffe c41f24 9180 Text:
fff c420b4 9184 Text:
1000 c420f4 9188 Text:
1001 c421c4 918c Text:
1002 c421e4 9190 Text:
1003 c4226c 9194 Text:
1004 c422c4 9198 Text:
1005 c4230c 919c Text:
1006 c4236c 91a0 Text:
1007 c424ec 91a4 Text:
1008 c4255c 91a8 Text:
1009 c425ac 91ac Text:
100a c425fc 91b0 Text:
100b c42654 91b4 Text:
100c c426ac 91b8 Text:
100d c42784 91bc Text:
100e c427b4 91c0 Text:
100f c427e4 91c4 Text:
1010 c4282c 91c8 Text:
1011 c4288c 91cc Text:
1012 c428f4 91d0 Text:
1013 c42974 91d4 Text:
1014 c429d4 91d8 Text:
1015 c42a8c 91dc Text:
1016 c42b54 91e0 Text:
1017 c42bb4 91e4 Text:
1018 c42c14 91e8 Text:
1019 c42c8c 91ec Text:
101a c42d04 91f0 Text:
101b c42d3c 91f4 Text:
101c c42d7c 91f8 Text:
101d c42e04 91fc Text:
101e c42e84 9200 Text:
101f c42ed4 9204 Text:
1020 c42f2c 9208 Text:
1021 c42f74 920c Text:
1022 c42fc4 9210 Text:
1023 c4303c 9214 Text:
1024 c43074 9218 Text:
1025 c430bc 921c Text:
1026 c43114 9220 Text:
1027 c43174 9224 Text:
1028 c43294 9228 Text:
1029 c432fc 922c Text:
102a c4336c 9230 Text:
102b c4339c 9234 Text:
102c c4340c 9238 Text:
102d c4348c 923c Text:
102e c434cc 9240 Text:
102f c434fc 9244 Text:
1030 c435bc 9248 Text:
1031 c4360c 924c Text:
1032 c4365c 9250 Text:
1033 c436b4 9254 Text:
1034 c4371c 9258 Text:
1035 c4375c 925c Text:
1036 c437cc 9260 Text:
1037 c437fc 9264 Text:
1038 c43844 9268 Text:
1039 c43884 926c Text:
103a c438dc 9270 Text:
103b c43904 9274 Text:
103c c43954 9278 Text:
103d c4399c 927c Text:
103e c439e4 9280 Text:
103f c43a3c 9284 Text:
1040 c43ad4 9288 Text:
1041 c43b14 928c Text:
1042 c43b4c 9290 Text:
1043 c43bac 9294 Text:
1044 c43c04 9298 Text:
1045 c43c74 929c Text:
1046 c43ce4 92a0 Text:
1047 c43d3c 92a4 Text:
1048 c43df4 92a8 Text:
1049 c43e7c 92ac Text:
104a c43f04 92b0 Text:
104b c43f5c 92b4 Text:
104c c43fac 92b8 Text:
104d c43ffc 92bc Text:
104e c440d4 92c0 Text:
104f c441ac 92c4 Text:
1050 c44244 92c8 Text:
1051 c443a4 92cc Text:
1052 c44534 92d0 Text:
1053 c44604 92d4 Text:
1054 c446ec 92d8 Text:
1055 c4483c 92dc Text:
1056 c448dc 92e0 Text:
1057 c44994 92e4 Text:
1058 c44a7c 92e8 Text:
1059 c44b74 92ec Text:
105a c44c6c 92f0 Text:
105b c44d64 92f4 Text:
105c c44df4 92f8 Text:
105d c44e8c 92fc Text:
105e c44f24 9300 Text:
105f c44f74 9304 Text:
1060 c44fa4 9308 Text:
1061 c4500c 930c Text:
1062 c450c4 9310 Text:
1063 c45184 9314 Text:
1064 c45254 9318 Text:
1065 c4531c 931c Text:
1066 c45394 9320 Text:
1067 c45404 9324 Text:
1068 c4548c 9328 Text:
1069 c4550c 932c Text:
106a c45554 9330 Text:
106b c455b4 9334 Text:
106c c4572c 9338 Text:
106d c4574c 933c X
106e c4574c 9340 X
106f c4574c 9344 X
1070 c4574c 9348 X
1071 c4574c 934c X
1072 c4574c 9350 X
1073 c4574c 9354 X
1074 c4574c 9358 X
1075 c4574c 935c X
1076 c4574c 9360 X
1077 c4574c 9364 X
1078 c4574c 9368 Text:
1079 c4577c 936c Text:
107a c4588c 9370 Text:
107b c458cc 9374 Text:
107c c45914 9378 Text:
107d c45a14 937c Text:
107e c45a3c 9380 Text:
107f c45a8c 9384 Text:
1080 c45aec 9388 Text:
1081 c45b34 938c Text:
1082 c45b74 9390 Text:
1083 c45c44 9394 Text:
1084 c45cdc 9398 Text:
1085 c45d0c 939c Text:
1086 c45d84 93a0 Text:
1087 c45dcc 93a4 Text:
1088 c45e5c 93a8 Text:
1089 c45ecc 93ac Text:
108a c45f1c 93b0 Text:
108b c45f7c 93b4 Text:
108c c45fac 93b8 Text:
108d c46004 93bc Text:
108e c46034 93c0 Text:
108f c4607c 93c4 Text:
1090 c460cc 93c8 Text:
1091 c4611c 93cc Text:
1092 c461b4 93d0 Text:
1093 c461ec 93d4 Text:
1094 c4623c 93d8 Text:
1095 c46284 93dc Text:
1096 c4633c 93e0 Text:
1097 c4638c 93e4 Text:
1098 c463d4 93e8 Text:
1099 c4643c 93ec Text:
109a c4647c 93f0 Text:
109b c465f4 93f4 Text:
109c c46664 93f8 Text:
109d c466cc 93fc Text:
109e c467a4 9400 Text:
109f c46884 9404 Text:
10a0 c468c4 9408 Text:
10a1 c46914 940c Text:
10a2 c4694c 9410 Text:
10a3 c46974 9414 Text:
10a4 c4699c 9418 Text:
10a5 c469cc 941c Text:
10a6 c469fc 9420 Text:
10a7 c46a2c 9424 Text:
10a8 c46a5c 9428 Text:
10a9 c46a94 942c Text:
10aa c46af4 9430 Text:
10ab c46bf4 9434 Text:
10ac c46ca4 9438 Text:
10ad c46d0c 943c Text:
10ae c46dd4 9440 Text:
10af c46e64 9444 Text:
10b0 c46edc 9448 Text:
10b1 c46f8c 944c Text:
10b2 c47044 9450 Text:
10b3 c470c4 9454 Text:
10b4 c47124 9458 Text:
10b5 c4717c 945c Text:
10b6 c471c4 9460 Text:
10b7 c4720c 9464 Text:
10b8 c47254 9468 Text:
10b9 c4727c 946c Text:
10ba c472cc 9470 Text:
10bb c47324 9474 Text:
10bc c47354 9478 Text:
10bd c47394 947c Text:
10be c473c4 9480 Text:
10bf c47444 9484 Text:
10c0 c474d4 9488 Text:
10c1 c47534 948c Text:
10c2 c475ac 9490 Text:
10c3 c4764c 9494 Text:
10c4 c476ac 9498 Text:
10c5 c476e4 949c Text:
10c6 c4777c 94a0 Text:
10c7 c477cc 94a4 Text:
10c8 c4780c 94a8 Text:
10c9 c4785c 94ac Text:
10ca c4789c 94b0 Text:
10cb c478ec 94b4 Text:
10cc c47924 94b8 Text:
10cd c479b4 94bc Text:
10ce c479f4 94c0 Text:
10cf c47a2c 94c4 Text:
10d0 c47a64 94c8 Text:
10d1 c47a9c 94cc Text:
10d2 c47af4 94d0 Text:
10d3 c47b54 94d4 Text:
10d4 c47b74 94d8 Text:
10d5 c47bdc 94dc Text:
10d6 c47c4c 94e0 Text:
10d7 c47cdc 94e4 Text:
10d8 c47d24 94e8 Text:
10d9 c47d54 94ec Text:
10da c47d94 94f0 Text:
10db c47dd4 94f4 Text:
10dc c47e24 94f8 Text:
10dd c47e6c 94fc Text:
10de c47ec4 9500 Text:
10df c47f1c 9504 Text:
10e0 c47f84 9508 Text:
10e1 c47fdc 950c Text:
10e2 c4805c 9510 Text:
10e3 c480e4 9514 Text:
10e4 c4814c 9518 Text:
10e5 c481c4 951c Text:
10e6 c4822c 9520 Text:
10e7 c4826c 9524 Text:
10e8 c482cc 9528 Text:
10e9 c4832c 952c Text:
10ea c483d4 9530 Text:
10eb c48444 9534 Text:
10ec c4846c 9538 Text:
10ed c484d4 953c Text:
10ee c48534 9540 Text:
10ef c485a4 9544 Text:
10f0 c48604 9548 Text:
10f1 c4867c 954c Text:
10f2 c486dc 9550 Text:
10f3 c4876c 9554 Text:
10f4 c487d4 9558 Text:
10f5 c4882c 955c Text:
10f6 c48884 9560 Text:
10f7 c488e4 9564 Text:
10f8 c4893c 9568 Text:
10f9 c48994 956c Text:
10fa c489f4 9570 Text:
10fb c48a4c 9574 Text:
10fc c48abc 9578 Text:
10fd c48b0c 957c Text:
10fe c48b9c 9580 Text:
10ff c48c3c 9584 Text:
1100 c48d24 9588 Text:
1101 c48d7c 958c Text:
1102 c48e04 9590 Text:
1103 c48e5c 9594 Text:
1104 c48eac 9598 Text:
1105 c48eec 959c Text:
1106 c48fbc 95a0 Text:
1107 c4906c 95a4 Text:
1108 c490dc 95a8 Text:
1109 c4918c 95ac Text:
110a c4921c 95b0 Text:
110b c4929c 95b4 Text:
110c c49394 95b8 Text:
110d c494fc 95bc Text:
110e c49674 95c0 Text:
110f c4975c 95c4 Text:
1110 c497f4 95c8 Text:
1111 c4988c 95cc Text:
1112 c49934 95d0 Text:
1113 c499ec 95d4 Text:
1114 c49ae4 95d8 Text:
1115 c49bec 95dc Text:
1116 c49cec 95e0 Text:
1117 c49e2c 95e4 Text:
1118 c49f3c 95e8 Text:
1119 c49fc4 95ec Text:
111a c4a04c 95f0 X
113f c4a04c 9684 X
1140 c4a04c 9688 Text:
1141 c4a0a4 968c Text:
1142 c4a144 9690 Text:
1143 c4a2a4 9694 Text:
1144 c4a324 9698 Text:
1145 c4a3bc 969c Text:
1146 c4a444 96a0 Text:
1147 c4a454 96a4 Text:
1148 c4a4bc 96a8 Text:
1149 c4a56c 96ac Text:
114a c4a5bc 96b0 Text:
114b c4a62c 96b4 Text:
114c c4a66c 96b8 Text:
114d c4a6a4 96bc Text:
114e c4a6e4 96c0 Text:
114f c4a724 96c4 Text:
1150 c4a75c 96c8 Text:
1151 c4a7bc 96cc Text:
1152 c4a80c 96d0 Text:
1153 c4a85c 96d4 Text:
1154 c4a8ac 96d8 Text:
1155 c4a8ec 96dc Text:
1156 c4a93c 96e0 Text:
1157 c4a984 96e4 Text:
1158 c4a9cc 96e8 Text:
1159 c4aa14 96ec Text:
115a c4aa64 96f0 Text:
115b c4aacc 96f4 Text:
115c c4ab34 96f8 Text:
115d c4abbc 96fc Text:
115e c4abdc 9700 Text:
115f c4ac4c 9704 Text:
1160 c4aca4 9708 Text:
1161 c4ad0c 970c Text:
1162 c4ad6c 9710 Text:
1163 c4adb4 9714 X
11a3 c4adb4 9814 X
11a4 c4adb4 9818 Text:
11a5 c4ae94 981c Text:
11a6 c4aefc 9820 Text:
11a7 c4af64 9824 Text:
11a8 c4afec 9828 Text:
11a9 c4b05c 982c Text:
11aa c4b0ac 9830 Text:
11ab c4b114 9834 Text:
11ac c4b17c 9838 Text:
11ad c4b1e4 983c Text:
11ae c4b274 9840 Text:
11af c4b2ac 9844 Text:
11b0 c4b2fc 9848 Text:
11b1 c4b33c 984c Text:
11b2 c4b36c 9850 Text:
11b3 c4b3a4 9854 Text:
11b4 c4b3e4 9858 Text:
11b5 c4b424 985c Text:
11b6 c4b47c 9860 Text:
11b7 c4b4d4 9864 Text:
11b8 c4b554 9868 Text:
11b9 c4b58c 986c Text:
11ba c4b5d4 9870 Text:
11bb c4b604 9874 Text:
11bc c4b64c 9878 Text:
11bd c4b67c 987c Text:
11be c4b72c 9880 Text:
11bf c4b794 9884 Text:
11c0 c4b7dc 9888 X
11d5 c4b7dc 98dc X
11d6 c4b7dc 98e0 Text:
11d7 c4b85c 98e4 Text:
11d8 c4b8cc 98e8 Text:
11d9 c4b924 98ec Text:
11da c4b964 98f0 Text:
11db c4b9bc 98f4 Text:
11dc c4b9f4 98f8 Text:
11dd c4ba3c 98fc Text:
11de c4ba74 9900 Text:
11df c4ba9c 9904 Text:
11e0 c4bafc 9908 Text:
11e1 c4bb94 990c Text:
11e2 c4bbf4 9910 Text:
11e3 c4bc5c 9914 Text:
11e4 c4bca4 9918 Text:
11e5 c4bcd4 991c Text:
11e6 c4bd2c 9920 Text:
11e7 c4bdac 9924 Text:
11e8 c4be24 9928 Text:
11e9 c4be4c 992c Text:
11ea c4beac 9930 Text:
11eb c4bedc 9934 Text:
11ec c4bf24 9938 Text:
11ed c4bf74 993c X
1207 c4bf74 99a4 X
1208 c4bf74 99a8 Text:
1209 c4bfb4 99ac Text:
120a c4c00c 99b0 Text:
120b c4c06c 99b4 Text:
120c c4c0b4 99b8 Text:
120d c4c0fc 99bc Text:
120e c4c154 99c0 Text:
120f c4c19c 99c4 Text:
1210 c4c1ec 99c8 Text:
1211 c4c23c 99cc Text:
1212 c4c284 99d0 Text:
1213 c4c2cc 99d4 Text:
1214 c4c314 99d8 Text:
1215 c4c364 99dc Text:
1216 c4c39c 99e0 Text:
1217 c4c3dc 99e4 Text:
1218 c4c434 99e8 Text:
1219 c4c4a4 99ec Text:
121a c4c4fc 99f0 Text:
121b c4c544 99f4 Text:
121c c4c594 99f8 Text:
121d c4c5dc 99fc Text:
121e c4c624 9a00 Text:
121f c4c67c 9a04 Text:
1220 c4c6dc 9a08 Text:
1221 c4c73c 9a0c Text:
1222 c4c7ac 9a10 Text:
1223 c4c7fc 9a14 Text:
1224 c4c84c 9a18 Text:
1225 c4c8a4 9a1c Text:
1226 c4c8fc 9a20 Text:
1227 c4c954 9a24 Text:
1228 c4c9b4 9a28 Text:
1229 c4ca0c 9a2c Text:
122a c4ca7c 9a30 Text:
122b c4cadc 9a34 Text:
122c c4cb54 9a38 Text:
122d c4cbbc 9a3c X
126b c4cbbc 9b34 X
126c c4cbbc 9b38 Text:
126d c4cc8c 9b3c Text:
126e c4cd04 9b40 Text:
126f c4cd64 9b44 Text:
1270 c4ce34 9b48 Text:
1271 c4ce7c 9b4c Text:
1272 c4cfec 9b50 Text:
1273 c4d02c 9b54 Text:
1274 c4d14c 9b58 Text:
1275 c4d1cc 9b5c Text:
1276 c4d294 9b60 Text:
1277 c4d2e4 9b64 Text:
1278 c4d384 9b68 Text:
1279 c4d3d4 9b6c Text:
127a c4d424 9b70 Text:
127b c4d44c 9b74 Text:
127c c4d4a4 9b78 Text:
127d c4d4fc 9b7c Text:
127e c4d554 9b80 Text:
127f c4d5c4 9b84 Text:
1280 c4d604 9b88 Text:
1281 c4d64c 9b8c Text:
1282 c4d694 9b90 Text:
1283 c4d71c 9b94 Text:
1284 c4d784 9b98 Text:
1285 c4d7ac 9b9c Text:
1286 c4d7ec 9ba0 Text:
1287 c4d834 9ba4 Text:
1288 c4d9ac 9ba8 Text:
1289 c4d9dc 9bac Text:
128a c4da3c 9bb0 Text:
128b c4da8c 9bb4 Text:
128c c4dae4 9bb8 Text:
128d c4db3c 9bbc Text:
128e c4db94 9bc0 Text:
128f c4dbe4 9bc4 Text:
1290 c4dc24 9bc8 Text:
1291 c4dc74 9bcc Text:
1292 c4dcd4 9bd0 Text:
1293 c4dd64 9bd4 Text:
1294 c4dda4 9bd8 Text:
1295 c4dddc 9bdc Text:
1296 c4de1c 9be0 Text:
1297 c4dedc 9be4 Text:
1298 c4df9c 9be8 Text:
1299 c4e004 9bec Text:
129a c4e07c 9bf0 Text:
129b c4e12c 9bf4 Text:
129c c4e1dc 9bf8 Text:
129d c4e2ac 9bfc Text:
129e c4e37c 9c00 Text:
129f c4e3b4 9c04 Text:
12a0 c4e3f4 9c08 Text:
12a1 c4e47c 9c0c Text:
12a2 c4e4e4 9c10 Text:
12a3 c4e554 9c14 Text:
12a4 c4e60c 9c18 Text:
12a5 c4e6c4 9c1c Text:
12a6 c4e6fc 9c20 Text:
12a7 c4e72c 9c24 Text:
12a8 c4e78c 9c28 Text:
12a9 c4e7ec 9c2c Text:
12aa c4e844 9c30 Text:
12ab c4e914 9c34 Text:
12ac c4e96c 9c38 Text:
12ad c4e9c4 9c3c Text:
12ae c4ea0c 9c40 Text:
12af c4ea34 9c44 Text:
12b0 c4ea5c 9c48 Text:
12b1 c4eaa4 9c4c Text:
12b2 c4eb04 9c50 Text:
12b3 c4eb5c 9c54 Text:
12b4 c4ebc4 9c58 Text:
12b5 c4ec34 9c5c Text:
12b6 c4ec84 9c60 Text:
12b7 c4ece4 9c64 Text:
12b8 c4ed1c 9c68 Text:
12b9 c4ed84 9c6c Text:
12ba c4edc4 9c70 Text:
12bb c4ee1c 9c74 Text:
12bc c4ee54 9c78 Text:
12bd c4eeb4 9c7c Text:
12be c4eefc 9c80 Text:
12bf c4ef44 9c84 Text:
12c0 c4f064 9c88 Text:
12c1 c4f0fc 9c8c Text:
12c2 c4f1b4 9c90 Text:
12c3 c4f224 9c94 Text:
12c4 c4f25c 9c98 Text:
12c5 c4f2a4 9c9c Text:
12c6 c4f334 9ca0 Text:
12c7 c4f3ac 9ca4 Text:
12c8 c4f3dc 9ca8 Text:
12c9 c4f414 9cac Text:
12ca c4f44c 9cb0 Text:
12cb c4f48c 9cb4 Text:
12cc c4f4d4 9cb8 Text:
12cd c4f514 9cbc Text:
12ce c4f55c 9cc0 Text:
12cf c4f5f4 9cc4 Text:
12d0 c4f654 9cc8 Text:
12d1 c4f6bc 9ccc Text:
12d2 c4f6fc 9cd0 Text:
12d3 c4f73c 9cd4 Text:
12d4 c4f77c 9cd8 Text:
12d5 c4f7b4 9cdc Text:
12d6 c4f824 9ce0 Text:
12d7 c4f874 9ce4 Text:
12d8 c4f8c4 9ce8 Text:
12d9 c4f994 9cec Text:
12da c4fab4 9cf0 Text:
12db c4fb14 9cf4 Text:
12dc c4fba4 9cf8 Text:
12dd c4fcc4 9cfc Text:
12de c4fde4 9d00 Text:
12df c4fe7c 9d04 Text:
12e0 c4fecc 9d08 Text:
12e1 c4ff24 9d0c X
1333 c4ff24 9e54 X
1334 c4ff24 9e58 Text:
1335 c4ff74 9e5c Text:
1336 c4ffc4 9e60 Text:
1337 c4fffc 9e64 Text:
1338 c50064 9e68 Text:
1339 c5009c 9e6c Text:
133a c5010c 9e70 Text:
133b c50144 9e74 Text:
133c c50194 9e78 Text:
133d c501c4 9e7c Text:
133e c50234 9e80 Text:
133f c50284 9e84 Text:
1340 c502dc 9e88 Text:
1341 c5031c 9e8c Text:
1342 c5042c 9e90 Text:
1343 c504cc 9e94 Text:
1344 c5053c 9e98 Text:
1345 c5059c 9e9c Text:
1346 c50694 9ea0 Text:
1347 c506ec 9ea4 Text:
1348 c50744 9ea8 Text:
1349 c5077c 9eac Text:
134a c507b4 9eb0 Text:
134b c5082c 9eb4 Text:
134c c50874 9eb8 Text:
134d c5093c 9ebc Text:
134e c50974 9ec0 Text:
134f c509ec 9ec4 Text:
1350 c50a54 9ec8 Text:
1351 c50ab4 9ecc Text:
1352 c50b04 9ed0 Text:
1353 c50b5c 9ed4 Text:
1354 c50bac 9ed8 Text:
1355 c50bf4 9edc Text:
1356 c50ccc 9ee0 Text:
1357 c50d1c 9ee4 Text:
1358 c50d5c 9ee8 Text:
1359 c50da4 9eec Text:
135a c50dfc 9ef0 Text:
135b c50e2c 9ef4 Text:
135c c50e6c 9ef8 Text:
135d c50e9c 9efc Text:
135e c50edc 9f00 Text:
135f c50f34 9f04 Text:
1360 c50f7c 9f08 Text:
1361 c51004 9f0c Text:
1362 c51054 9f10 Text:
1363 c510ac 9f14 Text:
1364 c510fc 9f18 Text:
1365 c5114c 9f1c Text:
1366 c51194 9f20 Text:
1367 c51244 9f24 Text:
1368 c512b4 9f28 Text:
1369 c5132c 9f2c Text:
136a c51374 9f30 Text:
136b c513b4 9f34 Text:
136c c513ec 9f38 Text:
136d c5142c 9f3c Text:
136e c5147c 9f40 Text:
136f c514b4 9f44 Text:
1370 c514fc 9f48 Text:
1371 c5157c 9f4c Text:
1372 c515ec 9f50 Text:
1373 c5164c 9f54 Text:
1374 c516bc 9f58 Text:
1375 c5171c 9f5c Text:
1376 c5177c 9f60 Text:
1377 c517d4 9f64 Text:
1378 c5181c 9f68 Text:
1379 c5186c 9f6c Text:
137a c518ac 9f70 Text:
137b c518d4 9f74 Text:
137c c5192c 9f78 Text:
137d c51964 9f7c Text:
137e c519ac 9f80 Text:
137f c519f4 9f84 Text:
1380 c51a3c 9f88 Text:
1381 c51aac 9f8c Text:
1382 c51bc4 9f90 Text:
1383 c51cec 9f94 Text:
1384 c51d8c 9f98 Text:
1385 c51e5c 9f9c Text:
1386 c51ee4 9fa0 X
13c9 c51ee4 a0ac X
13ca c51ee4 a0b0 Text:
13cb c52004 a0b4 Text:
13cc c5206c a0b8 Text:
13cd c520ac a0bc Text:
13ce c5217c a0c0 Text:
13cf c521b4 a0c4 Text:
13d0 c52234 a0c8 Text:
13d1 c5229c a0cc Text:
13d2 c522fc a0d0 Text:
13d3 c5235c a0d4 Text:
13d4 c523bc a0d8 Text:
13d5 c5242c a0dc Text:
13d6 c52484 a0e0 Text:
13d7 c524ec a0e4 Text:
13d8 c5254c a0e8 Text:
13d9 c525ac a0ec Text:
13da c525fc a0f0 Text:
13db c5264c a0f4 Text:
13dc c527b4 a0f8 Text:
13dd c5281c a0fc Text:
13de c52874 a100 Text:
13df c528b4 a104 Text:
13e0 c528f4 a108 Text:
13e1 c52a14 a10c Text:
13e2 c52a5c a110 Text:
13e3 c52ac4 a114 Text:
13e4 c52b3c a118 Text:
13e5 c52b7c a11c Text:
13e6 c52ba4 a120 Text:
13e7 c52c14 a124 Text:
13e8 c52c7c a128 Text:
13e9 c52d0c a12c Text:
13ea c52d84 a130 Text:
13eb c52dac a134 Text:
13ec c52e2c a138 Text:
13ed c52e94 a13c Text:
13ee c52ebc a140 Text:
13ef c52fb4 a144 Text:
13f0 c5301c a148 Text:
13f1 c5308c a14c Text:
13f2 c53154 a150 Text:
13f3 c531a4 a154 Text:
13f4 c53204 a158 Text:
13f5 c5326c a15c Text:
13f6 c532d4 a160 Text:
13f7 c5332c a164 Text:
13f8 c5339c a168 Text:
13f9 c533fc a16c Text:
13fa c53454 a170 Text:
13fb c534ac a174 Text:
13fc c534f4 a178 Text:
13fd c53534 a17c Text:
13fe c5358c a180 Text:
13ff c535fc a184 Text:
1400 c5363c a188 Text:
1401 c5367c a18c Text:
1402 c536bc a190 Text:
1403 c536fc a194 Text:
1404 c53734 a198 Text:
1405 c53764 a19c Text:
1406 c5382c a1a0 Text:
1407 c538b4 a1a4 Text:
1408 c5392c a1a8 Text:
1409 c53964 a1ac Text:
140a c53a24 a1b0 Text:
140b c53a74 a1b4 Text:
140c c53ac4 a1b8 Text:
140d c53b1c a1bc Text:
140e c53b64 a1c0 Text:
140f c53bb4 a1c4 Text:
1410 c53c14 a1c8 Text:
1411 c53c5c a1cc Text:
1412 c53c9c a1d0 Text:
1413 c53cec a1d4 Text:
1414 c53d3c a1d8 Text:
1415 c53d9c a1dc Text:
1416 c53dec a1e0 Text:
1417 c53e24 a1e4 Text:
1418 c53e74 a1e8 Text:
1419 c53eb4 a1ec Text:
141a c53eec a1f0 Text:
141b c53f34 a1f4 Text:
141c c53f6c a1f8 Text:
141d c53fbc a1fc Text:
141e c54004 a200 Text:
141f c5405c a204 Text:
1420 c540bc a208 Text:
1421 c54114 a20c Text:
1422 c5417c a210 Text:
1423 c541dc a214 Text:
1424 c5424c a218 Text:
1425 c542dc a21c Text:
1426 c54354 a220 Text:
1427 c54454 a224 Text:
1428 c544ac a228 Text:
1429 c54514 a22c Text:
142a c5454c a230 Text:
142b c545f4 a234 Text:
142c c54654 a238 Text:
142d c546ac a23c Text:
142e c546f4 a240 Text:
142f c54764 a244 Text:
1430 c5485c a248 Text:
1431 c548a4 a24c Text:
1432 c548f4 a250 Text:
1433 c5495c a254 Text:
1434 c549c4 a258 Text:
1435 c54a2c a25c Text:
1436 c54a74 a260 Text:
1437 c54aa4 a264 Text:
1438 c54b14 a268 Text:
1439 c54b9c a26c Text:
143a c54c24 a270 Text:
143b c54c74 a274 Text:
143c c54cd4 a278 Text:
143d c54d34 a27c Text:
143e c54d94 a280 Text:
143f c54df4 a284 Text:
1440 c54e4c a288 Text:
1441 c54ea4 a28c Text:
1442 c54ef4 a290 Text:
1443 c54f24 a294 Text:
1444 c54f9c a298 Text:
1445 c54fec a29c Text:
1446 c55044 a2a0 Text:
1447 c55094 a2a4 Text:
1448 c550dc a2a8 Text:
1449 c5510c a2ac Text:
144a c55164 a2b0 Text:
144b c551b4 a2b4 Text:
144c c55204 a2b8 Text:
144d c55254 a2bc Text:
144e c552c4 a2c0 Text:
144f c55324 a2c4 Text:
1450 c5537c a2c8 Text:
1451 c553dc a2cc Text:
1452 c55494 a2d0 Text:
1453 c555bc a2d4 Text:
1454 c556e4 a2d8 Text:
1455 c557f4 a2dc Text:
1456 c55914 a2e0 Text:
1457 c5595c a2e4 Text:
1458 c55ac4 a2e8 Text:
1459 c55c2c a2ec X
145f c55c2c a304 X
1460 c55c2c a308 Text:
1461 c55c94 a30c Text:
1462 c55dcc a310 Text:
1463 c55ec4 a314 Text:
1464 c55f1c a318 Text:
1465 c55f6c a31c Text:
1466 c55fc4 a320 Text:
1467 c55ff4 a324 Text:
1468 c56024 a328 Text:
1469 c5604c a32c Text:
146a c560a4 a330 Text:
146b c560fc a334 Text:
146c c5615c a338 Text:
146d c561b4 a33c Text:
146e c561dc a340 Text:
146f c56204 a344 Text:
1470 c56224 a348 Text:
1471 c5624c a34c Text:
1472 c56274 a350 Text:
1473 c5629c a354 Text:
1474 c562bc a358 Text:
1475 c562dc a35c Text:
1476 c562fc a360 Text:
1477 c5631c a364 Text:
1478 c56344 a368 Text:
1479 c5636c a36c Text:
147a c5639c a370 Text:
147b c563c4 a374 Text:
147c c563ec a378 Text:
147d c5641c a37c Text:
147e c5644c a380 Text:
147f c5647c a384 Text:
1480 c564ac a388 Text:
1481 c564d4 a38c Text:
1482 c564fc a390 Text:
1483 c56524 a394 Text:
1484 c5654c a398 Text:
1485 c56574 a39c Text:
1486 c5659c a3a0 Text:
1487 c565bc a3a4 Text:
1488 c565dc a3a8 Text:
1489 c56604 a3ac Text:
148a c5662c a3b0 Text:
148b c56654 a3b4 Text:
148c c566e4 a3b8 Text:
148d c56754 a3bc Text:
148e c567ec a3c0 Text:
148f c56864 a3c4 Text:
1490 c568c4 a3c8 Text:
1491 c56944 a3cc Text:
1492 c569bc a3d0 Text:
1493 c56b74 a3d4 Text:
1494 c56be4 a3d8 Text:
1495 c56c3c a3dc Text:
1496 c56cc4 a3e0 Text:
1497 c56ce4 a3e4 Text:
1498 c56d04 a3e8 Text:
1499 c56d24 a3ec Text:
149a c56d44 a3f0 Text:
149b c56d64 a3f4 Text:
149c c56d84 a3f8 Text:
149d c56db4 a3fc Text:
149e c56ddc a400 Text:
149f c56e04 a404 Text:
14a0 c56e24 a408 Text:
14a1 c56ecc a40c Text:
14a2 c56efc a410 Text:
14a3 c56f2c a414 Text:
14a4 c56f5c a418 Text:
14a5 c56f84 a41c Text:
14a6 c56fac a420 Text:
14a7 c56fd4 a424 Text:
14a8 c56ffc a428 Text:
14a9 c5701c a42c Text:
14aa c5703c a430 Text:
14ab c5706c a434 Text:
14ac c5708c a438 Text:
14ad c570bc a43c Text:
14ae c570e4 a440 Text:
14af c57114 a444 Text:
14b0 c5713c a448 Text:
14b1 c57164 a44c Text:
14b2 c5718c a450 Text:
14b3 c571b4 a454 Text:
14b4 c571d4 a458 Text:
14b5 c571f4 a45c Text:
14b6 c5721c a460 Text:
14b7 c5724c a464 Text:
14b8 c57274 a468 Text:
14b9 c5729c a46c Text:
14ba c572cc a470 Text:
14bb c572f4 a474 Text:
14bc c5731c a478 Text:
14bd c57344 a47c Text:
14be c5736c a480 Text:
14bf c5738c a484 Text:
14c0 c573b4 a488 Text:
14c1 c573dc a48c Text:
14c2 c57404 a490 Text:
14c3 c57454 a494 Text:
14c4 c574ac a498 Text:
14c5 c574fc a49c Text:
14c6 c5753c a4a0 Text:
14c7 c575ac a4a4 Text:
14c8 c5761c a4a8 Text:
14c9 c5768c a4ac Text:
14ca c576ac a4b0 Text:
14cb c576cc a4b4 Text:
14cc c576e4 a4b8 Text:
14cd c5774c a4bc Text:
14ce c577b4 a4c0 Text:
14cf c5781c a4c4 Text:
14d0 c5787c a4c8 Text:
14d1 c578dc a4cc Text:
14d2 c5796c a4d0 Text:
14d3 c579ec a4d4 Text:
14d4 c57a24 a4d8 Text:
14d5 c57a5c a4dc Text:
14d6 c57a94 a4e0 Text:
14d7 c57b24 a4e4 Text:
14d8 c57c1c a4e8 Text:
14d9 c57ca4 a4ec Text:
14da c57d1c a4f0 Text:
14db c57d44 a4f4 Text:
14dc c57d6c a4f8 Text:
14dd c57d8c a4fc Text:
14de c57db4 a500 Text:
14df c57ddc a504 Text:
14e0 c57e04 a508 X
14f5 c57e04 a55c X
14f6 c57e04 a560 Text:
14f7 c57e94 a564 Text:
14f8 c57f14 a568 Text:
14f9 c57f6c a56c Text:
14fa c58054 a570 Text:
14fb c580bc a574 Text:
14fc c5812c a578 Text:
14fd c58194 a57c Text:
14fe c58314 a580 Text:
14ff c583ac a584 Text:
1500 c584c4 a588 Text:
1501 c58554 a58c Text:
1502 c5870c a590 Text:
1503 c587b4 a594 Text:
1504 c588cc a598 Text:
1505 c589dc a59c Text:
1506 c58b0c a5a0 Text:
1507 c58b6c a5a4 Text:
1508 c58bfc a5a8 Text:
1509 c58c7c a5ac Text:
150a c58cdc a5b0 Text:
150b c58d04 a5b4 Text:
150c c58d34 a5b8 Text:
150d c58d84 a5bc Text:
150e c58ddc a5c0 Text:
150f c58e34 a5c4 Text:
1510 c58e84 a5c8 Text:
1511 c58ebc a5cc Text:
1512 c58f24 a5d0 Text:
1513 c58f8c a5d4 Text:
1514 c58fdc a5d8 Text:
1515 c59034 a5dc Text:
1516 c5909c a5e0 Text:
1517 c590ec a5e4 Text:
1518 c59124 a5e8 Text:
1519 c5925c a5ec Text:
151a c592bc a5f0 Text:
151b c59304 a5f4 Text:
151c c59354 a5f8 Text:
151d c59384 a5fc Text:
151e c593dc a600 Text:
151f c59444 a604 Text:
1520 c59494 a608 Text:
1521 c594ec a60c Text:
1522 c5958c a610 Text:
1523 c5960c a614 Text:
1524 c5965c a618 Text:
1525 c5970c a61c Text:
1526 c5975c a620 Text:
1527 c597b4 a624 Text:
1528 c5980c a628 Text:
1529 c59864 a62c Text:
152a c598bc a630 Text:
152b c5990c a634 Text:
152c c59964 a638 Text:
152d c599bc a63c Text:
152e c59a14 a640 Text:
152f c59a8c a644 Text:
1530 c59ad4 a648 Text:
1531 c59b24 a64c Text:
1532 c59b74 a650 Text:
1533 c59bc4 a654 Text:
1534 c59c34 a658 Text:
1535 c59ca4 a65c Text:
1536 c59dec a660 Text:
1537 c59e4c a664 Text:
1538 c59eb4 a668 Text:
1539 c59f2c a66c Text:
153a c5a0c4 a670 Text:
153b c5a164 a674 Text:
153c c5a1ac a678 Text:
153d c5a234 a67c Text:
153e c5a2a4 a680 Text:
153f c5a304 a684 Text:
1540 c5a394 a688 Text:
1541 c5a3c4 a68c Text:
1542 c5a444 a690 Text:
1543 c5a4bc a694 Text:
1544 c5a524 a698 Text:
1545 c5a55c a69c Text:
1546 c5a5ac a6a0 Text:
1547 c5a5e4 a6a4 Text:
1548 c5a624 a6a8 Text:
1549 c5a674 a6ac Text:
154a c5a6b4 a6b0 Text:
154b c5a72c a6b4 Text:
154c c5a78c a6b8 Text:
154d c5a7fc a6bc Text:
154e c5a854 a6c0 Text:
154f c5a90c a6c4 Text:
1550 c5a98c a6c8 Text:
1551 c5a9ec a6cc Text:
1552 c5aa4c a6d0 Text:
1553 c5aab4 a6d4 Text:
1554 c5aae4 a6d8 Text:
1555 c5ab5c a6dc Text:
1556 c5aba4 a6e0 Text:
1557 c5ac8c a6e4 Text:
1558 c5ad5c a6e8 Text:
1559 c5ade4 a6ec Text:
155a c5ae34 a6f0 Text:
155b c5ae94 a6f4 Text:
155c c5af3c a6f8 Text:
155d c5af8c a6fc Text:
155e c5afdc a700 Text:
155f c5b024 a704 Text:
1560 c5b0ac a708 Text:
1561 c5b0ec a70c Text:
1562 c5b14c a710 Text:
1563 c5b19c a714 Text:
1564 c5b1e4 a718 Text:
1565 c5b244 a71c Text:
1566 c5b2b4 a720 Text:
1567 c5b30c a724 X
15bd c5b30c a87c X
15be c5b30c a880 Text:
15bf c5b384 a884 Text:
15c0 c5b48c a888 Text:
15c1 c5b55c a88c Text:
15c2 c5b5b4 a890 Text:
15c3 c5b5f4 a894 Text:
15c4 c5b63c a898 Text:
15c5 c5b684 a89c Text:
15c6 c5b73c a8a0 Text:
15c7 c5b794 a8a4 Text:
15c8 c5b7d4 a8a8 Text:
15c9 c5b834 a8ac Text:
15ca c5b884 a8b0 Text:
15cb c5b8c4 a8b4 Text:
15cc c5bab4 a8b8 X
1621 c5bab4 aa0c X
1622 c5bab4 aa10 Text:
1623 c5bba4 aa14 Text:
1624 c5bc24 aa18 Text:
1625 c5bc54 aa1c Text:
1626 c5bc8c aa20 Text:
1627 c5bccc aa24 Text:
1628 c5bd7c aa28 Text:
1629 c5be2c aa2c Text:
162a c5bea4 aa30 Text:
162b c5bf34 aa34 Text:
162c c5bfec aa38 Text:
162d c5c054 aa3c Text:
162e c5c0fc aa40 Text:
162f c5c194 aa44 Text:
1630 c5c1ec aa48 Text:
1631 c5c234 aa4c Text:
1632 c5c274 aa50 Text:
1633 c5c2a4 aa54 Text:
1634 c5c32c aa58 Text:
1635 c5c374 aa5c Text:
1636 c5c3cc aa60 Text:
1637 c5c41c aa64 Text:
1638 c5c444 aa68 Text:
1639 c5c49c aa6c X
1685 c5c49c ab9c X
1686 c5c49c aba0 Text:
1687 c5c4f4 aba4 Text:
1688 c5c554 aba8 Text:
1689 c5c5c4 abac Text:
168a c5c654 abb0 Text:
168b c5c6e4 abb4 Text:
168c c5c734 abb8 Text:
168d c5c79c abbc Text:
168e c5c7f4 abc0 Text:
168f c5c86c abc4 Text:
1690 c5c8c4 abc8 Text:
1691 c5c944 abcc Text:
1692 c5c9ac abd0 Text:
1693 c5c9fc abd4 Text:
1694 c5ca3c abd8 Text:
1695 c5ca84 abdc Text:
1696 c5cabc abe0 Text:
1697 c5cb0c abe4 Text:
1698 c5cb3c abe8 Text:
1699 c5cb6c abec Text:
169a c5cbbc abf0 Text:
169b c5cc0c abf4 Text:
169c c5cc54 abf8 Text:
169d c5ccec abfc Text:
169e c5cd44 ac00 Text:
169f c5cd7c ac04 Text:
16a0 c5cdb4 ac08 Text:
16a1 c5cdec ac0c Text:
16a2 c5ce34 ac10 Text:
16a3 c5ce7c ac14 Text:
16a4 c5ceec ac18 Text:
16a5 c5cf3c ac1c Text:
16a6 c5cf6c ac20 Text:
16a7 c5cfb4 ac24 Text:
16a8 c5cffc ac28 Text:
16a9 c5d03c ac2c Text:
16aa c5d09c ac30 Text:
16ab c5d0ec ac34 Text:
16ac c5d144 ac38 Text:
16ad c5d18c ac3c Text:
16ae c5d1f4 ac40 Text:
16af c5d244 ac44 Text:
16b0 c5d26c ac48 Text:
16b1 c5d2a4 ac4c Text:
16b2 c5d2ec ac50 Text:
16b3 c5d32c ac54 Text:
16b4 c5d3c4 ac58 Text:
16b5 c5d414 ac5c Text:
16b6 c5d44c ac60 Text:
16b7 c5d484 ac64 Text:
16b8 c5d574 ac68 Text:
16b9 c5d67c ac6c Text:
16ba c5d774 ac70 Text:
16bb c5d884 ac74 Text:
16bc c5d994 ac78 Text:
16bd c5da8c ac7c Text:
16be c5db9c ac80 Text:
16bf c5dc9c ac84 Text:
16c0 c5dcec ac88 Text:
16c1 c5dd3c ac8c Text:
16c2 c5dddc ac90 Text:
16c3 c5de34 ac94 X
171b c5de34 adf4 X
171c c5de34 adf8 Text:
171d c5df0c adfc Text:
171e c5df84 ae00 Text:
171f c5e004 ae04 Text:
1720 c5e074 ae08 Text:
1721 c5e0e4 ae0c Text:
1722 c5e13c ae10 Text:
1723 c5e18c ae14 Text:
1724 c5e1f4 ae18 Text:
1725 c5e254 ae1c Text:
1726 c5e2c4 ae20 Text:
1727 c5e2fc ae24 Text:
1728 c5e354 ae28 Text:
1729 c5e394 ae2c Text:
172a c5e3e4 ae30 Text:
172b c5e454 ae34 Text:
172c c5e4dc ae38 Text:
172d c5e534 ae3c Text:
172e c5e61c ae40 Text:
172f c5e6b4 ae44 Text:
1730 c5e704 ae48 Text:
1731 c5e74c ae4c Text:
1732 c5e79c ae50 Text:
1733 c5e7e4 ae54 Text:
1734 c5e82c ae58 Text:
1735 c5e8ac ae5c Text:
1736 c5e914 ae60 X
17b1 c5e914 b04c X
17b2 c5e914 b050 Text:
17b3 c5e944 b054 Text:
17b4 c5ea04 b058 Text:
17b5 c5ea5c b05c Text:
17b6 c5ea8c b060 Text:
17b7 c5ebd4 b064 Text:
17b8 c5ec24 b068 Text:
17b9 c5ed14 b06c Text:
17ba c5ed8c b070 Text:
17bb c5ee5c b074 Text:
17bc c5eee4 b078 Text:
17bd c5ef94 b07c Text:
17be c5f004 b080 Text:
17bf c5f0a4 b084 Text:
17c0 c5f104 b088 Text:
17c1 c5f144 b08c Text:
17c2 c5f1b4 b090 Text:
17c3 c5f21c b094 Text:
17c4 c5f27c b098 Text:
17c5 c5f2d4 b09c Text:
17c6 c5f33c b0a0 Text:
17c7 c5f39c b0a4 Text:
17c8 c5f414 b0a8 Text:
17c9 c5f474 b0ac Text:
17ca c5f4d4 b0b0 Text:
17cb c5f53c b0b4 Text:
17cc c5f58c b0b8 Text:
17cd c5f5e4 b0bc Text:
17ce c5f624 b0c0 Text:
17cf c5f67c b0c4 Text:
17d0 c5f76c b0c8 Text:
17d1 c5f7ac b0cc Text:
17d2 c5f7f4 b0d0 Text:
17d3 c5f83c b0d4 Text:
17d4 c5f88c b0d8 Text:
17d5 c5f8cc b0dc Text:
17d6 c5f904 b0e0 Text:
17d7 c5f93c b0e4 Text:
17d8 c5f97c b0e8 Text:
17d9 c5f9e4 b0ec Text:
17da c5fa2c b0f0 Text:
17db c5fa64 b0f4 Text:
17dc c5fab4 b0f8 Text:
17dd c5fadc b0fc Text:
17de c5fb04 b100 Text:
17df c5fb2c b104 Text:
17e0 c5fbbc b108 Text:
17e1 c5fc0c b10c Text:
17e2 c5fc54 b110 Text:
17e3 c5fcb4 b114 Text:
17e4 c5fd14 b118 Text:
17e5 c5fd64 b11c Text:
17e6 c5fe0c b120 Text:
17e7 c5fe6c b124 Text:
17e8 c5feac b128 Text:
17e9 c5fef4 b12c Text:
17ea c5ffac b130 Text:
17eb c60004 b134 Text:
17ec c60054 b138 Text:
17ed c6011c b13c Text:
17ee c6015c b140 Text:
17ef c601ac b144 Text:
17f0 c601f4 b148 Text:
17f1 c60234 b14c Text:
17f2 c6026c b150 Text:
17f3 c602ec b154 Text:
17f4 c603bc b158 Text:
17f5 c603e4 b15c Text:
17f6 c6040c b160 Text:
17f7 c60434 b164 Text:
17f8 c60484 b168 Text:
17f9 c604b4 b16c Text:
17fa c604f4 b170 Text:
17fb c60574 b174 Text:
17fc c605bc b178 Text:
17fd c6060c b17c Text:
17fe c60664 b180 Text:
17ff c6076c b184 Text:
1800 c607bc b188 Text:
1801 c6082c b18c Text:
1802 c608a4 b190 Text:
1803 c6090c b194 Text:
1804 c60944 b198 Text:
1805 c6097c b19c Text:
1806 c609bc b1a0 Text:
1807 c60a1c b1a4 Text:
1808 c60a7c b1a8 Text:
1809 c60ae4 b1ac Text:
180a c60b3c b1b0 Text:
180b c60ba4 b1b4 Text:
180c c60c24 b1b8 Text:
180d c60c74 b1bc Text:
180e c60cc4 b1c0 Text:
180f c60d0c b1c4 Text:
1810 c60dfc b1c8 Text:
1811 c60eec b1cc Text:
1812 c60f44 b1d0 Text:
1813 c60fcc b1d4 Text:
1814 c6105c b1d8 Text:
1815 c610e4 b1dc Text:
1816 c61194 b1e0 Text:
1817 c61224 b1e4 Text:
1818 c612b4 b1e8 Text:
1819 c612f4 b1ec Text:
181a c61354 b1f0 Text:
181b c613dc b1f4 Text:
181c c61484 b1f8 Text:
181d c614e4 b1fc X
1847 c614e4 b2a4 X
1848 c614e4 b2a8 Text:
1849 c61724 b2ac Text:
184a c617fc b2b0 Text:
184b c61994 b2b4 Text:
184c c61a34 b2b8 Text:
184d c61bb4 b2bc Text:
184e c61c6c b2c0 Text:
184f c61cbc b2c4 Text:
1850 c61d6c b2c8 Text:
1851 c61e44 b2cc Text:
1852 c61ec4 b2d0 Text:
1853 c61f5c b2d4 Text:
1854 c61ffc b2d8 Text:
1855 c6208c b2dc Text:
1856 c6215c b2e0 Text:
1857 c621c4 b2e4 Text:
1858 c6223c b2e8 Text:
1859 c622c4 b2ec Text:
185a c6236c b2f0 Text:
185b c62414 b2f4 Text:
185c c624fc b2f8 Text:
185d c62584 b2fc Text:
185e c6263c b300 Text:
185f c62734 b304 Text:
1860 c627fc b308 Text:
1861 c628d4 b30c Text:
1862 c6299c b310 Text:
1863 c62a54 b314 Text:
1864 c62abc b318 Text:
1865 c62b9c b31c Text:
1866 c62bcc b320 Text:
1867 c62c14 b324 Text:
1868 c62c64 b328 Text:
1869 c62cb4 b32c Text:
186a c62d3c b330 Text:
186b c62e7c b334 Text:
186c c62f3c b338 Text:
186d c62fb4 b33c Text:
186e c6301c b340 Text:
186f c6304c b344 X
18ab c6304c b434 X
18ac c6304c b438 Text:
18ad c6307c b43c Text:
18ae c630c4 b440 Text:
18af c63114 b444 Text:
18b0 c6320c b448 Text:
18b1 c63314 b44c Text:
18b2 c6343c b450 Text:
18b3 c63554 b454 Text:
18b4 c6360c b458 Text:
18b5 c6372c b45c Text:
18b6 c6381c b460 Text:
18b7 c63894 b464 Text:
18b8 c63904 b468 Text:
18b9 c63a4c b46c Text:
18ba c63bf4 b470 Text:
18bb c63cc4 b474 Text:
18bc c63dcc b478 Text:
18bd c63e74 b47c Text:
18be c63f8c b480 X
18dd c63f8c b4fc X
18de c63f8c b500 Text:
18df c64014 b504 Text:
18e0 c640ec b508 Text:
18e1 c6418c b50c Text:
18e2 c64364 b510 Text:
18e3 c644c4 b514 Text:
18e4 c64574 b518 Text:
18e5 c6464c b51c Text:
18e6 c6477c b520 Text:
18e7 c6480c b524 Text:
18e8 c64814 b528 Text:
18e9 c64884 b52c Text:
18ea c64954 b530 Text:
18eb c649fc b534 Text:
18ec c64aa4 b538 Text:
18ed c64b3c b53c Text:
18ee c64be4 b540 Text:
18ef c64c6c b544 Text:
18f0 c64d04 b548 Text:
18f1 c64e8c b54c Text:
18f2 c64f3c b550 Text:
18f3 c64fac b554 Text:
18f4 c65044 b558 Text:
18f5 c6517c b55c Text:
18f6 c651cc b560 X
190f c651cc b5c4 X
1910 c651cc b5c8 Text:
1911 c65234 b5cc Text:
1912 c652a4 b5d0 Text:
1913 c6530c b5d4 Text:
1914 c6536c b5d8 Text:
1915 c653b4 b5dc Text:
1916 c65404 b5e0 Text:
1917 c6546c b5e4 Text:
1918 c654cc b5e8 Text:
1919 c6552c b5ec Text:
191a c65584 b5f0 Text:
191b c65604 b5f4 Text:
191c c65674 b5f8 Text:
191d c656d4 b5fc Text:
191e c6573c b600 Text:
191f c657a4 b604 Text:
1920 c65824 b608 Text:
1921 c65894 b60c Text:
1922 c658f4 b610 Text:
1923 c6594c b614 Text:
1924 c659bc b618 Text:
1925 c65a34 b61c Text:
1926 c65a8c b620 Text:
1927 c65aec b624 Text:
1928 c65b64 b628 Text:
1929 c65bc4 b62c Text:
192a c65c2c b630 Text:
192b c65c8c b634 Text:
192c c65cec b638 Text:
192d c65d5c b63c Text:
192e c65dcc b640 Text:
192f c65e2c b644 Text:
1930 c65eac b648 Text:
1931 c65f0c b64c Text:
1932 c65f8c b650 Text:
1933 c65ff4 b654 Text:
1934 c66054 b658 Text:
1935 c660b4 b65c Text:
1936 c66134 b660 Text:
1937 c6619c b664 Text:
1938 c661fc b668 Text:
1939 c66264 b66c Text:
193a c662cc b670 Text:
193b c66334 b674 Text:
193c c663b4 b678 Text:
193d c6642c b67c Text:
193e c6649c b680 Text:
193f c6650c b684 Text:
1940 c66584 b688 Text:
1941 c665e4 b68c Text:
1942 c6665c b690 Text:
1943 c666b4 b694 Text:
1944 c66704 b698 Text:
1945 c66774 b69c Text:
1946 c667bc b6a0 Text:
1947 c66814 b6a4 Text:
1948 c66874 b6a8 Text:
1949 c668e4 b6ac Text:
194a c66954 b6b0 Text:
194b c669c4 b6b4 Text:
194c c66a24 b6b8 Text:
194d c66a94 b6bc Text:
194e c66b14 b6c0 Text:
194f c66b7c b6c4 Text:
1950 c66bdc b6c8 Text:
1951 c66c5c b6cc Text:
1952 c66ccc b6d0 Text:
1953 c66d4c b6d4 Text:
1954 c66dc4 b6d8 Text:
1955 c66e44 b6dc Text:
1956 c66eb4 b6e0 Text:
1957 c66f34 b6e4 Text:
1958 c66fa4 b6e8 Text:
1959 c67014 b6ec Text:
195a c6708c b6f0 Text:
195b c670fc b6f4 Text:
195c c67164 b6f8 Text:
195d c671d4 b6fc Text:
195e c6723c b700 Text:
195f c6729c b704 Text:
1960 c6731c b708 Text:
1961 c6739c b70c Text:
1962 c6740c b710 Text:
1963 c67474 b714 Text:
1964 c674d4 b718 Text:
1965 c67534 b71c Text:
1966 c6758c b720 Text:
1967 c675fc b724 Text:
1968 c67664 b728 Text:
1969 c676d4 b72c Text:
196a c6773c b730 Text:
196b c6778c b734 Text:
196c c677cc b738 Text:
196d c67834 b73c Text:
196e c67894 b740 Text:
196f c678f4 b744 Text:
1970 c67964 b748 Text:
1971 c679dc b74c Text:
1972 c67a44 b750 Text:
1973 c67acc b754 Text:
1974 c67b34 b758 Text:
1975 c67bac b75c Text:
1976 c67c1c b760 Text:
1977 c67c84 b764 Text:
1978 c67cf4 b768 Text:
1979 c67d74 b76c Text:
197a c67ddc b770 Text:
197b c67e54 b774 Text:
197c c67ee4 b778 Text:
197d c67f64 b77c Text:
197e c67fbc b780 Text:
197f c68034 b784 Text:
1980 c680a4 b788 Text:
1981 c68114 b78c Text:
1982 c68194 b790 Text:
1983 c68214 b794 Text:
1984 c68274 b798 Text:
1985 c682fc b79c Text:
1986 c68384 b7a0 Text:
1987 c68404 b7a4 Text:
1988 c6846c b7a8 Text:
1989 c684d4 b7ac Text:
198a c68554 b7b0 Text:
198b c685d4 b7b4 Text:
198c c68634 b7b8 Text:
198d c6868c b7bc Text:
198e c686f4 b7c0 Text:
198f c68764 b7c4 Text:
1990 c687c4 b7c8 Text:
1991 c68834 b7cc Text:
1992 c6889c b7d0 Text:
1993 c688f4 b7d4 Text:
1994 c68974 b7d8 Text:
1995 c689dc b7dc Text:
1996 c68a3c b7e0 Text:
1997 c68aa4 b7e4 Text:
1998 c68b24 b7e8 Text:
1999 c68b94 b7ec Text:
199a c68c0c b7f0 Text:
199b c68c74 b7f4 Text:
199c c68ce4 b7f8 Text:
199d c68d54 b7fc Text:
199e c68db4 b800 Text:
199f c68e1c b804 Text:
19a0 c68e84 b808 Text:
19a1 c68eec b80c Text:
19a2 c68f34 b810 Text:
19a3 c68f94 b814 Text:
19a4 c68ffc b818 Text:
19a5 c69064 b81c Text:
19a6 c690c4 b820 Text:
19a7 c6912c b824 Text:
19a8 c6918c b828 Text:
19a9 c691f4 b82c Text:
19aa c6925c b830 Text:
19ab c692c4 b834 Text:
19ac c6933c b838 Text:
19ad c6939c b83c Text:
19ae c6941c b840 Text:
19af c6949c b844 Text:
19b0 c69504 b848 Text:
19b1 c69564 b84c Text:
19b2 c695cc b850 Text:
19b3 c69654 b854 Text:
19b4 c696bc b858 Text:
19b5 c6971c b85c Text:
19b6 c69774 b860 Text:
19b7 c697e4 b864 Text:
19b8 c6984c b868 Text:
19b9 c698bc b86c Text:
19ba c69934 b870 Text:
19bb c699a4 b874 Text:
19bc c69a04 b878 Text:
19bd c69a7c b87c Text:
19be c69aec b880 Text:
19bf c69b64 b884 Text:
19c0 c69bc4 b888 Text:
19c1 c69c44 b88c Text:
19c2 c69ccc b890 Text:
19c3 c69d2c b894 Text:
19c4 c69da4 b898 Text:
19c5 c69e14 b89c Text:
19c6 c69e84 b8a0 Text:
19c7 c69eec b8a4 Text:
19c8 c69f4c b8a8 Text:
19c9 c69fa4 b8ac Text:
19ca c6a004 b8b0 Text:
19cb c6a074 b8b4 Text:
19cc c6a0bc b8b8 Text:
19cd c6a114 b8bc Text:
19ce c6a164 b8c0 Text:
19cf c6a1b4 b8c4 Text:
19d0 c6a21c b8c8 Text:
19d1 c6a28c b8cc Text:
19d2 c6a304 b8d0 Text:
19d3 c6a374 b8d4 Text:
19d4 c6a3d4 b8d8 Text:
19d5 c6a434 b8dc Text:
19d6 c6a494 b8e0 Text:
19d7 c6a504 b8e4 Text:
19d8 c6a54c b8e8 Text:
19d9 c6a5a4 b8ec Text:
19da c6a60c b8f0 Text:
19db c6a67c b8f4 Text:
19dc c6a6e4 b8f8 Text:
19dd c6a73c b8fc Text:
19de c6a794 b900 Text:
19df c6a7f4 b904 Text:
19e0 c6a844 b908 Text:
19e1 c6a89c b90c Text:
19e2 c6a90c b910 Text:
19e3 c6a97c b914 Text:
19e4 c6a9f4 b918 Text:
19e5 c6aa54 b91c Text:
19e6 c6aabc b920 Text:
19e7 c6ab0c b924 Text:
19e8 c6ab8c b928 Text:
19e9 c6ac14 b92c Text:
19ea c6ac94 b930 Text:
19eb c6ad1c b934 Text:
19ec c6ad94 b938 Text:
19ed c6adfc b93c Text:
19ee c6ae64 b940 Text:
19ef c6aeac b944 Text:
19f0 c6af24 b948 Text:
19f1 c6af8c b94c Text:
19f2 c6afdc b950 Text:
19f3 c6b034 b954 Text:
19f4 c6b094 b958 Text:
19f5 c6b104 b95c Text:
19f6 c6b164 b960 Text:
19f7 c6b1c4 b964 Text:
19f8 c6b20c b968 Text:
19f9 c6b264 b96c Text:
19fa c6b2dc b970 Text:
19fb c6b344 b974 Text:
19fc c6b3b4 b978 Text:
19fd c6b414 b97c Text:
19fe c6b484 b980 Text:
19ff c6b4dc b984 Text:
1a00 c6b544 b988 Text:
1a01 c6b5a4 b98c Text:
1a02 c6b5f4 b990 Text:
1a03 c6b64c b994 Text:
1a04 c6b69c b998 Text:
1a05 c6b6fc b99c Text:
1a06 c6b75c b9a0 Text:
1a07 c6b7b4 b9a4 Text:
1a08 c6b80c b9a8 Text:
1a09 c6b874 b9ac Text:
1a0a c6b8f4 b9b0 Text:
1a0b c6b94c b9b4 Text:
1a0c c6b9ac b9b8 Text:
1a0d c6ba0c b9bc Text:
1a0e c6ba6c b9c0 Text:
1a0f c6bad4 b9c4 Text:
1a10 c6bb3c b9c8 Text:
1a11 c6bb8c b9cc Text:
1a12 c6bbdc b9d0 Text:
1a13 c6bc34 b9d4 Text:
1a14 c6bc94 b9d8 Text:
1a15 c6bcfc b9dc Text:
1a16 c6bd6c b9e0 Text:
1a17 c6bdb4 b9e4 Text:
1a18 c6be0c b9e8 Text:
1a19 c6be5c b9ec Text:
1a1a c6bea4 b9f0 Text:
1a1b c6bf0c b9f4 Text:
1a1c c6bf6c b9f8 Text:
1a1d c6bfb4 b9fc Text:
1a1e c6c024 ba00 Text:
1a1f c6c08c ba04 Text:
1a20 c6c0ec ba08 Text:
1a21 c6c14c ba0c Text:
1a22 c6c1bc ba10 Text:
1a23 c6c1f4 ba14 Text:
1a24 c6c25c ba18 Text:
1a25 c6c2b4 ba1c Text:
1a26 c6c2fc ba20 Text:
1a27 c6c354 ba24 Text:
1a28 c6c3a4 ba28 Text:
1a29 c6c41c ba2c Text:
1a2a c6c46c ba30 Text:
1a2b c6c4d4 ba34 Text:
1a2c c6c514 ba38 Text:
1a2d c6c594 ba3c Text:
1a2e c6c5ec ba40 Text:
1a2f c6c64c ba44 Text:
1a30 c6c694 ba48 Text:
1a31 c6c6fc ba4c Text:
1a32 c6c764 ba50 Text:
1a33 c6c7c4 ba54 Text:
1a34 c6c82c ba58 Text:
1a35 c6c874 ba5c Text:
1a36 c6c8d4 ba60 Text:
1a37 c6c924 ba64 Text:
1a38 c6c97c ba68 Text:
1a39 c6c9f4 ba6c Text:
1a3a c6ca3c ba70 Text:
1a3b c6ca9c ba74 Text:
1a3c c6cb04 ba78 Text:
1a3d c6cb54 ba7c Text:
1a3e c6cbd4 ba80 Text:
1a3f c6cc1c ba84 Text:
1a40 c6cc6c ba88 Text:
1a41 c6cccc ba8c Text:
1a42 c6cd14 ba90 Text:
1a43 c6cd8c ba94 Text:
1a44 c6cdec ba98 Text:
1a45 c6ce4c ba9c Text:
1a46 c6cec4 baa0 Text:
1a47 c6cf3c baa4 Text:
1a48 c6cf84 baa8 Text:
1a49 c6cfec baac Text:
1a4a c6d034 bab0 Text:
1a4b c6d094 bab4 Text:
1a4c c6d0e4 bab8 Text:
1a4d c6d12c babc Text:
1a4e c6d18c bac0 Text:
1a4f c6d1d4 bac4 Text:
1a50 c6d224 bac8 Text:
1a51 c6d28c bacc Text:
1a52 c6d2ec bad0 Text:
1a53 c6d35c bad4 Text:
1a54 c6d3a4 bad8 Text:
1a55 c6d404 badc Text:
1a56 c6d464 bae0 Text:
1a57 c6d4b4 bae4 Text:
1a58 c6d514 bae8 Text:
1a59 c6d55c baec Text:
1a5a c6d5ac baf0 Text:
1a5b c6d5fc baf4 Text:
1a5c c6d654 baf8 Text:
1a5d c6d69c bafc Text:
1a5e c6d6fc bb00 Text:
1a5f c6d75c bb04 Text:
1a60 c6d7d4 bb08 Text:
1a61 c6d82c bb0c Text:
1a62 c6d884 bb10 Text:
1a63 c6d8e4 bb14 Text:
1a64 c6d94c bb18 Text:
1a65 c6d9a4 bb1c Text:
1a66 c6d9e4 bb20 Text:
1a67 c6da24 bb24 Text:
1a68 c6da6c bb28 Text:
1a69 c6dab4 bb2c Text:
1a6a c6db0c bb30 Text:
1a6b c6db7c bb34 Text:
1a6c c6dbf4 bb38 Text:
1a6d c6dc3c bb3c Text:
1a6e c6dcac bb40 Text:
1a6f c6dd0c bb44 Text:
1a70 c6dd54 bb48 Text:
1a71 c6dd9c bb4c Text:
1a72 c6ddf4 bb50 Text:
1a73 c6de64 bb54 Text:
1a74 c6deac bb58 Text:
1a75 c6df24 bb5c Text:
1a76 c6df7c bb60 Text:
1a77 c6dfbc bb64 Text:
1a78 c6e024 bb68 Text:
1a79 c6e08c bb6c Text:
1a7a c6e0e4 bb70 Text:
1a7b c6e12c bb74 Text:
1a7c c6e1a4 bb78 Text:
1a7d c6e214 bb7c Text:
1a7e c6e26c bb80 Text:
1a7f c6e2e4 bb84 Text:
1a80 c6e33c bb88 Text:
1a81 c6e3ac bb8c Text:
1a82 c6e404 bb90 Text:
1a83 c6e45c bb94 Text:
1a84 c6e4b4 bb98 Text:
1a85 c6e4fc bb9c Text:
1a86 c6e544 bba0 Text:
1a87 c6e58c bba4 Text:
1a88 c6e5e4 bba8 Text:
1a89 c6e634 bbac Text:
1a8a c6e6a4 bbb0 X
1b67 c6e6a4 bf24 X
1b68 c6e6a4 bf28 Text:
1b69 c6e6cc bf2c Text:
1b6a c6e6ec bf30 Text:
1b6b c6e714 bf34 Text:
1b6c c6e74c bf38 Text:
1b6d c6e784 bf3c Text:
1b6e c6e7a4 bf40 Text:
1b6f c6e7c4 bf44 Text:
1b70 c6e7ec bf48 Text:
1b71 c6e834 bf4c Text:
1b72 c6e88c bf50 Text:
1b73 c6e8e4 bf54 Text:
1b74 c6e93c bf58 Text:
1b75 c6e984 bf5c Text:
1b76 c6e9dc bf60 Text:
1b77 c6ea34 bf64 Text:
1b78 c6ea84 bf68 Text:
1b79 c6ead4 bf6c Text:
1b7a c6eb24 bf70 Text:
1b7b c6eb64 bf74 Text:
1b7c c6eb9c bf78 Text:
1b7d c6ebdc bf7c Text:
1b7e c6ec34 bf80 Text:
1b7f c6ec84 bf84 Text:
1b80 c6eccc bf88 Text:
1b81 c6ecec bf8c Text:
1b82 c6ed24 bf90 Text:
1b83 c6ed5c bf94 Text:
1b84 c6ed8c bf98 Text:
1b85 c6edcc bf9c Text:
1b86 c6ee04 bfa0 Text:
1b87 c6ee2c bfa4 Text:
1b88 c6ee4c bfa8 Text:
1b89 c6eeac bfac Text:
1b8a c6eef4 bfb0 Text:
1b8b c6ef3c bfb4 Text:
1b8c c6efe4 bfb8 Text:
1b8d c6f064 bfbc Text:
1b8e c6f08c bfc0 Text:
1b8f c6f11c bfc4 Text:
1b90 c6f164 bfc8 Text:
1b91 c6f23c bfcc X
1c2f c6f23c c244 X
1c30 c6f23c c248 Text:
1c31 c6f294 c24c Text:
1c32 c6f2f4 c250 Text:
1c33 c6f34c c254 Text:
1c34 c6f39c c258 Text:
1c35 c6f3ec c25c Text:
1c36 c6f44c c260 Text:
1c37 c6f494 c264 Text:
1c38 c6f504 c268 Text:
1c39 c6f55c c26c Text:
1c3a c6f5bc c270 Text:
1c3b c6f644 c274 Text:
1c3c c6f69c c278 Text:
1c3d c6f6fc c27c Text:
1c3e c6f74c c280 Text:
1c3f c6f78c c284 Text:
1c40 c6f7f4 c288 Text:
1c41 c6f844 c28c Text:
1c42 c6f8ac c290 Text:
1c43 c6f914 c294 Text:
1c44 c6f96c c298 Text:
1c45 c6f9ec c29c Text:
1c46 c6fa44 c2a0 Text:
1c47 c6fab4 c2a4 Text:
1c48 c6fb2c c2a8 Text:
1c49 c6fb84 c2ac Text:
1c4a c6fbdc c2b0 Text:
1c4b c6fc44 c2b4 Text:
1c4c c6fcbc c2b8 Text:
1c4d c6fd0c c2bc Text:
1c4e c6fd74 c2c0 Text:
1c4f c6fddc c2c4 Text:
1c50 c6fe44 c2c8 Text:
1c51 c6fe94 c2cc Text:
1c52 c6ff04 c2d0 Text:
1c53 c6ff54 c2d4 Text:
1c54 c6ffbc c2d8 Text:
1c55 c7001c c2dc Text:
1c56 c70084 c2e0 Text:
1c57 c700e4 c2e4 Text:
1c58 c70134 c2e8 Text:
1c59 c70194 c2ec Text:
1c5a c701e4 c2f0 Text:
1c5b c7023c c2f4 Text:
1c5c c7029c c2f8 Text:
1c5d c702f4 c2fc Text:
1c5e c70354 c300 Text:
1c5f c703b4 c304 Text:
1c60 c70434 c308 Text:
1c61 c704b4 c30c Text:
1c62 c704f4 c310 Text:
1c63 c7053c c314 Text:
1c64 c70594 c318 Text:
1c65 c705ec c31c Text:
1c66 c70634 c320 Text:
1c67 c70694 c324 Text:
1c68 c706f4 c328 Text:
1c69 c70764 c32c Text:
1c6a c707b4 c330 Text:
1c6b c7082c c334 Text:
1c6c c708a4 c338 X
1cf8 c708a4 c568 X
1cf9 c708a4 c56c 3D Model: SM - Spiral Mountain A
1cfa cb0d3c c570 3D Model: SM - Spiral Mountain B
1cfb cb44cc c574 3D Model: SM - Banjo's House A (Cutscene)
1cfc cc36bc c578 3D Model: SM - Banjo's House B (Cutscene)
1cfd cc3c8c c57c 3D Model: SM - Grunty's Lair A
1cfe ccaddc c580 3D Model: SM - Waterfall A
1cff ccfdfc c584 3D Model: SM - Waterfall B
1d00 cd05fc c588 3D Model: Humba's Wigwam A
1d01 cd5ebc c58c 3D Model: Mumbo's Skull A
1d02 cdcd94 c590 3D Model: Mumbo's Skull B
1d03 cdd194 c594 3D Model: Humba's Wigwam (Big) A
1d04 ce29d4 c598 3D Model: SM - Digger Tunnel A
1d05 ce90ac c59c 3D Model: WW - Humba's Wigmam B
1d06 ce9cec c5a0 3D Model: Humba's Wigmam B
1d07 cea954 c5a4 3D Model: JRL - Wumbas Wigwam B
1d08 ceb5c4 c5a8 3D Model: SM - Banjo's House A
1d09 cee084 c5ac X
1d0a cee084 c5b0 3D Model: MT - Mayhem Temple A
1d0b d11c04 c5b4 3D Model: MT - Mayhem Temple B
1d0c d12b8c c5b8 3D Model: MT - Prison Compound A
1d0d d250e4 c5bc 3D Model: MT - Prison Compound B
1d0e d26284 c5c0 3D Model: MT - Collumns Valut A
1d0f d2bae4 c5c4 3D Model: MT - Kickball Stadium Lobby B
1d10 d37874 c5c8 3D Model: MT - Code Chamber A
1d11 d3ea64 c5cc 3D Model: MT - Jade Snake Grove A
1d12 d5212c c5d0 3D Model: MT - Jade Snake Grove B
1d13 d52614 c5d4 3D Model: MT - Treasure Chamber A
1d14 d60d2c c5d8 3D Model: MT - Kickball Arena A
1d15 d63944 c5dc 3D Model: MT - Targitzan's Slighty Sacred Temple A
1d16 d6878c c5e0 3D Model: MT - Targitzan's Temple A
1d17 d83f04 c5e4 3D Model: MT - Targitzan Temple Lobby A
1d18 d86464 c5e8 X
1d19 d86464 c5ec 3D Model: GGM - Fuel depot A
1d1a d90afc c5f0 3D Model: GGM - Crushing shed A
1d1b d9427c c5f4 3D Model: GGM - Flooded Caves A
1d1c da1f9c c5f8 3D Model: GGM - Water storage A
1d1d da7414 c5fc 3D Model: GGM - Waterfall Cavern A
1d1e dabce4 c600 3D Model: GGM - Power hut basement A
1d1f db2e54 c604 3D Model: GGM - Chuffy's Cab A
1d20 dba1a4 c608 3D Model: GGM - Inside chuffy's boiler boss A
1d21 dbc7fc c60c 3D Model: GGM - Gloomy Caverns A
1d22 dc724c c610 3D Model: GGM - Generator caverns A
1d23 dce7a4 c614 3D Model: GGM - Power hut A
1d24 dd2714 c618 3D Model: GGM - Train station A
1d25 dd6c9c c61c 3D Model: GGM - Glitter Gulch Mine A
1d26 dfc4dc c620 3D Model: GGM - Waterfall Cavern B
1d27 dfceec c624 3D Model: GGM - Canary Cave A
1d28 dff034 c628 3D Model: GGM - Crushing shed B
1d29 dff28c c62c 3D Model: GGM - Power hut B
1d2a dffc4c c630 3D Model: GGM - Gloomy Caverns B
1d2b e0017c c634 3D Model: GGM - Power hut basement B
1d2c e00c24 c638 3D Model: GGM - Prospector's Hut A
1d2d e077dc c63c 3D Model: GGM - Flooded Caves B
1d2e e081ec c640 3D Model: GGM - Generator caverns B
1d2f e089fc c644 3D Model: GGM - Toxic gas cave A
1d30 e0a74c c648 3D Model: GGM - Water storage B
1d31 e0ae64 c64c 3D Model: GGM - Canary Cave B
1d32 e0b214 c650 3D Model: GGM - Fuel depot B
1d33 e0b4fc c654 3D Model: GGM - Inside Chuffy's Wagon A
1d34 e0c72c c658 3D Model: GGM - Ordnance storage A
1d35 e214cc c65c 3D Model: GGM - Ordnance Storage entrance A
1d36 e27484 c660 3D Model: GGM - Glitter Gulch Mine B
1d37 e28544 c664 3D Model: GGM - Prospector's Hut B
1d38 e287c4 c668 3D Model: WW - Witchyworld A
1d39 e499a4 c66c 3D Model: WW - Crazy castle stockade A
1d3a e4de84 c670 3D Model: WW - Crazy castle Pump Room A
1d3b e5199c c674 3D Model: WW - Crazy castle lobby A
1d3c e55174 c678 3D Model: WW - The Inferno A
1d3d e608cc c67c 3D Model: WW - Cave of Horrors A
1d3e e671a4 c680 3D Model: WW - Haunted cavern B
1d3f e72774 c684 3D Model: WW - Train Station A
1d40 e7a61c c688 3D Model: WW - Star Spinner A
1d41 e7f59c c68c 3D Model: WW - Dodgem dome lobby
1d42 e83a94 c690 3D Model: WW - Dodgem challenge
1d43 e877fc c694 3D Model: WW - Mr. Patch A
1d44 e8edbc c698 3D Model: WW - Witchyworld B
1d45 e9070c c69c 3D Model: WW - Star Spinner B
1d46 e9082c c6a0 3D Model: WW - Crazy Castle Baloon game/Hoop Hurry
1d47 e92f14 c6a4 X
1d48 e92f14 c6a8 X
1d49 e92f14 c6ac 3D Model: BETA
1d4a e93164 c6b0 3D Model: WW - Train Station B
1d4b e932fc c6b4 3D Model: WW - Balloon Burst
1d4c e94adc c6b8 3D Model: JRL - Inside the UFO A
1d4d e9b0cc c6bc 3D Model: JRL - Ancient Swimming Baths A
1d4e ea9bc4 c6c0 3D Model: JRL - Ancient Swimming Baths B
1d4f eaaad4 c6c4 3D Model: JRL - Electric Eels lair A
1d50 eb015c c6c8 3D Model: JRL - Electric Eels lair B
1d51 eb0b04 c6cc 3D Model: JRL - Seaweed Santchum A
1d52 ec0a7c c6d0 3D Model: JRL - Seaweed Santchum B
1d53 ec1374 c6d4 3D Model: JRL - Inside the Big Fish A
1d54 ecb484 c6d8 3D Model: JRL - Inside the Big Fish B
1d55 ecbb3c c6dc 3D Model: JRL - Temple of the Fishes A
1d56 ed1cac c6e0 3D Model: Beta
1d57 ed1eb4 c6e4 3D Model: JRL - Jolly's A
1d58 ee77ac c6e8 3D Model: JRL - Lord Woo fak fak A
1d59 eed284 c6ec 3D Model: JRL - Pawno's emporium A
1d5a ef2f6c c6f0 3D Model: JRL - Pawno's emporium B
1d5b ef309c c6f4 3D Model: JRL - Blubber's wave race hire A
1d5c ef9174 c6f8 3D Model: JRL - Seabottom A
1d5d efea14 c6fc 3D Model: JRL - Temple of the Fishes B
1d5e eff5b4 c700 3D Model: GGM - Water supply pipe A
1d5f f058fc c704 3D Model: GI - Water supply pipe A
1d60 f0b394 c708 3D Model: JRL - Sea Bottom Cavern
1d61 f1275c c70c 3D Model: 184 A
1d62 f134b4 c710 3D Model: 184 B
1d63 f137ac c714 3D Model: JRL - Jolly's B
1d64 f13904 c718 3D Model: JRL - Inside the UFO B
1d65 f13a44 c71c X
1d66 f13a44 c720 3D Model: TDL - Terrydacty Land A
1d67 f49f44 c724 3D Model: TDL - Bonfire Caverns A
1d68 f5343c c728 3D Model: TDL - Styracosaurus family cave A
1d69 f5c10c c72c 3D Model: TDL - Inside the mountain A
1d6a f6ee8c c730 3D Model: TDL - Inside the mountain B
1d6b f7116c c734 3D Model: TDL - Terry's nest A
1d6c f75964 c738 3D Model: TDL - River Passage A
1d6d f8246c c73c 3D Model: TDL - River Passage B
1d6e f834e4 c740 3D Model: TDL - Train Station A
1d6f f8d28c c744 3D Model: TDL - Oogle boogles cave A
1d70 fa0094 c748 3D Model: TDL - Unga Bunga's Cave A
1d71 fbb754 c74c 3D Model: TDL - Stomping plains A
1d72 fcc624 c750 3D Model: TDL - Terrydacty Land B
1d73 fcdeec c754 3D Model: TDL - Inside chompa's belly A
1d74 fd2aac c758 X
1d75 fd2aac c75c 3D Model: TDL - Terry's nest B
1d76 fd30fc c760 3D Model: GI - Grunty's Industries A
1d77 fe69b4 c764 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 A
1d78 ff8964 c768 3D Model: GI - Floor 2 A
1d79 101480c c76c 3D Model: GI - Floor 3 A
1d7a 102cedc c770 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 A
1d7b 1043ab4 c774 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 - Elevator shaft A
1d7c 1049da4 c778 3D Model: GI - Basement A
1d7d 10590dc c77c 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 - Train Station A
1d7e 106519c c780 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 - Trash Compactor A
1d7f 106a6ac c784 3D Model: GI - Floor 3 - Boiler Plant A
1d80 1075a14 c788 3D Model: GI - Floor 2 - Electromagnet Chamber A
1d81 107b60c c78c 3D Model: GI - Basement - Waste Disposal A
1d82 108ad3c c790 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 - Workers quarters A
1d83 1097e6c c794 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 - Cable Room A
1d84 10a212c c798 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 - Cable Room B
1d85 10ac9dc c79c 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 - Quality Control A
1d86 10b2ff4 c7a0 3D Model: GI - Basement - Waste Disposal B
1d87 10b409c c7a4 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 B
1d88 10b43ac c7a8 3D Model: GI - Grunty's Industries B
1d89 10b64d4 c7ac 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 - Quality Control B
1d8a 10b668c c7b0 3D Model: GI - Floor 3 - Packing Room A
1d8b 10b8cec c7b4 3D Model: GI - Basement - Repair Depot A
1d8c 10c1364 c7b8 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 - Train Station B
1d8d 10c1b24 c7bc 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 - Clinkers Cavern A
1d8e 10dcddc c7c0 3D Model: GI - Sewer Entrance A
1d8f 10e38c4 c7c4 3D Model: GI - Floor 2 B
1d90 10e3ebc c7c8 3D Model: GI - Floor 3 B
1d91 10e410c c7cc 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 B
1d92 10e4534 c7d0 3D Model: GI - Floor 4 - Cable Room B
1d93 10e4c84 c7d4 3D Model: GI - Basement B
1d94 10e575c c7d8 3D Model: GI - Floor 3 - Boiler Plant B
1d95 10e5854 c7dc 3D Model: GI - Floor 1 - Workers quarters B
1d96 10e5b0c c7e0 3D Model: GI - Sewer Entrance B
1d97 10e5cd4 c7e4 3D Model: Beta
1d98 10e5d44 c7e8 X
1d99 10e5d44 c7ec 3D Model: HFP - Lava Side A
1d9a 1114a9c c7f0 3D Model: HFP - Lava Side B
1d9b 1115394 c7f4 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side A
1d9c 114d734 c7f8 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side B
1d9d 114fbec c7fc 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Boggy's Igloo A
1d9e 1159e0c c800 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Train STation A
1d9f 11614dc c804 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Train STation B
1da0 116462c c808 3D Model: HFP - Lava Side - Train Station A
1da1 117176c c80c 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Icicle Grotto A
1da2 118cbcc c810 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Icicle Grotto B
1da3 11913cc c814 3D Model: HFP - Lava Side - Colosseum Kickball Stadium Lobby A
1da4 11a7f1c c818 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Inside the Volcano A
1da5 11b951c c81c 3D Model: HFP - Lava Side - Chilli Billi A
1da6 11bef6c c820 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Chilli Willy A
1da7 11c480c c824 3D Model: HFP - Coliseum Kickball A
1da8 11c73fc c828 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Boggy's Igloo B
1da9 11cad44 c82c 3D Model: HFP - Lava Side - Chilli Billi B
1daa 11cb84c c830 3D Model: HFP - Icy Side - Chilli Willy B
1dab 11cc334 c834 3D Model: CC - Cloud Cuckoo Land A
1dac 11f3244 c838 3D Model: CC - Central Cavern A
1dad 120aa74 c83c 3D Model: CC - Inside the Pot o' Gold A
1dae 1216bb4 c840 3D Model: CC - Inside the Pot o' Gold B
1daf 1216d3c c844 X
1db0 1216d3c c848 3D Model: CC - Inside the Cheesewedge A
1db1 12215bc c84c 3D Model: CC - Inside the Trashcan A
1db2 122903c c850 3D Model: CC - Inside the Trashcan B
1db3 1229254 c854 3D Model: CC - Cloud Cuckoo Land B
1db4 122cda4 c858 3D Model: CC - Central Cavern B
1db5 122e884 c85c 3D Model: CC - Zubba's nest A
1db6 1232ef4 c860 3D Model: CC - Inside the Cheesewedge B
1db7 123337c c864 3D Model: CC - Zubba's nest B
1db8 1233534 c868 X
1db9 1233534 c86c 3D Model: CK - Cauldron Keep A
1dba 1240f34 c870 3D Model: CK - Cauldron Keep B
1dbb 1242b24 c874 3D Model: CK - Gun Chamber A
1dbc 124e7ec c878 3D Model: CK - The Gatehouse A
1dbd 1254264 c87c 3D Model: CK - Tower of Tragedy Quiz A
1dbe 125c13c c880 3D Model: CK - HAG Inside A
1dbf 1263f04 c884 3D Model: CK - Final Boss A
1dc0 1266c9c c888 X
1dc1 1266c9c c88c 3D Model: JV - Jinjo Village A
1dc2 12916e4 c890 3D Model: IOH - Wooded Hollow
1dc3 12a9574 c894 3D Model: IOH - Wooded Hollow - Jiggywiggy's Temple
1dc4 12b0c4c c898 3D Model: IOH - Plateau
1dc5 12c3c14 c89c 3D Model: IOH - Pine Grove A
1dc6 12d2104 c8a0 3D Model: IOH - Pine Grove B
1dc7 12d273c c8a4 3D Model: IOH - Wooded Hollow - Heggy's Egg Shed A
1dc8 12d65ac c8a8 3D Model: IOH - Cliff Top A
1dc9 12e80d4 c8ac 3D Model: IOH - Wasteland A
1dca 12f7b0c c8b0 3D Model: IOH - Quagmire A
1dcb 130a75c c8b4 X
1dcc 130a75c c8b8 3D Model: IOH - Inside Another Digger Tunnel A
1dcd 1310334 c8bc 3D Model: IOH - Inside Another Digger Tunnel B
1dce 1310684 c8c0 3D Model: IOH - Plateau - Honey B's Hive
1dcf 131508c c8c4 3D Model: JV - Jinjo Houses
1dd0 131986c c8c8 3D Model: JV - Bottles House A
1dd1 132f4ac c8cc 3D Model: JV - Throne Room A
1dd2 1334324 c8d0 3D Model: JV - Zombie Throne Room A
1dd3 1339134 c8d4 3D Model: JV - Bottles House B
1dd4 13393bc c8d8 X
1ddc 13393bc c8f8 X
1ddd 13393bc c8fc Music: 0000 - Select Menu Option
1dde 13393fc c900 Music: 0001 - Got Note Nest
1ddf 1339444 c904 Music: 0002 - Got Jinjo
1de0 13395dc c908 Music: 0003 - Got Feather
1de1 1339624 c90c Music: 0004 - Got Egg
1de2 133966c c910 Music: 0005 - Got Jiggy
1de3 13397d4 c914 Music: 0006 - Got Gold Feather
1de4 1339834 c918 Music: 0007 - Got Extra Life (NOT IN GAME!)
1de5 1339994 c91c Music: 0008 - Got Honeycomb
1de6 13399d4 c920 Music: 0009 - Got Hollow Honeycomb
1de7 1339a2c c924 Music: 000A - Getting your health extended
1de8 1339bcc c928 Music: 000B - Death
1de9 1339ddc c92c Music: 000C - Transformation
1dea 133a0ac c930 Music: 000D - Wonderwing
1deb 133a75c c934 Music: 000E - Select Menu Option
1dec 133a79c c938 Music: 000F - Wrong
1ded 133a7e4 c93c Music: 0010 - Achievement
1dee 133a86c c940 Music: 0011 - Rescue Jinjo Group (NOT IN GAME!)
1def 133aac4 c944 Music: 0012 - Game over
1df0 133adbc c948 X
1df1 133adbc c94c Music: 0014 - Treble Clef
1df2 133ae24 c950 Music: 0015 - ?
1df3 133af0c c954 Music: 0016 - Beat Minigame
1df4 133afe4 c958 Music: 0017 - Lose Minigame
1df5 133b164 c95c Music: 0018 - Jiggy Appears
1df6 133b314 c960 Music: 0019 - Wrong
1df7 133b3bc c964 Music: 001A - Mumbo's Skull
1df8 133baac c968 Music: 001B - Got 10 Jiggies (NOT IN GAME!)
1df9 133bcb4 c96c Music: 001C - Sparkles
1dfa 133bd74 c970 Music: 001D - Whistle Out
1dfb 133c0f4 c974 Music: 001E - Whistle In
1dfc 133c1d4 c978 Music: 001F - Turbo Trainers
1dfd 133c74c c97c Music: 0020 - Wading Boots
1dfe 133cac4 c980 X
1dff 133cac4 c984 X
1e00 133cac4 c988 X
1e01 133cac4 c98c Music: 0024 - pause
1e02 133cda4 c990 X
1e07 133cda4 c9a4 X
1e08 133cda4 c9a8 Music: 002B - Getting Turbo Trainers
1e09 133ce7c c9ac X
1e0a 133ce7c c9b0 X
1e0b 133ce7c c9b4 Music: 002E - puzzle start
1e0c 133cfbc c9b8 Music: 002F - Puzzle Putting Down Piece
1e0d 133cffc c9bc Music: 0030 - Puzzle Taking off Piece
1e0e 133d03c c9c0 Music: 0031 - puzzle start2
1e0f 133d0dc c9c4 Music: 0032 - Spiral Mountain
1e10 133efc4 c9c8 Music: 0033 - Banjo house blues
1e11 133f40c c9cc Music: 0034 - Old Grunty's Lair
1e12 133f844 c9d0 X
1e13 133f844 c9d4 X
1e14 133f844 c9d8 Music: 0037 - Humba Wumba
1e15 133fccc c9dc Music: 0038 - Targitzan
1e16 1340c6c c9e0 Music: 0039 - Mayahem Temple
1e17 134398c c9e4 Music: 003A - Jamjar teach
1e18 1343e5c c9e8 Music: 003B - Targitzan
1e19 1345164 c9ec X
1e1a 1345164 c9f0 Music: 003D - mini game
1e1b 1346b4c c9f4 Music: 003E - GGM - main
1e1c 1349ae4 c9f8 Music: 003E - GI - main
1e1d 134bd94 c9fc Music: 0040 - WW - main
1e1e 13505c4 ca00 Music: 0041 - HFP - main
1e1f 13532bc ca04 Music: 0042 - GGM - mini game
1e20 1353e24 ca08 Music: 0043 - MT - Ending Kickball Game
1e21 13540a4 ca0c Music: 0044 - Cheato
1e22 135433c ca10 Music: 0045 - JRL - main
1e23 1356804 ca14 Music: 0046 -
1e24 1356844 ca18 Music: 0047 -
1e25 1356a34 ca1c Music: 0048 - Old King Coal
1e26 1358514 ca20 Music: 0049 - Fun n Games
1e27 1358ef4 ca24 Music: 004A - TL - Top of the tree
1e28 1359474 ca28 Music: 004B - JRL - Atlantis
1e29 135c52c ca2c Music: 004C - Mr Patch
1e2a 135db24 ca30 Music: 004D - HP - Boggy's house
1e2b 135decc ca34 Music: 004E - TDL - Terry Fight
1e2c 135fb54 ca38 Music: 004F - JRL - Aliens
1e2d 13604e4 ca3c Music: 0050 - JRL - aliens (Problem Fixed)
1e2e 1360c8c ca40 X
1e2f 1360c8c ca44 Music: 0052 - TL - main
1e30 1362d04 ca48 Music: 0053 - JRL - Defending Chris P Bacon
1e31 13634bc ca4c Music: 0054 - TDL - Chomposauraus
1e32 136389c ca50 Music: 0055 - Klungo Fights
1e33 136495c ca54 Music: 0056 - HFP - Chilly Billy/Willy
1e34 13663dc ca58 Music: 0057 - CCL - main
1e35 1369fac ca5c Music: 0058 - Isle o Hags - main
1e36 136e084 ca60 Music: 0059 - Jinjo Village
1e37 13703f4 ca64 Music: 005A - Sad Jinjo House
1e38 1370734 ca68 Music: 005B - Happy Jinjo House
1e39 1370f24 ca6c Music: 005C - Throne Room
1e3a 137196c ca70 Music: 005D - Zombified Throne Room
1e3b 1371f54 ca74 Music: 005E - Jiggywiggy's temple
1e3c 137243c ca78 Music: 005F - Honey B's hive
1e3d 13728e4 ca7c Music: 0060 - Mumbo's spells
1e3e 1372b0c ca80 Music: 0061 - JRL - Lord Woo Fak Fak
1e3f 1373f44 ca84 Music: 0062 - Bottles' house
1e40 1374344 ca88 Music: 0063 - Weldar
1e41 1375b24 ca8c Music: 0064 - Clockwork Kazooie Egg in Action
1e42 1375e14 ca90 Music: 0065 - Springy Step Shoes
1e43 13762ac ca94 Music: 0066 - Claw Climber Boots
1e44 13765c4 ca98 Music: 0067 - Game Select Screen
1e45 1376a2c ca9c Music: 0068 - Clockwork Kazooie egg in action (short)
1e46 1376ab4 caa0 Music: 0069 - Got Clockwork Kazooie Egg
1e47 1376b0c caa4 Music: 006A - Got Fire Egg
1e48 1376b64 caa8 Music: 006B - Got Ice Egg
1e49 1376bc4 caac Music: 006C - Got Gernade Egg
1e4a 1376c34 cab0 Music: 006D - Select Clockwork Kazooie Egg
1e4b 1376c8c cab4 Music: 006E - Select Fire Egg
1e4c 1376cd4 cab8 Music: 006F - Select Ice Egg
1e4d 1376d24 cabc Music: 0070 - Select Gernade Egg
1e4e 1376d8c cac0 Music: 0071 - Select Blue Egg
1e4f 1376dcc cac4 Music: 0072 - Cheato Page
1e50 1376e64 cac8 Music: 0073 - Big Top Ticket
1e51 1376f04 cacc Music: 0074 - Got Hit
1e52 1376f44 cad0 Music: 0075 - Cauldron Keep - Main
1e53 13788a4 cad4 Music: 0076 - CCL - Canary Race
1e54 1379be4 cad8 Music: 0077 - Cheato Page Appears
1e55 1379d9c cadc Music: 0078 - Got Proximity Eggs
1e56 1379dfc cae0 Music: 0079 - Select Proximity Egg
1e57 1379e4c cae4 Music: 007A - CK - Final Battle
1e58 137bbe4 cae8 Music: 007B - Intro Cutscene
1e59 138120c caec Music: 007C - Grunty Defeated
1e5a 1381e0c caf0 Music: 007D - Main Intro
1e5b 1382b3c caf4 Music: 007E - CK - Tower of Tradegy
1e5c 1384984 caf8 Music: 007F - IOH - Heggy
1e5d 1384ffc cafc Music: 0080 - Weird Honeycomb?
1e5e 138503c cb00 Music: 0081 - Weird Honeycomb?
1e5f 138507c cb04 Music: 0082 - Credits
1e60 13876dc cb08 Music: 0083 - Jingaling Puzzle Time
1e61 1387db4 cb0c Music: 0084 - MT - Starting Kickball Game
1e62 1388464 cb10 Music: 0085 - Glutter Gulch Mine (arranged)
1e63 1388af4 cb14 Music: 0086 - GI - Clanker's Cavern
1e64 138913c cb18 Music: 0087 - “Meanwhile…”
1e65 1389764 cb1c Music: 0088 - “How do i get my body back?”
1e66 1389c04 cb20 Music: 0089 - About to shoot BOB
1e67 138a194 cb24 Music: 008A - Draining Jingaling's energy
1e68 138a48c cb28 Music: 008B - “hes just a zombie now!”
1e69 138a5e4 cb2c Music: 008C - “lets shoot the whole island!”
1e6a 138a904 cb30 Music: 008D - Wind
1e6b 138b3d4 cb34 Music: 008E - “We need to save Bottles and Jingaling!”
1e6c 138bbd4 cb38 Music: 008F - “Who knows what we'll hit”
1e6d 138bf3c cb3c Music: 0090 - “You owe me an apology”
1e6e 138c23c cb40 Music: 0091 - “Im saved, thanks”
1e6f 138c3ac cb44 Music: 0092 - Tick tick tick
1e70 138c40c cb48 Music: 0093 - “Bottles next”
1e71 138c754 cb4c Music: 0094 - bottles revival
1e72 138d13c cb50 Music: 0095 - happy party
1e73 138d93c cb54 Music: 0096 - Selecting Cheat
1e74 138d97c cb58 Music: 0097 - Deselecting Cheat
1e75 138d9bc cb5c Music: 0098 - sad party
1e76 138df9c cb60 Music: 0099 - Kick around
1e77 138e554 cb64 Music: 009A - dance party - bottles house
1e78 138ed6c cb68 Music: 009B - 1 Tick
1e79 138eda4 cb6c Music: 009C - Jinjonator hits Grunty?
1e7a 138ee4c cb70 Music: 009D - Jinjonator hits Grunty?
1e7b 138eef4 cb74 Music: 009E - Jinjonator hits Grunty?
1e7c 138ef9c cb78 Music: 009F - Jinjonator hits Grunty?
1e7d 138f044 cb7c Music: 00A0 - Jinjonator hits Grunty?
1e7e 138f0ec cb80 X
1ef5 138f0ec cd5c X
3227 1a14574 11a24 X
3666 1a14574 12b20 X